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The Six of Cups


Trip Down Memory Lane. Comfort. Old Friends.

The Six of Cups is a lovely card. Cups represent feelings and emotions. Sixes in Tarot always imply Beauty. The Six of Cups is the beauty of feeling and emotion. The youthful figures on the card imply friendship from childhood. This card could specifically mean an old friend. We’ve all been surprised when we make a new friend and it feels we’ve known them our whole lives. Six of Cups talks about those relationships too. It could also represent a romantic relationship with a soul mate. There is an essence of giving, as depicted in the picture. This reminds us that fulfilling relationships are reciprocal. Giving feels as good as receiving. The essence of this card may also be applied to a home or a place that provides a sense of deep comfort.

When I pulled this card, my thoughts went immediately to my daughter. I saw the figures on this card as the two of us. I thought back to the years before she was born. Always sure I would have a girl, I tried to imagine what she might be like. The Six of Cups implies comforting childhood memories. I am reminded that I am creating this for her. I can only hope I am doing a good job of ensuring her memories are good ones. I made an extra effort all day to make sure I was giving. As always, the most important thing you can give to a child is your love and attention. Just what the Nine of Cups is filled with.

I also can use this card to travel back in my mindset to when I was a kid. I find this useful in coming around to my center. You know how when you are a kid you are in a different world than the grownups? You would never sleep late on Christmas morning, never get upset if the floor had crumbs on it, and never, ever feel guilty about eating a second piece of cake. We all had very certain ideas about the world when we were young and vowed never to be like the grownups. Looks like we became the grownups despite ourselves. When I get confused in my daily life, when I’m not quite sure what direction I should take, I think back. I put myself in my ten-year-old mind. It somehow lets all of the adult stress and responsibility slide away and I can just concentrate on what intuitively feels right. I find I make better and more honest decisions that way.

Think back to when you were a kid. When you very content. What made you happiest and the most fulfilled? Were you doing something artistic or athletic? Were you playing with friends or siblings or were you alone? What was important to you when you were 5? When you were 10? When you imagined your life as a grownup, what did you envision for yourself. Now consider your life at this moment. Have you been true to yourself?



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Nine of Cups


The Wish Card

Ha! I drew this card a few days ago. If you didn’t read last Friday’s entry I’ll fill you in. I think the Nine of Cups means you will get what you want. Simply, think of a wish; believe it and it will come true. When I pulled the Nine of Cups on Friday, in a funny, unexpected way, my wish did come true. I also reminded everyone to always have a few good wishes handy.

I was hysterical when I pulled this card again, but could I follow my own advice? My whole point about having wishes and dreams handy, keeping them in mind, letting them live just below the surface is important. The more one can imagine what they would like to have in life, the closer they are to actually creating it for themselves. The quicker they will guide themselves toward it.

There is probably inherent danger is assigning only one meaning to a tarot card. Each card carries with it an infinite amount of meaning, If not, the study of Tarot would be pointless. One could memorize the meanings and be finished. Still, I like the idea of keeping the Nine of Cups as a strictly wish card.

So, once again, I sat there with the Nine of Cups staring up at me. If I could have any wish come true, what would it be? I settled on a trip to Europe again. We’ve been kicking around the idea and I’m dying to get back there. So there I have it. A trip! Oh, and I threw in the fact that I want live closer to my mom and sister. Attached an amendment to my wish. Why not? It’s my wish anyway.

Uh, oh. Guess what I did? Like a moron, as I went about my day, I was waiting for some amazing trip to appear. I really expected something to materialize out of thin air and drop in my lap. By 4:00pm I was a little annoyed nothing had happened. I went to Tarot class that night and I finally put the whole wish business out of my mind. I got home after an enlightening three hours studying the Empress card. The Empress, by the way, for my money, is the Madonna card. The singer, not the Jesus, Mary and Joseph Madonna. More on the Empress when I pull her one day. She is fabulous!

Arriving home after class, I returned to the computer and booked a trip to visit my sister in LA. I’d been planning this trip for a while but had postponed getting my tickets. I always hesitate when it comes to spending a lump sum of money. Issues! I’ll cover money issues when a Pentacle card appears.

Lesson? The moment I let go of my expectation of some magical trip falling in my lap, I went ahead and booked my own trip. Not to Europe but to sunny southern California. I’m not one to be picky. Would I have gotten those tickets if traveling hadn’t strongly been on my mind? Who knows? Point is, I think making your dreams come true is an awful lot like finding and falling in love. You have to put it out there and then forget about it. Easier said then done. It’s very true nonetheless.

By the way, as I tootled around the Internet for a few minutes I did come across a Tarot school set in the heart of Tuscany. Coincidence? I think not . . .

As an experiment, pretend you’ve pulled the Nine of Cups for yourself today and I’m your Tarot reader and I’m telling you, “Your wish is going to come true.” First, see if you can really believe it. Then, really think about what you wish is. You can think about it, write about it, meditate on it, whatever you want to do. Then, forget about it and see what happens. Notice if there are any strange synchronicities in your 24 hours. If something interesting happens, please post a comment about it. I’d love to hear what happens for you. Good luck!

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The World


Success. Completion. Euphoria. Integration.

Hee, he he! There is no card I enjoy as much as The World. For me, it always implies success. Perhaps, my understanding of The World this is clear-cut and simple because it was first card I was easily able to memorize when I learned Tarot. Imagine yourself holding the world in your hands and I think you get the gist of this card. Most tarot readers will also make the point that the World represents the end of a cycle. I purpose a different interpretation.

What if you could maintain your entire existence is the vein of the world card? This would first mean balance. We look at the corners of the card and see representations of earth, air, fire and water, seamlessly integrating with the human figure in the middle. Second, this would mean joy. The figure in card is dancing. What if you were always able to perfectly access the limitless bounty that the universe provides? You would recognize and then be thankful. You could operate out of a place of exuberance within yourself.

I think that many cultures and many religions have aimed for this sublime state. Be it a Buddhist in the mountains of Tibet or some chick in NYC trying her best to make The Secret work for herself. The first step lies in knowing this state of contentment exists and is yours for the asking. Now you know this is possible. The next step is how you choose to get there. I know I’m on my way. Are you?

Think about what it would mean to live in perfect harmony with the world around you. Can you think of a day or a moment of perfect synchronicity, complete contentment? Can you look at your life at this moment and think of five things you are incredibly grateful for? Maybe you want to write those things down somewhere. Do you consider yourself a person who can live in the moment or do you continually plan ahead. Perhaps on your next day off, you can resign yourself to not thinking of the future but engage only in activities that make you happy. You immerse yourself in a fun project, take a road trip with no particular destination in mind, sleep late and take a luxurious morning bubble bath. The world is your playground. You should enjoy it! 

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Nine of Cups


The Wish Card.

I love this card. Drawing the Nine of Cups means your wish will come true. When I pulled it, I was a bit taken aback. I had my whole day planned out. I thought briefly of what was before me and I hoped it would go smoothly. But what wish would come true? What was I wishing for these days anyway? Surprising, the thought of a wish would have me stumped. A trip to Europe sprang to mind. That seemed a little far-fetched but I went with it. I doubted round trip tickets to Paris would materialize within 24 hours.

Later that afternoon, I brought my daughter to see a sweet little film called The Waterhorse. The Loch Ness monster story, the movie takes place in Scotland and is beautifully shot. While watching the film, I recalled my own magical trip to Scotland, some years back. The sky, the castles, the people, the history… It is an amazing country! I thought, hey, I’m sort of traveling in Europe. Even if it is only through a film and my own memory. Guess my wish came true. Hey, I’m not gonna be picky. Plus, this trip came with popcorn.

This month has been super busy. I had a bunch of Tarot jobs, my husband’s working like crazy, plus it has been a super frigid January. My family hasn’t been up to our country house in weeks. I’ve been counting down the minutes ‘till we could get back up there. So, my darling calls me late in the afternoon to inform me he’s taking tomorrow off so we can have a three-day weekend in the country. I’m so excited! The card was pretty right on. I got a taste of Europe and a totally unexpected trip.

What lesson did I learn? Do not ever be skeptical of your wish coming true. Also, make sure you always have a few good wishes at your fingertips. If someone told you right now your wish would come true, what would it be? What is the craziest thing you could imagine? Perhaps it is easier to imagine winning two million dollars. What would you do with the money? How would you spend it? Would you buy a home, take a trip, spend it on clothes? Maybe you are don’t want financial help but wish for respect, good health or just a new situation. Imagining what you want is the first step toward getting what you want. And if you ask me, you deserve to have all of your dreams to come true!

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The Six of Swords



Of all of the journey cards in the tarot deck, I enjoy the one depicted on the Six of Swords the most. I find this picture so evocative. One can hear the soft rippling of water, the steady row of the oar, the trusted silence of the mother and child on the boat. At once it feels silent, yet hopeful. I think better times lie do ahead on the distant shore. I am nothing if not an optimist.

So, how will this hushed passage play out in my day? Would I be heading towards Jersey via water taxi? Doubtful. Unexpected trip on the QE2? I wish. What about Venice? C’mon, it looks like a gondola! No, this card, like others, would show itself in a subtle yet meaningful way. I always like to recall that the name for all the sixes in the minor arcana is Beauty. If you were to take the sixes out of the deck you will notice how lovely and sweet they are. Stark comparison to the severity if the fives. Fives in Tarot tend to be quite challenging cards.

I look at the swords stuck on the boat and remember swords represent the intellect, reasoning and mind. I have been thinking of Tarot in a very practical way as of late. I read cards for a living. I sit and advise total strangers on their hopes, problems and dreams. It stands to reason that I have the power to use Tarot to its full advantage when figuring out my own life. Don’t they say doctors make the worst patients? I’m always pulling cards to answer small questions. Am I missing something greater?  Couldn’t I be using them to create exactly the life I want? Deep down, I know I can. The big trick is figuring out exactly what it is I want.

Skeptics of Tarot will say if a person wants to believe in something enough they will find meaning anywhere. A person goes to a psychic and wants to be amazed. They will disregard four incorrect statements by the psychic and latch on to one thing that is true. Well, I want to believe in my cards. At any given time, every image, every message in any card is true because he entire deck is comprised to illuminate a person’s journey through life.

This has been an odd week with a wicked full moon. The Six of Swords appeared to remind me of my journey. There’s my husband rowing, myself wrapped in a cloak and my little girl next to me. There is no doubt we are moving forward. I know we are. I just need to peer through those swords, fix my gaze on the distant shore and decide exactly where we want to land.

What figure would you be on the card? If you were inside this card, who would the other figures be? What do you think the water may represent? Are the figures running away from something or are they traveling for pleasure? Why do you think the larger seated figure is heavily cloaked? How does this card apply to you, your life and your own journey?

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The Heirophant


Social Conformity. Established Religions and Traditions. Teacher.

Every time I draw the Heirophant I feel like I’m in for something big. Once, I heard he represented the Pope. Now, I’m not Catholic but the thought of any pope showing up to give me some message is pretty deep. Especially, if it was one of those corrupt popes from the Sixteenth Century like the one pictured on the card. Seriously, what nugget of wisdom or revelation would come out of this card and how would it play a part in my day?

It was a school holiday so I took my daughter to a musical for kids on the Upper West Side. The great news about children’s theater in NYC is that there is such a great pool of talent in New York that children’s theater is often pretty good. Much was the case with this show and a good friend happened to be playing eight characters in the production.

After a quick pizza slice, we went home and I decided to pull apart my girl’s room, clean and put an ocean themed decal pattern on her wall. What ensued was not the prettiest display of my personality or my greatest day as a role model. She, being four, wanted to help put up the decals, stand on the latter and get completely involved in what I was doing. I was very snippy with her all afternoon. In truth, there was no reason for it. She’s only a kid. I know, as a mom, I’m her biggest teacher. I often enjoy feeling sorry for myself that I had no grand teacher, no father figure and I’ll mope around about it. What I need to remember is I can provide exactly that for my little girl. What I’m so sore about not having, I can give to her. Through that I can heal myself and help her create an amazing life for herself. The trick is remembering this on a moment to moment basis and on days where my patience is running short.

That evening, before sleep, I listened to a guided meditation that calls for you to go inward, to a deep place and seek inner wisdom. I was literally are looking for my inner teacher. It did not occur to me until this moment that I was searching for my inner Heirophant. I got about half way there last night and I plan on trying it again tonight. The amazing thing about tarot is that it is teaching me to find all the answers I seek inside myself. I don’t need to look for it externally because all my truth, my answers already lie within me. But that doesn’t mean I have all the answers. Get it?

Think about the role of teachers, mentors in your life. Who has had the greatest influence and who pops into your mind? Do you ever wish there was someone who had the answers you were searching for? What truths are you seeking out? Perhaps this person resides inside of you. See what you can do to seek out inner wisdom. I guarantee it is there!

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Three of Swords


Strife. Upheaval. Upset.

Yikes!!!! Not a card I ever like to see. Since I’ve begun this blog, however, I must remain true to the cards I choose. I need to face these swords bravely. I’m in a deliciously happy mood as I pick this card and I refuse to let it bring me down. If something negative happens, it will be completely extraneous and not stem from me! I recall a book that claimed The Three of Swords offer clarity. That the swords cut straight to the heart of the matter. My eyes are drawn to the storm clouds in the background of the card. We are having a Nor’easter today. Perhaps, the card is referring to the weather and not my life. Nervous, I pull another card for clarification. I receive the Ace of Swords. I’m stumped on what it all means but note the Ace of Swords referred to an incident that occurred in my country house. I can’t figure it out. I wait and see what develops.

Avoiding the sleet and snow, my daughter and I stay cozy at home. A lazy afternoon of hot chocolate and finger-paints creeps by and my cell phone rings. I see it is my husband calling. He must be on his way home. I hear the dread in his voice the moment he speaks. Our country house has a freeze alarm connected to our phone. If the temperature drops below a certain point, if the heat stops working, the house calls us to let us know. If the pipes freeze, they could burst and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. The house had called him, the heat was off and the pipes were on the way to freezing. Our country home is nestled on a mountaintop two hours driving distance from NYC and there were blizzard conditions outside.

The next hour was tense but my husband and I each handled the emergency with a surprising grace. We both tend toward the histrionic side. Resisting these childish impulses, we rose to the challenge at hand. He got in touch with our handyman and emergency plumber. I spoke to the electric company and sheriff’s department. The house was safe and secure by midnight and we didn’t have to brave the elements to do it!

My lesson was quite obvious. A frightening drama had presented itself. We dealt with it in an efficient and calm manner. We laughed together and congratulating ourselves for being so mature. We haven’t always handled stress so well. The lesson lay not with what was in the card but how we were able to deal with it. We cut right through to the heart of the matter and in the face of adversity, broke out of our old pattern. Working together, we handled a scary situation in a new, better way.

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The Lovers Tarot Card


Choice. Duality. Excitement.

Yummy card! The Lovers always implies a choice. What makes The Lovers thrilling is the element of excitement implied. The figures stand naked on the card. The title itself, Lovers, suggests these two characters relate to one another on a very intimate level. When this card appears, one should always take a keen look at what is getting you roused up.

The Lovers can easily suggest the intimate relationship you are involved in or about to be involved in. I knew immediately what this card was referencing when I pulled it. I had a date with my husband last night. The two of us don’t get out a whole lot. We’ve a four year old. When we do get out, we are often too tired to make a huge night of it, let alone revisit the passion of our youth. I think I pulled this card as a reminder, after being with my husband fifteen years, the lovers we were in our twenties still exists within us. It is well worth revisiting those places within our relationship.

On another level, where The Lovers speaks about choice, I’m thrilled about some of the choices I’ve been making lately. I’ve been choosing to eat really healthy. I’m choosing to work out every morning. I’m choosing to write every day and most importantly, I think on a deep and profound level I am choosing to be happy. Genuinely happy. Interestingly, there is a great level of excitement each time I choose to do one of these things. Will that feeling wear off with time? Perhaps. Doesn’t really matter as long as the behavior continues and I stay content and happy.

Take a peek at The Lovers card. What figure are you on the card? Human or angel? If you are a nude figure, how does your state of undress make you feel? Comfortable or nervous? What is getting your engines going right now? Relationships? Work? New Hobby? Nothing in particular? Put on a piece of music that gets you psyched, in spite of yourself, and feel the energy. Pay attention to what you are doing in life feels really good, really saucy. You should be really excited about your life! Then, tailor your choices so you get more! 

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The Chariot Tarot Card

Movement. Swiftness. Being in the driver’s seat.

Would you like a fun little meditation? Look at the Chariot card for a moment. Close your eyes and imagine yourself being in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. You can literally build it around you. Does the vehicle smell of leather; does it have that new car smell? Is the vehicle old or new? Maybe it is not even a vehicle but a horse, a camel or a dinosaur. It doesn’t matter. Are there people with you or alone? What is the weather like outside of your car? What music is playing on the radio? Now, imagine yourself moving forward. When you are done, come back and gaze at the card. You can use what you’ve just imagined to give yourself a little boost if you’d like. You can do this in the morning before you get out of bed. Use it however you like.

Okay, I feel like I am always drawing the Chariot! When looking at the face of this card I’m reminded I’m moving forward whether I want to or not. Now, in life, we are always moving ahead. Forward in our march to the grave but that’s to dark. Let’s not go there. Let’s focus on the life we are creating for ourselves. One can choose to sit on the couch, eating chips and watching movies all day, choose to quit your job and move to another country, choose to mosey along at your normal pace. The Chariot card never judges your actions. The Chariot only reminds us that we are always moving. We are always going somewhere and each choice, action or inaction contains within it consequence.

My day felt Chariot-like and was quite busy and I did get a ton accomplished. I did yoga, wrote, spent time with my daughter, made dinner, did two tarot readings, hung out with an old friend and went to Tarot class.

On a very obvious level, The Chariot is also reminding me of something that I’m terrified of. This year is my twenty-year anniversary of living in New York City. I never got my driver’s license. I never needed it living here. Last year, we got a car and a weekend house. I’m supposed to get my learner’s permit so I can start learning how to drive but I’m super scared to learn how to drive. Especially, now that I have a daughter who will be in the backseat. Still, I have to get my license and I have to get it before summer. Okay Chariot card. I’ll take the hint!

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Ten of Cups Tarot Card


Happiness. Contentment. Endings.

Sunday morning came rather quickly. I pulled a card. It was the Ten of Cups. What a lovely card. An excellent Sunday card. I say this because tens in Tarot often represent endings and Sunday is the end of the week. This is also the happy family card and it seems Sunday would be the day any family would most likely be together.

This Sunday, however, I would not be frolicking with my husband and daughter. I was finishing up a Qabalah intensive with my Tarot teachers, Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone. The second seven-hour day of the meaning and structure of Qabalah and its relationship to the tarot deck. It was very informative.

By the end of the afternoon, we stood, looking at the Tarot cards spread across the table, organized in the structure of the Tree of Life. We students looked exactly the same way the mother and father do on the Ten of Cups as if to say “Ta da! Look at this!”

It is worth noting, Cups are the suit of the emotions. It had felt like the end of an emotional weekend. A near and dear friend has come to town from the west coast. I was super excited up to see him. The Qabalah intensive had been exciting as it is always exhilarating to study and share tarot with a group of like-minded people. It had also been tedious at moments. The night before too much caffeine kept me wide awake so with little sleep, my emotions bubbled right below the surface.

I sit writing this on Monday morning. A storm blew into the city last night, washing everything clean. It feels like a new beginning. I’ll choose a new card. Why don’t you go ahead and pick one for yourself? Get a jump on your day and peek into your future. I promise you it will be fun. Go ahead – pick!

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