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The Ten of Cups


Happily Ever After!


The Ten of Cups depicts a happy family. Cups signify the emotions, art and feelings. Tens imply endings. When the Ten of Cups shows up, it speaks of very happy ending. It is easy to associate the Ten of Cups with home life because I am a mother. The imagery of this card lends itself to forms other than the traditional family too. These figures could represent your work environment, your group of friends or any situation really where there is more than one person involved. It is always fun to look into a tarot card and see which figure you would be. So, right now, who would you be in the Ten of Cups?

I like to look beyond the cyclical aspect and think about what it means to live in the moment of the Ten of Cups. What is all this talk lately about being in the moment? Why is it so important? Because, when you are present in your life, you experience life on a deeper, richer level, time ceases and my guess is you become much happier. Just like the people on the Ten of Cups.

One thing about my daughter, in her wise four years, she totally lives in the moment. She rarely thinks about tomorrow, concerns herself with what is coming next, or stresses out about anything that is not happening to her right then and there. She absolutely engrossed in the present. How can we apply this childlike level of attentiveness to what we are doing and still be productive adults? Well, it is not always easy. Begin by letting go of fear, trusting you will get everything done, and then start paying attention to what is in front of you. I know, easier said than done. Entire aisles of bookstores are taken up with books that deal with fear and trust. Hey, you’ve got to begin somewhere.

I think living in the moment is essential when it comes to the Ten of Cups. The parents in the Ten of Cups are in awe and wonder of what is presented above. We can’t see their faces, but my guess is they have created the abundance of cups and are experiencing true contentment. Sensing their parents joy, the children are ecstatic and playful. We all know children are happy when their parents are happy.

Did you know your level of happiness and satisfaction affects those around you? Do you think it possible to create a huge amount of joy in your life? So much joy that other people can feel it and become happier as a result of being with you? How can you try to live in the moment? How easy is it to stop thinking about what is coming next and focus on what is right in front of you? All of the exuberance and happiness pictured on the Ten of Cups can be yours if you just allow it!

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Out with the old – in with the new!

The Death card is all about transformation and rarely, if ever, implies actual death. I have begun removing it from my deck when I’m hired for party readings because people often see the Death card and totally freak out. They don’t understand that the Death card can signify so much else in their life. The Death tarot card implies any major event that completely changes the meaning and scope of your life. This could be a move to Paris, a new boyfriend, a huge sum of money dropping in your lap. Be it good or bad, it changes your life and creates room for new growth. Now, does that sound like a bad thing?

When I received the Death card yesterday I was thrilled. With so much change going on for me, internally and externally, this card felt like a confirmation. My life feels greatly in flux, and for the first time, I’m going with the flow rather than fighting it. There is so much I am ready to embrace and bring in that I’m not afraid to let go of the old.

What areas of your life are ready for a complete change? What endings might make way for exciting new beginnings? Is there something you’d really like to change about yourself? Why not use the Death card to say good-bye to an old behavior? Did you know you could facilitate incredible change in your life? You don’t have to wait for an outside influence to do it for you. In fact, it is better if you instigate the change yourself! Why not write down a short list of things you’d like to transform. It can often be the first step!

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Queen of Wands


Passion. Ability. Sensuality.

The best place to begin to understand the Queen of Wands is, perhaps, in relation to the King of Wands. The King of Wands is an explosion of fire, passion and creativity. Students of Qabalah will remember he sits on the expansive side of the Tree of Life. If the King is an explosion, than his Queen of Wands is the one who shapes to his great outpouring. She gives form to his wild, untamed energy. In this way, she is the sculptor, the novelist, the architect, the vehicle, through which your passion is channeled and turned into something concrete.

Many will point out she is the most sensual card in tarot because wands represent passion. The wand, itself, is phallic and we see her open knees. Look at how she is seated, and note she is wide open and relaxed. I also have a tendency to also see her as the actress, the Julia Roberts of the deck. This may have something to do with the flower in her hand; it seems like a gift bestowed after a performance. We see the flower is a sunflower, representative of the dog days of summer, and the fertility her passion is capable of creating. There is a huge amount of fiery charisma emanating from the Queen of Wands.

I drew the Queen of Wands yesterday and pondered what she meant to me as my card of the day. Certainly, I considered how I express what I am passionate about. I considered what the maturity of a queen means for me as I mature as a woman. In my youth, I had fears about myself as a creative being. Rather than immersing in the creative process, I did a lot of thinking about it. Sort of a stuck King of Wands. The passion was there but I didn’t channel it well. Now I am older and trust in who I am, I feel free to express myself creatively, be it a painting class, writing, yoga. We can also learn, as I have, to live our lives in a creative way. Every act, even making breakfast, can be an expression of passion. Well, maybe not on the mornings when you are groggy but on an inspired Sunday, you could make a brunch Martha Stewart would die for. Table manners aside, just think of the world, your life, as your canvas. You can fill it with anything you want. The Queen of Wands lives her life in a constant expression of passion.

Do you experience your sexual energy fully or are you holding back? What do you do with your creative energy and inspiration? When an exciting idea strikes you, do you act on it or do you spend a lot of time thinking about doing it? Is there a project you’d like to get off the ground? Do you think you live your life creatively? If you were to make something right now, what would it be?

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Four of Swords


Rest. Peace. Stability.

The Four of Swords is, perhaps, the most peaceful card in Tarot. We see the image of a knight resting in a church. The card is numbered four. Fours always represent stability in tarot. Swords represent the mind and thinking matters. When this card appears, it usually means it is time to take a break, take a rest and be good to yourself. An excellent word to describe the feeling here is calmness. A calming of the mind.

A new meaning emerged for me yesterday when I pulled the Four of Swords for my day. I have recently begun a serious yoga practice and have for the last few years worked with guided meditation. In both yoga and meditation, one may assume the position pictured on the Four of Swords. The person, while looking outwardly as if they are sleeping, is actually actively at work in their mind and within their body. I lay in my yoga class, exactly in the Four of Swords position, after an hour of hard work, breathing and stretching. I could not have felt more at peace and at the same time more alive and energized.

It is interesting to note that even while you sleep the mind remains active through dreaming. Perhaps the Four of Swords appears to remind us to pay close attention to our dreams. Sometimes, we have a problem are seeking an answer to. If we ask for the solution right before we go to bed at night, we might just wake up with the answer. The mind is an amazing organ we are only beginning to understand.

So, if you were to gaze at the Four of Swords, what lesson would you take away from it? Is it time for you to take a break? Stay home this weekend, sleep in and rejuvenate? Are you finally at peace after the passing of a troublesome issue? Does this card represent a deeper inner working within you? Are and should you be paying attention to your dreams? Could this card be saying something about a deeper spiritual process happening within you? Can you imagine a state of being both wildly alive and deeply relaxed at the same time?

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Ace of Wands


Exciting Start. New Opportunity. Fresh Beginning.

Aces always represent a new awakening. The Ace of Wands represents beginning within the suit of wands. Wands have everything to do with fire, passion, excitement and energy. If any ace shows up in a reading for you, get ready for something new. I also firmly believe, if you’ve received an ace, you MUST listen to your intuition regarding new projects, ideas and situations. In fact, when you receive an ace, mentally, open yourself up and get ready for the new experiences coming your way.

The Ace of Wands stands as my tarot card for the year. My tarot teachers, Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone, created a wonderful yearly spread. You choose one card to represent the New Year, a card for each month and a card for each day. You can find more information about that spread at I knew when I received the Ace of Wands for 2008 it would be a fresh year with many exciting things happening. So true and we are only two months in!

The Ace of Wands was my card of the day yesterday. It raised some very interesting issues regarding my new directions. One thing I am concentrating on is being healthy and taking care of myself. So, for my fresh healthy self, I went to the doctor yesterday and got news that was less than stellar. Without going into detail, I let some things in my body slip that would have been fine had I just taken care of them in the years past. I sat there in the office, getting the news and was stunned.  I felt scared of the procedures that lay ahead but even more so, feeling like the greatest moron on the planet because the whole situation had been preventable. It frightened me to death, I’m so torn up about it and terrified. The good news is there is a way to take care of it and it is not a deadly situation. The great news is I am finally on top of it. I’m dealing with it.

How does this relate to the Ace of Wands? A new opportunity doesn’t always come full of joy, like opening a birthday present. This doesn’t mean your fresh chance isn’t as important. I am taking my health seriously and a door has opened. Part of walking down a new path means dealing with harsh past issues. Issues, previously, I’ve happily denied and ignored. We often think, if only we had a new chance, a new shot at something that will make us happy. Well, we can often be proactive in making a new start for ourselves. We don’t have to wait for that Ace.  

Another issue of the Ace of Wands is acting quickly when opportunity presents itself. Often, something we ask for suddenly appears. A new job opportunity, for instance, could surprisingly present itself. You may find yourself hesitating, second-guessing yourself. The Ace of Wands says act quickly. The universe likes speed and will react in your favor!

What new areas of your life would you like to open up for yourself? What new direction would fill you with excitement and energy? If you received an Ace would you mentally open yourself up and trust your instincts? Is there something you’ve been in denial about that you need to deal with? Don’t hesitate, rip of that band-aid, deal with the pain and get oh top of the situation. You’ll be happy you did!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Two of Cups

Two of Cups


Happy Beginning. Coming Together of Equals. Perfect Match.


The Two of Cups is a gorgeous card! Of any card in Tarot, this is the feel good card. Cups represent emotion, truth and feelings. We can understand the Two of Cups as the happy beginning of a relationship. It could be romantic or it could be friendship. I will often pull a tarot card on what I need to know to be a better mother. When I pull the Two of Cups in conjunction with my daughter, it reminds me to cherish the special relationship that we have. The Two of Cups can also represent you and your work or you and a situation that feels just right.

We can look at the number two in an interesting way. If one, or an Ace, is seen as beginning, then the number two is the first division, first replication, first moment something has grown. It is the first time that something can see itself and it is a delightful moment.

Tonight is a full lunar eclipse starting at 8:43 pm EST, visible above North America. We can look at this event as a Two of Cups moment because it represents a full moon and new moon coming together at once. It can also be viewed as the conjunction of the sun and the moon, the masculine and feminine joining.

When you gaze at the Two of Cups think of the wonderful pairs you have in your life. If you were to step into this card and be one of the figures, who or what embodies the other? What wonderful relationships do you have? What relationships would you like to have? There is effortlessness in this card. What things come together for you in a way that needs little work? 

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Tower

The Tower


Destruction. Shattered Illusions. Breakdown.

This is the “Oh my God!!!” card. The Tower is at once shocking. Were this card to have a sound effect, it would be a great crash of thunder and it displays the blinding flash of a lightening bolt. In short, the Tower is a wake up call. A moment of truth.

What would it mean if you were to pull this the Tower for your card of the day? Well, it starts me off thinking about the last time I was hit with sudden understanding. A revelation. In a religious sense it could be the true feeling of knowing god. Tower moments also arise when something you’ve refused to acknowledge bursts to the surface in an unavoidable way. Often, it is the most frightening moments in life, which change you profoundly. We’ve all heard stories about people who had near death experiences. It often changes the entire way they comprehend their lives. Often, the Tower can indicate the need for an enormous shift.

I don’t think Tower moments come up often in one’s life. Perhaps, this is why the Tower doesn’t appear in spreads very often. When it does, you should pay particular attention to it! Think about the Tower moments in your life. Some of mine include knowing the exact moment I was going to spend the rest of my life with my husband (my late twenties, our apartment, it was bedtime). The moment I was sent to the hospital to have my daughter (late afternoon, upper east side cafe, 2003). The moment I realized being famous was not going to make me happy (Dallas Film Festival, q and a after the screening of my independent film). Sometimes, it is not about you but a realization about people you love. Like the time I realized a beloved family member was an alcoholic. It can be a revelation about your calling in life. I will never forget the moment it occurred to me, out of the blue, I could make a career out of Tarot. It made such perfect sense, was so obvious, I could not believe I had not thought of it before.

So, think about these great moments of illumination in your life. I bet if you recall your teen years you will find a lot of Tower moments. It is worth reflecting on these times. Whether they are frightening or illuminating, they become defining moments in your life.

Can you recall a moment where you life changed in an instant? Have you ever been the source of a Tower moment for someone else? If your life were stripped down to the bare essentials, what would those essentials be? What area of your life needs a shakeup?

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Page of Pentacles


The Student Card. Contemplation. Learning.

The key to understanding the Page of Pentacles is simply, understanding itself. Take a moment to observe the Page of Pentacles. This page holds a pentacle at his fingertips. Pentacles, in tarot, represent earthly possessions, physical things, money and the body. Pages, in tarot, represent the regenerative energy of youth. So, here we find a page endlessly fascinated with all that pertains to the body, the earth, financial and physical things. In fact, the pentacle looks quite magical, as if it were hovering by itself. We see a freshly plowed field behind the page but this is just a hint of the harvest to come. The lesson behind the Page of Pentacles is to observe, learn and nurture something. The page’s endless passion and joy comes from the active state of learning.

We all have themes we are attracted to throughout our life. They may be our hobbies or our life’s work. Our interests say something about who we are and something about the mark we leave upon the world. What subjects mesmerize you? What authors and musicians do you return to again and again? Is there an artist or historical figure you are especially captivated with? If you could go back to school and create any cirriculum imaginable, what would it be? You can look and see how your interests apply to the suits of tarot. Are you interested in physical, financial matters (Pentacles), artistic and emotional pursuits (Cups), mental and calculating pursuits (Swords) or passionate and volitiale things (Wands)?

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The Page of Swords


X-ray Vision. Conducting a Mission. Seeking the Truth.

I love the Page of Swords tarot card. She is the Nancy Drew of the tarot deck. When you are first learning tarot, the court cards can be very difficult to interpret and understand. One of the easiest ways to learn the courts is to look at the qualities they contain and pick an actual person to represent them. In the case of the Page of Swords, I choose Nancy Drew. Super girl detective. Pages represent the regenerative energy of youth. It is a fresh and enthusiastic energy. Swords represent air and signify qualities of the mind. When the Page of Swords appears it means your mind is operating in a fresh and energetic way. The same way Nancy Drew or any brilliant detective’s mind operates while solving a mystery.

So, what mysteries intrigue you? What secrets are you trying to unravel? When I pulled the Page of Swords for my card of the day, she immediately reminded me of my Scorpio side. To me, everything contains a deeper meaning, holds another level. I read between the lines almost to a fault. I am also, however, trying my very best to unravel the secret of living the best life I can.

If I am a tarot reader and help people decipher their own lives, hopes and dreams, I should be able to do the same for myself. They say doctors make the worst patients right? Well, it has become my mission to use all of my intuition, tarot guidance and insight to create the most amazing life I can! Guess what? It is working but this takes a fair amount of work. You know what? It is worth it.

So, if you could conjure up Nancy Drew or any of your favorite detectives to solve your own personal mystery, what would that mystery be? Would you seek the secret of life and death, the secret of great wealth, the secret of being of being a magnetic person? Would you use your detective to discover something practical like the true identity of your birth parents or to find out if your spouse is cheating? The great thing about a secret is that it only remains a secret until you unravel it out. So, what are you waiting for? Perhaps, you should get on the case right now.

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