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Nine of Cups


Your Wish Will Come True!


I’ve been pulling this card a lot as of late and I’m not complaining. I’ve written previously how I like to interpret the Nine of Cups as simply a wish card. Your wish will come true. The fellow here looks like a genie ready to grant your every command. Cups represent the emotions and we know anything that makes us extremely happy dwells in the world of emotion. The card contains the number nine which means you are close to the end of a cycle, ten being the end. So, the Nine of Cups means your wish is about to come true.


I totally experienced this yesterday without even realizing it! I’m not a girl who likes to go clothes shopping. As a result, my wardrobe is sadly lacking. I went off to a store in search of a Valentine party dress for my daughter. On the way to the children’s section, I happened to stop off in Eileen Fisher. Something drew me to her soft crepe yoga pants and I tried on a pair. Bingo! These are pants that actually work for me. They actually made me look thinner, shapelier and were so super comfy!!!!!! Any woman will tell you that the perfect pant is worth its weight in gold. Go ahead, think I am shallow but those pants were a coup and my wish come true.


Although, the pants were a dream, they came with a catch. Eileen Fisher ain’t cheap, at least by my standards. So, when a wish comes true but it pushes you out of your comfort zone, what do you do? Go with it of course!


Take a minute and think of a wish. It could be anything at all. Now, imagine yourself actually having your heart’s desire. You can feel how happy you’d be. What tougher issues might come up as a result of having what you want? How would your wish push you out of your comfort zone? How would you deal with it and could you make amends? 


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Three of Cups


Happiness. Celebration. Friendship.

The Three of Cups is one of those tarot cards that require little explanation. One needs only to glance quickly at the card to get the sense of pleasure and companionship. It resides in the realm of cups, which means it contains all cup qualities: love, feelings, art, beauty and truth. The figures appear youthful, accompanied by the number three; this can imply a happy beginning. I find, however, the greatest quality of the Three of Cups is the celebratory quality of friendship and being around people who make you feel good.

I pulled this card yesterday and knew right away what it would apply to. We often focus on the things we want in the future. That is a great thing to do but I find it just as useful to focus on being grateful for the things, the people we already have. I looked at the Three of Cups and knew it represented my daughter, my husband and myself. We are so fortunate to be healthy and happy. I carried the image of the Three of Cups with me all day and each time I thought of the three of us, I was grateful. I also extended it in thinking about the wonderful friendships I have in my life and felt so grateful for those people.

You could focus on this card and imagine if you were inside the card, who would the other two revelers be? Would they be members of your family? Old friends? Coworkers? Do you recall the feelings you experienced the last time you made a good friend? Were you to make a toast at dinner tonight, what would you toast to? Who would you gather around your table? Even five minutes of thinking about the people you love can turn your entire day around! Try it.

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The Knight of Swords


Speed. Haste. Rushing.

I used an approach called Voice in a Card yesterday, when I pulled the Knight of Swords. Voice in a Card was taught to me by my teachers, Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone, at The Tarot School. Using Voice in a Card, you disregard the traditional meaning and see what aspect of the card captures your attention. What you choose to focus on contains a message for you.

As I gazed at this anxious knight, it was the clouds in the backround that drew my attention. They seemed to be speeding by and I noticed the solid nature of his helmet and armor. I decided the weather would play a big part in my day and I would be protected from it.

Wow, I had no idea how true this would be. It was an INSANE weather day. I’d woken up to a beautiful snow storm. The sun was shining when we left the country house. The wind gusted so strong it nearly knocked our car off the road and we drove though a snow squall half way to the city. In Central Park, later that afternoon, we walked into another snow squall. A wall of snow literally came barreling toward us! That blew through. Later, in Times Square, it looked like a ticker tape parade with another snow burst. I fell asleep listening to wind gusts blasting against our windows.

In retrospect, the crazy weather perfectly demonstrates the energy in the Knight of Swords. The speed at which the storms blew though was amazing. They didn’t last long, but when they were happening, you couldn’t ignore them. They were so strong. My aunt told me, while walking her dog, the wind picked her up off her feet!

Weather like this can’t sustain itself and quickly passes. It is exciting while it happens. The Knight of Swords is speedy and fast but also passes quickly. The suit of swords always refers to the intellect and the mind. When the Knight of Swords appears, you may be using your mental abilities to their strongest capacity. You will move forward quickly. My advice, always go with the forward moving energy and enjoy the ride. Make the most out of your momentum. Hopefully, you’ll land in a new place. 

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The King of Wands


Explosive Energy. Great Passion. Heat.

One evening, a few weeks ago, relaxing in our living room, my husband mentioned he smelled smoke. No sooner the words passed his juicy lips, we heard the sirens and fire trucks. Peeking out our back window, we saw smoke rising from the building across our back alley. Firemen armed with flashlights, looking like an army of Batmen, scurried over the fire escapes and roofs. We gasped as an explosion of fire and flames shot up towards the sky. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was an inferno, 200 feet from my living room! Within ten minutes, the brilliant FDNY had the fire extinguished and we never even had to evacuate. Later that night, I pulled a card on the fire. Why had it happened? The card I drew was the King of Wands.

The King of Wands was the perfect card to pull in reference to an actual explosion. The suit of Wands is fire, passion, energy and heat. Whenever you pull a Wand card, these elements are at play. The King is the highest card you can get in the suit of Wands so he refers to something pretty major, like a three alarm fire that calls out forty firemen and shuts down a city block. Students of Qabala will note, Tarot kings are all placed of the expansive, explosive side of the Tree of Life.

What does this mean to you and me? Certainly, an actual fire won’t break out whenever the King of Wands is drawn. We can, however, use a fiery explosion as a metaphor for the power and passion this King possesses. As King, he has the strength of fire and is able to command it at his will. We know fire can sustain life or destroy life, so too the King of Wands has the power to nourish or destroy.

Ever hear the expressions “hot under the collar”, “all heated up” or  “hot and bothered”? Here’s a King who is quickly excitable and immediately, results are seen. Can you recall a time when just glancing at someone fills your whole body with heat? A time when you are so excited about the project you are working on, your hands can’t move fast enough to complete it, you are filled with explosive energy? Have you ever been so angry you thought your head might explode? Have you ever suffered a sever sunburn? An extremely high fever? These are all excellent examples of King of Wands energy.

When the King of Wands appears in a spread or as your card of the day, keep a keen lookout for how his incendiary energy is appearing in your life. Passion, excitement and energy is essential but must be nurtured with care. Too much can destroy and to little can barely ignite a candle. Try to nuture your fires so they are continually warming all aspects of your life without overtaking them. Then, from time to time, if there’s a little flare up, enjoy it!

As a side note, two weeks later, another fire broke out on my block. This one sent me running out of my building and I watched as it was quickly put out. When I pulled a card on it, who do you think appeared? The Knight of Wands!

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The Magician



Short on time! I’m pulling a card today and writing about it as if it were your card of the day. You got the Magician!

The Magician is a conduit. He directs energy into the tarot deck. This is the perfect card to pull on a Monday morning, the start of a new week. The Magician is quite masterful. He is able to clearly and concisely direct his energy. He has all four suits of tarot on his table, Wands, Swords, Cups and Pentacles. These four suits, in their infinite combinations, create any situation, thing or person you can imagine. The Magician reminds you, you already have everything you need to create whatever you want. You, in fact, are the Magician.

You, like the Magician, direct energy. Not into a Tarot deck but into your life. Take a moment. What does your week look like? Are you excited for the next seven days or do you feel like crawling back into bed? What amazing feats are you planning on pulling off? If you could, in a moment, create a new situation for yourself, what would it be? If you could have complete control over the outcome of something, what would it be? Like the Magician, wherever you put your attention, you direct your energy. Use your energy, your inspiration, your magic, wisely. 

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The Five of Swords


Loss. Hardship. Defeat.

I knew this day was coming. Ever since I’ve been writing about how my card a day affects my life, I knew, inevitably, I’d get a really tough card. Although, I’m great at seeing the optimistic side of Tarot, sometimes, even I can’t escape a harsh circumstance depicted by the card. The Five of Swords is a prime example.

Fives are always a problematic numbers in tarot. Look at all the fives in the Minor Arcana. They contain difficulties and hardships to overcome. There are many ways to view these fives. They could represent an actual event. Five of Swords could indicate someone taking advantage of you. It could offer a lesson. Don’t forget the influence you have over other people and how strongly your actions affect others. It could be a reminder. Take care and don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position. It could refer to your health. Take some extra vitamin C. your immune system is running down. The interpretations are endless.

I drew this card and did what my Tarot friends often do. When they don’t like a card for themselves they quickly draw another. I didn’t like what I saw so I began to reach for my deck. I stopped myself though. To be fair, I had to let this be my card of the day and see how it would play out.

My afternoon was smattered with little Five of Swords moments. First off, I decided not to dwell on any negative aspects of it in relation to my day. I let the card be a warning to be mellow and generous. I wanted to make sure I would not provoke any incidents that are reminiscent of the card. Essentially, to play nice.

The last time I pulled a tough card, Three of Swords, it appeared as a house emergency. Our country house has heat alarm. The house telephones us when the heat is off and the pipes might freeze. Sure enough, four hours after I drew the Five of Swords, the house called with the announcement the electricity was off and the temp was dropping. It was fixed easily enough but I laughed at the coincidence. Weird!

A cold I’ve been suffering from is getting worse. Plus, as I tried to console my sniffles with a night of trash television, all the shows I watch were either moved to another night or reruns. So, I went to sleep feeling just a bit like the sad person in the background of the card.

Truthfully, The Five of Swords wasn’t so terrible after all. One trick to integrating Tarot into your life is balancing the fabulous cards with the hard cards. Sure, I wish I could draw the World, the Star and the Nine of Cups every day but that isn’t how life works. I managed not to let the Five of Swords freak me out and took a lesson from it. My lesson was to play nice and I did.

Take a look at your Five of Swords. Does the picture remind you of anything in your life? If you were a character on this card, who would you be? How could you take the scary aspect of this card and turn it into a positive?

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Balance. Flow. Excellent Choices.

Temperance reminds you to keep balance. Just look at the name. The Encarta dictionary gives us two definitions of the word temperance. First, total abstinence from alcoholic drink. This reminds us of the temperance movement responsible for prohibition. Second, self-restraint in the face of temptation or desire. Hmmm. I think when this card was created back in the sixteenth century they may have been operating under a different set of definitions. Let’s go with the modern interpretation of the word for now.

So, the word temperance is about holding back. Not doing something you want to do. Yet, the angel pictured on the card is seemly happy, content. In fact, she looks as if she might be mixing a martini! She has one foot in the water and one over the ground. Is she touching the ground or slightly hovering? You decide for yourself. I think the angel is there to show us that although we may never be perfect at it, balance and moderation is possible.

I pulled this card as I began to get a really miserable cold. My nasal passages were raw. The icy January wind screaming down Second Avenue penetrated me to the bone. Every sneeze sent shivers through my body. I felt awful. My desire and temptation was to wrap up in a cozy blanket and go to sleep. Like all of you, I’ve my responsibilities. I got my girl off to school, wrote a bit, picked her up from school, off to dance class and home again. I was able to add balance by ordering a comfort food dinner in from Sarges, the greatest ever Jewish diner and permitting my daughter an hour of tv before bed, something I would never normally do.

So, that was the amount of balance for my day. Perhaps when you’re sick you are more aware of what is good for you. Do you generally listen to your body? How do you create balance and harmony in your life? Is there something you should do a little less of? Something you should do a little more? Do you think it is possible to live within the bounds of moderation? Is there any behavior you should abstain from? Do you find the angel on this card optimistic or controlling?

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