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The Two of Swords


Shut Out Distractions and Pay Attention!

All the two’s in Tarot represent beginning stages. The Tree of Life places the number two in Wisdom. Swords in Tarot represent the air, intellect, and thinking. The Two of Swords Tarot card is about the wisdom of your mind.

How can you focus to your inner wisdom with that ruckus surrounding you? Smash the damn TV, shut down your computer, toss your cell phone out the window and start paying attention what’s going on inside of you. Is there a project you are thinking about but haven’t gotten around to doing? Feeling distracted? If you’ve chosen the Two of Swords, this card is a specific reminder to put serious, directed thought toward your project or plan. Get to it!

I dare you to take five minutes a day to turn off all distraction and sit with your eyes closed. Perhaps, you sit with legs crossed like a yogi or you assume the position pictured on the Two of Swords. Do this for seven days in a row. Retreat into yourself for five minutes a day and see if it doesn’t make a difference in your life. Where your mind leads you is entirely your choice. This is your adventure.

By the way, if you identify too closely with the seated figure on this card –remove that blindfold and take a good look around you. Balance, darling, the Two of Swords is also about balance. 



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The Six of Pentacles

Beauty. Giving. Receiving.

All the sixes in Tarot rest in the center of the Tree of Life. This perfect center is called Beauty. Pentacles concern themselves with the material world, physical things, money, our flesh, homes, cars, and flowers – everything we can touch, feel and see. So, the Six of Pentacles Tarot card is the beauty of the physical world and open exchange between giving and receiving.

We can look at the practical aspects too. You can gaze at the Six of Pentacles and ponder which figure you might be. Do you receive charity or give to charity? Are you usually spending or receiving? If you are donating, to charity for instance, do you do so out of genuine concern or because it makes you feel superior? If you find yourself on the receiving end, how does it feel looking for the next handout? What might you do to help yourself up off the ground?

You can also look at the Six of Pentacles in Tarot as how we infuse our attention onto the things we pay for. Thanks to The Secret and other modern reality/awareness books, there is much talk about where we place our attention. What we focus on, we magnify. When we spend money onto something, it is another a way in which we direct our attention. Think for a moment. What you spend the most of your income on? My guess is – housing and food. Are you getting your monies worth?  This is not about prestige, name brands and who can afford a multi-million dollar McMansion. This is about quality. You probably spend a good deal on your rent/mortgage. Is your home an oasis, a retreat for you? Do you spend a ton of money on food? If so, is it fresh, healthy food or is it frozen, fat laden, fast food. Point is, you are putting your money and attention on something. You should make it the clearest, kindest expression of who you are. You honor yourself with your financial choices. If you are fortunate enough to be in the position to donate money, time and energy to a worthy cause, by all means do it!

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The Queen of Wands


When one begins to study the tarot and look up the card meanings, the court cards are usually assigned to actual people who share the physical traits on the card. The Queen of Wands is usually assigned to a fair-haired woman with blue or hazel eyes. The Queen of Wands can absolutely stand for a person like that but if you look a bit closer, the court cards offer so much more information.

Imagine what it means to be a Queen. Certainly, a queen is of a certain station in life with a good deal of power. Wands represent fire, passion, excitement and energy. Within the Queen of Wands we see a woman who is respected and revered, who has control over her ability to funnel her passions. Imagine if you were able to direct your energies in such a precise way. That would mean any passion project you worked on would be seen through to its perfect completion. She has total control. The Queen of Wands is also thought of as one of the most sexual females in tarot.

I pulled the Queen of Wands yesterday and I kept her in mind all day. At yoga, I approached my practice confidently (a queen never displays anything less than confidence) even if I did sweat buckets and wobble around on my mat. Later that morning, I passed my driving written test and received a driving permit! I don’t think I’d have survived the seven stages of hell at the DMV if I hadn’t been exuding Queen of Wand energy. The Queen of Wands even stayed with me as I hit the playground, supermarket, as I vacuumed and cooked. Hmmmm, seems the only thing I’m missing is my queen’s court and household staff. Perhaps, someday . . . 

Picking a card a day can be such a pleasure if you assume that card and all of its wonderful qualities with you. I like to think we all carry each of the 78 cards within us. Conjuring up a particular tarot card is a great way of giving yourself an extra power boost on any given day. So, go ahead, get your deck out and pick a card, any card. Let it remind you of the magic and amazing things you are capable of at any given moment. 


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The Ace of Pentacles


A Gift. New Beginning. Fresh Start.

Aces represent beginnings. Pentacles represent earth, money, physical bodies, things we can hold, see and feel. Armed with that knowledge, we see that the Ace of Pentacles represents a fresh start in the material world. Aces remind you to trust your instincts concerning any new matters your life. The Ace of Pentacles also wants you to be on the lookout for gifts and abundance. 

I enjoy living in a climate with four distinct seasons. Feels as if I always have something to get excited about. When I’m sick of the humidity of summer frizzing my hair, the leaves begin to turn and the chill of fall is in the air. Just when I think I can’t shovel another foot of snow, bulbs start poking through the ground and spring arrives. Seasonal living keeps me on my toes, comforts me in its rhythmic cycle and continually gives me something to look forward to.

This past weekend, spring officially arrived. In under a week, a landscape that was bleak and gray is now green. I spent the weekend gardening like a madwoman. I can’t stop thinking about what my landscape will look like come August, how my heirloom tomatoes will taste, how the my dinner guests will appreciate the fragrant flowers spilling around them. This year, as I dig, plot and plan, I am aware of the metaphor this spring contains. I know as the world wakes up from winter’s slumber that I have the same power to awaken and grow whatever I choose to put my attention towards.

I pulled the Ace of Pentacles and knew I was looking at was a seed. I planted hundreds of seeds this weekend. I know not all of them will flourish, but I can tell you for sure many of them will. You don’t have to wait until spring to start planting seeds of your own but since we are in the midst of spring, use it as your own personal metaphor. Take note of the lush, fertile garden in the background of the Ace of Pentacles card.

What would you like to see flourishing come August? Make a list of realistic things you’d like to get done. Would you like to make more money, improve your relationship, find a new job, improve your body? Then, make a fantasy list of things you’d like to accomplish by August. Write the great American novel, join the Peace Corps, make a million dollars – anything you want to imagine. Now, start planting your own seeds. Begin laying your groundwork. Even while reading this you know deep down what you need to get started on. Before you know it, it will be the height of summer and you’ll be so happy you listened to me. Let the Aces of Pentacles and all the aces in tarot be a reminder of the joy of the journeys to come, of gifts from the universe, synchronicities that stop us in our tracks and the seeds we plant in our life each and every day.



Sasha Graham’s Card a Day Tarot Blog – The Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups


Consciously Moving Towards Something Better.

The Eight of Cups is a quiet yet powerful card. We see a man walking away from a slew of cups, bathed in moonlight. If you recall that Tarot cups represent emotions, art, joy and love we can assume his eight cups are filled with just that. Why then, do you suppose he is walking away?

I interpret this card as leaving a secure situation in search of something better. His tarot cups are full of good stuff. The figure on the Eight of Cups could have easily stayed with his cups. He could be drinking out of them, playing with them; yet, he is called to move on. Perhaps, he is searching for more cups to make a pyramid. It doesn’t really matter. Point is he is now on a quest. Note the walking stick he supports himself with. This implies age and wisdom gained. When was the last time you left a comfortable situation in search of something better?

The lesson of the Eight of Cups card is not to abandon the wonderful of your life in search of something else. Nor is it the implication something great is just out of reach. The lesson of the Eight of Cups lies within what personal gumption it takes for you to break out of your comfort zone. The trust and faith what good you have built will remain, even if you should leave it behind. By pushing forward you will only build on all that good.

Perhaps, you are a busy mom who wants to take an evening painting class. You’re guilty and worried your family will miss you one night a week.  The Eight of Cups says do it. You’ve built a strong family unit, they’ll adjust fine and you’ll be a better mother because you’ve been renewed through class. Perhaps, you have been offered a position in a fabulous new city but already enjoy a great living situation with tons of friends. The Eight of Cups says, make the move, you can always move back. The Eight of Cups might also be saying get off that couch and do some exercise, take a walk, get some air. The TV will still be there when you return, if you choose to return.

There is an air of challenge in the Eight of Cups and it always pays off in the end. What scares you just a little? What are you on the edge of doing? The Eight of Cups says, do it! Just think of the very next card in the deck. The Nine of Cups says your wish will come true!

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New Three-Card Tarot Spread with Music.

I was fooling around yesterday with the Tarot and came up with a great spread. This may not work for everyone, but if you are musically inclined, you might really enjoy this. It also works well as Tarot contemplation. In a contemplation, you gaze at the cards, without forcing an answer. Open yourself up quietly, let the message arrive slowly.  Music is a wonderful way of arousing the subconscious and you may be surprised at the outcome from this three-card spread.

My Sting playlist was on the ipod as I was pulling cards when an idea struck me. Why not combine songs and tarot cards? You must be sure to set the ipod to a random shuffle so you don’t know what song will play. Play music you feel emotionally attached to, music you are intimate with. In my case I used Sting. Sting works beautifully as his lyrics always contain stories, parables. His songs are like tarot cards, worlds on to themselves. If you happen to have access to the actual lyrics to your songs, all the better. By combining the two I received a powerful reading!

Select your playlist and put the setting on shuffle, then shuffle your tarot cards. Place three cards in front of you, face down. I used the following questions for each card:

Tarot Card 1 – What Do I Need To Know Right Now?

Tarot Card 2 – What Will Result Because I Now Know This?

Tarot Card 3 – Final Note.

Hit play on your music, listen to what song comes on and then turn over your first card. Find the answer to your first question. For the duration of the song, listen and gaze at your card. How does the song affect the message from your tarot card? Does your random song’s lyrics match the card’s meaning or contradict it? Spend the duration of the song absorbed in your card and let your mind go where it needs to. When the second song comes on flip over your second card and so on.

You may want to record your reading in a notebook. I found the music added a deeper dimension to the reading. It was uncanny the way each card’s meaning was supported by the song that played with it. It was a rich and visceral experience. I hope you enjoy it to. Have a great day!



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The Queen of Pentacles


Goddess of the House and Home.

Ahhhh, the Queen of Pentacles. Being a wife and mother I have a special fondness in my heart for this particular queen. The Queen of Pentacles is the homemaker; she represents fertility in all areas and is the ideal mother and wife (whatever that may mean to you). She is Martha Stewart without any hard edges. The mother with endless patience, a master gardener, an amazing cook. The Queen of Pentacles understands how to use what is around her; she brings out the best in what is close to her. She resides in the realm of Pentacles and Pentacles always represent earthly things, objects that surround you, things you can touch, even your body. Glance at the Queen of Pentacles tarot card and you see the landscape surrounding her is plush, rich and fertile.

Whenever I receive the Queen of Pentacles for my card of the day, I am reminded of my role as wife, mother, chef, gardener, hostess. These are all roles that I enjoy, although not all the time and not always all at once. The Queen of Pentacles reminds me that I have the ability to do one or all of these things in an amazing way. She reminds me that just by existing on the earth I can help foster the growth of things around me. The herbs in my garden grow, regardless of my presence. Nature certainly doesn’t need me to work it’s magic, but with my attention I can weed and water and help them grow stronger. Then, I can take the same herbs and use them to create a fabulous meal that makes friends, family and myself really happy. The Queen of Pentacles reminds me that I can make the world a much better place for being here.

You don’t have to be a housewife in order to utilize the Queen of Pentacles’ energy or her lessons. How do you manipulate the physical objects in world around you? Do you find any magic in making things beautiful? In what areas in your life are you looking for fertility, where are you looking for growth? Imagine yourself as the Queen of Pentacles, imagine allowing beauty in your life to grow, to foster on it’s own without forcing it. You just help guide it along. You and your life are sheer beauty. You are the Queen of Pentacles.


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The Chariot


The Chariot tarot card has appeared for me like crazy this year. So much so, I get frustrated and throw it back in the deck. I’ve also had issues with the card in divination. Often, I assume it means being in the driver’s seat. Being in control, knowing where you are headed and really hitting the gas petal. Unfortunalty, this is not always how things would turn out. There is nothing more frustrating for a tarot reader than being wrong about a prediction. I should also know, more than anyone, that each tarot card contains an endless depth of meanings. It was time I took The Chariot one step further.

Last night in my class at The Tarot School, we discussed The Chariot at length. I could have cried I was so thrilled to finally be discussing the precarious Chariot! My teachers, Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone, base their understanding of tarot on the Cabbalistic tree of life. They explained that The Chariot is really the vehicle that brings you above and below. The vehicle that carries you from the regular world to the world of the spiritual. The Chariot is the way in which you reach higher spiritual realms. I love the idea that we can reach back to the place from which we came and the place we will inevitably return for guidance and inspiration.

It got me thinking of all the ways I leave the regular world to journey into the spiritual. Guided meditation, yoga and reading tarot cards are all ways that I feel I reach for that higher realm. In fact, whenever I’m engaged in the creative process, through writing or painting, I feel I am opening up to a higher realm. I wonder then, is sleep our Chariot into another world, a higher level? Drugs and alcohol can be considered vehicles into altered states of consciousness, although not necessarily healthy ones.

Are you interested in going where The Chariot might take you? What ways, what vehicles do you chose when reaching for a higher spiritual state? How might your world change if you were to leave the familiar and open yourself up to a bit of the unknown? 


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The High Priestess

Trust Your Inner Voice

The High Priestess tarot card is one of the most powerful in the deck. One can understand The High Priestess as the gatekeeper of all hidden, inner knowledge. Have you ever heard the concept that you already know everything? That when you learn, you are actually uncovering facts you already knew? If there is any truth to that, then The High Priestess is the keeper of these facts. When you trust your instincts, when you don’t second-guess yourself, the High Priestess is at work within you. When you look approach life from a deeper perspective, you are using The High Priestess.

I chose The High Priestess as my card for the weekend and she was a welcome companion. I’ve been working on integrating a combination of The Secret and Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth into my life. They both advocate the importance of being present, living in the moment as you experience your life. I wound up spending the weekend with my in laws. Although they are lovely, it was not the sleepy, relaxing weekend I had been hoping for. Rather than feel sorry for myself, I took The High Priestess as a sign, chose to be present, not complain, and have a great weekend. As a result, I did. Sunday carried with it a new moon, this activated the inner witch in me. New moons and full moons always inspire me to do spells. The High Priestess is a powerful witch and the lunar cycle is clearly represented on her tarot card. My dreams all weekend were also especially vibrant and memorable. I associate the realm of dreams to The High Priestess too.

When you are searching or activating inner strength, you are calling upon the High Priestess. When this card appears, she is often a reminder to contemplate any question you seek an answer to because the answer already lies within you. Did you know you have the answers you seek? Have you ever has a psychic pop? That was the High Priestess too. When you learn to listen deeply to The High Priestess who resides inside of yourself, you will know more than any psychic could ever tell you! Do yourself a favor and get to know her. You won’t be sorry. 

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The Eight of Pentacles


Is there anything better than doing what you love? Being lost in the act of creation? That is what the Eight of Pentacles tarot card is all about. Ignore the fact that the figure on the card looks like Willie from Eight is Enough. Speaking of eights, eights in tarot symbolize Splendor and Pentacles always mean a bit of money could be made. The Pentacles lead up the wall or tree like a ladder. He is working on a pentagram whose five points represent earth, air, fire, water and spirit. The apron he is wearing is symbolic of Freemasonry. When the Eight of Pentacles appears, is means that it is time to get to busy. The Eight of Pentacles can also be a confirmation that the work you are dedicating yourself to is perfect. You are beautiful in the act of creation.

I’m struggling a bit this week, still trying to get my schedule back on track after returning from vacation. Truth be told, I’m tempted to curl up on the couch. The Eight of Pentacles appeared as my card of the day to remind me to get back to work. The reward will be work itself.

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness concerning all acts of initiative and creation. There is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now.”


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