Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – Three of Cups

Three of Cups

The Three of Cups in Tarot is a happy, jubilant card. If you draw the Three of Cups – count on having a reason to celebrate, raise a toast – in your honor perhaps. Remember, cups represent feelings, emotion and happiness.

The Three of Cups and all threes in Tarot point to an interesting issue. What happens when two becomes three? Is there always an odd person out? Does the number three always involve a touch of tumultuousness?

We can think about famous threesomes in pop culture. On Charlie’s Angels, the angels were always coming and going. Everyone claimed a favorite – mine was Jacqueline Smith. The show Three’s Company – the roommates came and went too. Who liked Chrissie the best?  Destiny’s Child went through tons of members before they found the right balance.

What about film trilogies? Who doesn’t like to argue about the best of the three Star Wars movies? The best of the Godfather series? The best Matrix?

But how does the number three affect us personally? Does a romantic relationship change when a child is born and two become three? What if there are three siblings? Is the middle child always the odd one out? You are comfy hanging with your best friend – what if your other best friend wants to hang out too. Dare we look at what happens in a sexual relationship when a third party is introduced?

If you are a Tarot reader, how does the dynamic of a Tarot reading change when you read for two people -a couple or two good friends – instead of one?

The number three on the Tree of Life represents Understanding. There is no third wheel on the Three of Cups Tarot Card. The Three of Cups is a reminder that everyone can be included. Jealousy and drama only occur when egos run unchecked.

If you receive the Three of Cups in a reading or as your card of the day, it is worth taking a look at the parties of three in your own life. Examine the dynamics that occur for you when two becomes three. Can you become more Three of Cup like?


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Sun

The Sun


The Sun tarot card is exuberant, warm, nurturing. I also view the Sun as a health card. Healthy body, healthy pregnancy. The Sun Tarot card reminds me of the height of summer when the world is bursting with abundance and beauty. The Sun is the perfect card to draw on the Memorial Day holiday and the weather matched perfectly!

Lower Fifth Avenue was a vision of Sex in the City. New Yorkers, who had earlier in the week bundled up in reaction to a strange batch of fall-like weather, sauntered the streets in their summer duds. A New Yorker’s best style asset isn’t their actual clothing. It is their bodies. Everyone has ridiculously gorgeous bodies in this city! They were showing them off just like the child on the Sun card.

I was having Tapas and drinks with some girlfriends. We squealed as Robert Redford walked into the restaurant. Talk about a golden god who – even at 70 – could have his face plastered all over the Sun tarot card! Redford is responsible for putting the Sundance Film Festival on the map– coincidence in lieu of my Sun card? I think not!

Sometimes, the greatest gift a Tarot card can offer is reassurance when you really need it. I had a rough week last week. When I drew the Sun card, it was a reminder that I was going to pull through just fine.

There is a trick to remembering that the qualities of each Tarot card are always operating within you. The soft breeze of a warm summers day, the regenerative quality of sunlight is always available if you know how to find it.

I’ve got a tan on my face, my garden is in, the weekend was chock full of neighbors, friends, family and food. Don’t think I could ask for any more from the Sun card. And you know what? For now, I won’t.



Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Devil

The Devil

The Devil had his way, left, right and center with me yesterday.

One of my favorite interpretations of The Devil card in Tarot is the Devil wants you to have fun. He wants you to enjoy yourself. The esoteric function of the Devil is laughter. The Devil is also your personal spokesman for procrastination. If there is anyone sitting on your shoulder telling you to put something off it’s this deviant little monster. Trouble is, when procrastination blows up in your face, you pay the price, and the Devil is right there grinning, laughing, salivating.

Enter me, the girl who happily skipped through her twenties with no health insurance. Now, all grown up and thoroughly insured, I visit the Periodontist yesterday. The Devil screamed with excitement, handed me a rinse cup and informed me I will be enduring massive oral surgery. All due to my lack of care. Completely preventable. Totally my fault. Devil did a tequila shot in my honor.

On an unrelated visit to my general practitioner – very same day, the Devil quivered with excitement as I changed into the dressing gown. My doctor is the only man I’ve undressed for other than my husband in the last fifteen years. The Devil gets his cheap thrills anywhere. Admittedly, so do I. Have I mentioned said doctor is a stone cold fox? He also specializes in travel vaccinations so when Brad and Angelina call me for a trip to sub Saharan Africa, Doctor Sexy can give me a last minute booster against Malaria.

Doctor Dreamy told me I have to go for a battery of tests I’d much rather avoid, put me on medication I’d rather not be on. It is all very scary. It seems to me, when you are dealing with something frightening, The Devil is right there laughing at you. He’s only your ally when something feels good.

The Devil Tarot card often represents power and control issues. When dealing with anything medical, you feel immediate loss of power and that’s not counting dealing with insurance companies. The only way to regain power and control – act in the most responsible way possible. Really take care of yourself.

If you receive the Devil card in a reading and know you are putting off any doctor visits, I implore you to go ahead and make appointments. When dealing with your body, your health, don’t let the Devil have the last laugh. At the end of the day, you have the power to do what is right for yourself. Burying your head in the sand will only make it easier for the Devil to send a Tsunami crashing over you. Don’t give him the satisfaction.

PS – I only use my medical issues as a good example of The Devil card in Tarot and how this card of the day related to me. Medically, I’m fine. The issues I’m dealing with – totally normal. Not in any mortal danger and in no way am I trying to drum up sympathy for myself. Just hope you might glean a little wisdom from my situation.


“Johnny rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard

Cause hell’s broke loose in Georgia and the devil deals the cards.”

         – Charlie Daniels Band


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Moon

The Moon


I write under a full moon.

In Tarot as in life, The Moon is smoky, tempestuous. Why is The Moon tarot card so slippery? Why is the moon itself so very unnerving? Some nights, I sit on the back deck, bathed in the moon’s velvety glow. I’ll flip through my tarot cards and feel as if the moon is energizing my deck and me. The moonlight feels soothing, restorative. I look up smiling. The moon is our common human denominator. Shakespeare, Dante, Einstein gazed at this very same moon and pondered life’s greatest mysteries.

Then unexpectedly, next night, the very same milky moonlight turns eerie and spooky. The shadows get longer. I see vampires clinging to the eaves of my house. They are upside down, peering through my window. Stephen King vampires. Salem’s Lot vampires. Ravenous vampires. I can’t sleep. Can’t concentrate. Wish I were back in the confines of my cozy NYC apartment. Give me a mugger, an angry cabbie, an old man returning soup in a deli, a yuppie – I can handle any of those – but not vampires.

There is a pool at the bottom of the Moon Tarot card. What surfaces from this deep pool can be unnerving because it is your subconscious. The creatures, figures, emotions that emerge are based entirely on your personal history.

We have all experienced Moon energy turning things upside down. Soon enough, things will balance out. Remember, it is only temporary. The moon is in constant motion, cyclical in its nature. A werewolf regains human form soon enough, so will you.

When you receive the Moon card in a Tarot reading or notice a full moon on a warm summer’s evening – let it nudge you toward the unexpected, to the deeper aspects of yourself – even if it is a little frightening. Journey to your subconscious pool. Take a glimpse at what lies just beneath your surface. Thrill you or spook you, you’ll be surprised at what you discover. You also might walk away knowing a little more about yourself than you did before.

Moonlight is sculpture; sunlight is painting.

             -Nathaniel Hawthorne



Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Page of Swords

Page of Swords


The Page of Swords, the Nancy Drew of the Tarot deck! If you are at just learning Tarot, I have a marvelous hint for learning the court cards. Look at each of their qualities and assign a person, someone you know, a famous person, a character of fiction, dead, alive – it doesn’t matter. Make sure that person embodies the character of the card. For me, this cunning page is Nancy Drew.

The pages are tireless in their energy, like children who never think to stop, take a breath. Pages are absorbed in the wonder of their particular world. Swords represent the mind, intellect and reasoning. The Page of Swords is continually planning, understanding, unraveling, deducing, spying, she’s on a mission. The Page of Swords reads between the lines and exceeds at hatching a plan.

Do you have any friends like the Page of Swords? You know, the sort of people whose wheels are always turning. They are usually a few steps ahead of the rest of us slackers.

Have you ever spent an evening googling long lost friends and boyfriends? This is a very Page of Swords activity and one of my guilty pleasures. Amazing how much you can discover online.

Sunday nights I engage my Swords and plan the week ahead. How I love my lists! Let the Page of Swords remind you to look a little closer, plan a little further. Throw some mystery into your grocery list. Track down Balsamic Vinegar – aged twenty years in an oak casket. Add excitement to your commute. You’re not really driving to work, but tailing a criminal. See if there’s a first class seat available on the next flight to Madrid. Maybe you go ahead and book it! Follow a path that intrigues you. Have fun!



Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Three of Pentacles

Three of Pentacles


The Three of Pentacles is about planning, consultation and moving forward with our earthly endeavors. We all have aspects of our life where we should call in an expert. Face facts, you can’t do everything all by yourself.

The Three of Pentacles was the perfect card to represent my day. Spoke with my handsome landscaper who’ll be guiding me through my first, hopefully fruitful, summer of serious gardening. I already see the heirloom tomatoes ripening on my sill! Found a driving school – if I can motor the mean streets of NYC I can drive anywhere. I searched for a periodonist. The Three of Pentacles actually works in the context of a dentist. The man on the bench holding a drill, the pentacles – your teeth. Eughhhh!

What areas of your life do you need to seek expert advice? Something fun like a makeover or a travel agent to plan a trip? Anything you’ve been putting off like my aforementioned dentist or trip to another medical expert?

If the Three of Pentacles appears and you don’t possess the means to hire an actual expert, hit the bookstore. Treat yourself to a glossy hardcover Feng Shui book. Can’t get to your favorite bookstore? Hit the Internet, only about ten million experts out there dishing out free advice.

The Three of Pentacles occurs early in the run of the Pentacles suit. You are still in the planning stages. By the time you reach the Ten of Pentacles, your project will have flowered, blossomed and be glowing with radiance. You’ll look back, smiling, thrilled you asked for a little help.

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Five of Wands

The Five of Wands


We see five fellows causing quite the commotion in The Five of Wands. Excitement, intention and fire all converging together. Wand energy is sometimes exhausting, draining. The Five of Wands is no exception. This card signals activity and engagement with other people and the world at large. But what happens if we look at this card and understand ourselves as each of the five figures?

Sometimes we get so carried away with an idea, a plan, an inspiration, we forget to look around us. The incendiary nature of Wands is scorching but we don’t want it to extinguish early. Fives in tarot, traditionally tough places, offer us pause. Take a breath. Stop and access. Reevaluate. Fives are a reminder that you are half way there.

If I look at the Five of Wands and see myself in these five figures I’ll tell myself to take a rest. Step back. Breathe.

This might mean you do something small – nap, schedule a massage, spend an evening watching junk TV. Sometimes, something major – enjoy a week off from work, sign up for a meditation workshop, allow others to share your many responsibilities.

Tarot’s gift is the ability to peer at yourself from a different angle, an angel’s perspective. If the Five of Wands is coming up maybe you put down your wand and give yourself a break. You’ll come back bigger, stronger and better than ever!


I’m afraid the some times you’ll play lonely games too. Games you can’t win ‘cause you’ll play against you.

            -Dr. Seuss

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles


The Queen of Pentacles is traditionally seen as goddess of house and home. We can peer a bit closer and discover a specific talent she has that is often overlooked. Lean in and take away a delicious lesson from our happy housewife.

Pentacles represent earth, money, material items, etc. In the context of this Queen however, we will focus on one particular aspect of Pentacles – the flesh. Pentacles represent our bodies. Our soft, porous skin, sinewy muscles, pulsing blood. We are one hundred percent organic living matter.

The Queen of Pentacles rests on the contractive side of The Tree of Life. She gives form, shape to all ideas and why she’s understood as an inspired creator. Using this contractive ability she commands mastery over her physical body. She lives completely, one hundred percent inside herself. How many of us can say that?

As the Queen of Pentacles forms and creates, she dwells in her bones, she knows herself better than any doctor. She senses a cold before sniffles start, appreciates her crows feet – delicate traces of a lifetime of laughing, knows when it is time to refresh herself with sleep, strengthens herself with exercise – not to burn calories but because she’s awed by the strength of her muscles. She’ll take ten minutes to slowly savor a piece of dark chocolate. She knows when she takes care of herself, she is better able to take care of those around her.

How well do you sit inside yourself? Would you say you have a good mind/physical connection? Can you appreciate how far that little body of yours has taken you? Do you treat it well?

Gaze at The Queen of Pentacles and let her inspire you. How might you be kinder to yourself? You possess her uncanny ability to dwell inside yourself in a healthy, full and vibrant way. Own who you are. Love who you are.

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords


The Eight of Swords usually provokes a gasp when I flip it. The last way we want to understand ourselves is as the figure on the Eight of Swords, bound, blindfolded, trapped. Yet, how we deceive ourselves at times. How easy is it to fool yourself into believing something is okay when really – it isn’t.

When you sell yourself short, you become the figure in the Eight of Swords. When you let other people define who you are, you become this figure. So, the looming question – how do you remove the binds?

If you are reading this, I’m guessing you are a pretty intuitive person. You can pinpoint one area in your life you need to bust out, break free. Does an old habit have you in its grips? Stuck in a job you loath? Dream of singing in Carnegie Hall but 20 years ago some miserable 8th grade teacher told you had no talent?

Try this exercise. Look at the Eight of Swords for a moment then close your eyes. Consider your current situation and imagine you are the figure on the card. Feel the binds around your body, trapping you, confining you. Now, in your minds eye, envision yourself as you’d like to be. Free. Fabulous. Living life in true expression of who you are. Go back to the image of you bound and restricted. Begin to feel the binds loosening, dropping, falling away. The blindfold drifts off and you look out to the world. The colors are vibrant, intense, your reality transformed. You grab a sword and confidently move forward into your future.

 You have the ability to take a really tough Tarot card and make it work in your advantage!

But there is so much life – and it is wrong to waste it. Make the most of everything – even the bad stuff. This time, this day, will never come again.

            -Jeanette Winterson

Sasha Graham’s Card a Day Tarot Blog – The King of Cups

The King Of Cups


Have you ever known a King of Cups? The King of Cups as a man is a dreamer, poet, artist. He’ll whisper Platonic philosophy in your ear late at night. He will paint you like Leo painted Kate in Titanic. He listens with rapt attention to every detail of your life story. He’ll compose a song in your honor while planning an elaborate dinner where each course is delicately prepared, your specific tastes in mind. The King of Cups feels your emotions before you do. Above all, The King of Cups understands who you are.

The King of Cups in you is imagination in flight. You are capable of inspired thoughts. Ideas, images, emotions, rush like water bursting through floodgates. You have the means and scope to look at the world and feel what’s going on for others.

King of Cups perspective comes only with maturity. Children are open and naturally creative –they express their feelings for expressions sake. It would not occur to a child to repress their imagination. The King of Cups energy occurs as an adult when you have regained this child’s perspective, sense of wonder and flow.

Picasso’s famous quote “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child” expresses this theme brilliantly.

Let the King of Cups guide you when seeking creative inspiration. Each morning, lying in bed with those precious moments between snooze buttons, think King of Cups. Tell yourself you will be inspired all day. Imagine just how large the world is. The infinite possibilities your day holds. Broaden your scope. Think bigger. Imagine larger. Dream.

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