Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Three of Wands

The Three of Wands


The Three of Wands is attached to the world of Wands representing fire, passion, excitement, will and intention. The figure on the Three of Wands is looking over a bay containing ships. The water and boats represent his domain – his life. His excitement is building as he looks at what he’s got. As a chess player surveys the chessboard and plots his next move, so the Three of Wands is plotting his next step.

Would you like a shot at becoming the Three of Wands?

The key to this exercise is energy, energy, energy! You must feel Wands excitement at some point. Wand energy will carry you really far. Wand energy can exhaust you so be careful. If you are just not feeling it – put this aside and try again another time.

Place yourself in the position of the Three of Wands. Take a moment to take stock in your life. What have you created and built?

Glance at the material things around you. Do you have a closet full of clothes, a wonderful collection of books, beautiful veggie garden? Cars, computers, gadgets, homes, toys, your bank account are all included. We humans tend to collect lot of things. Are you someone who holds on to your stuff or do you disregard something when you are finished with it?

Now, survey you physical self. If you have nothing else in the world – you have your body. We have a heavy hand in creating the body we inhabit. Are you comfortable in your body? Are you happy in it? Is there an area causing you pain that you would like to remedy? Could you lose a little weight or gain a little muscle?

Now examine the personal relationships you’ve created. Look at your immediate family first. How are those relationships holding up? Are you treating family members kindly – are they treating you well? What about your friends – the family we get to choose. Anyone you need to give a call or reach out to?

Wow, you’ve taken a moment to look at everything – I’d bet you are surprised at just how much you have. Something you’ve surveyed must have made your blood pulse a little faster.

Now you can do a very Three of Wands thing. Pick an area of your life that excites you the most and formulate a plan on how to move it forward.

Maybe you want to redecorate your house. Perhaps, you are about to commit yourself to healthier eating. Thinking about creating a girls night? The sky is the limit here. The key is to become the figure on the Three of Wands. Survey your rich and lovely life, notice what gets your juices flowing, make a plan of action and take the next step!

Do this and you’ll notice your Three of Wands domain – your life – expanding at a rapid pace!




Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Sun Card

The Sun


Should I be surprised The Sun Tarot card has appeared for me again? Why no! I was working in my garden all day – transplanting sunflowers!

The height of June and the week of The Summer Solstice is an excellent time to mull over the Sun card and what it means to you. I assume all of the Sun card’s obvious qualities – spontaneity, happiness, warmth, growth, blossoming, regenerative energy, good health and freedom.

The nature of time becomes elastic in summer. The days are longer, it is easier to slip away from work on a Friday, and you’ll linger over an alfresco meal, staying up too late with friends. I don’t know about you – summer reminds me of the freedom of youth.

It is easier to forget who you are in summer. You lose yourself to the rhythmic pound of the ocean’s waves, make out like a teenager on a boardwalk, or exchange your stress for a really tasty ice cream cone.

My four year old recently asked, “How long ‘till Christmas?” I gasped when I realized it is only six months away.

Want to make a pact with me? Let’s not let the summer slip away. I am making a promise to myself to enjoy, savor and be present for as much of this summer as possible. I invite you to do the same.

We’ll invoke the energy of the Sun Tarot card each and every day – even when thunderstorms come blasting through. We’ll shake the sand out of our shoes and the stress out of our life!

As Farmer’s Market tables topple with heirloom tomatoes and juicy watermelon and flowers explode with color – we’ll use this as a metaphor for our work, our relationships, and our enjoyment of life. We’ll kiss someone on the beach, eat cotton candy, cook for our friends and plan at least one, if not two, fantastic vacations.

Let’s make this summer last!


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – Summer Solstice Spread

Summer Solstice Spread


Today is the Summer Solstice and the longest day of the year. The word Solstice is derived from a combination of the Latin words “sol” + “to stand still”. At midday the sun appears to stand still in the sky. This is the also shortest night of the year.

Ancient Pagans celebrated the Solstice with bonfires. Couples would bravely jump through the licking flames. It was believed their crops would grow as high as they could leap.

These days most of us aren’t relying on crops for our sustenance. In our modern times, we have the luxury of choosing what we do for a living. Compared to ancient cultures we have tons of free time on our hands.

The fires we light tonight come to symbolize what we are passionate about. Things we want to bring to light. Perhaps, we want our bank accounts to grow, our relationships to reach new heights, our enjoyment of life to be greater. Maybe we just want to revel in the glory that is a warm summer evening with friends.

Tonight, in honor of the sun, passion, intention, and the suit of Wands, I am cooking a spicy Mexican inspired meal. It is being grilled outdoors – of course. We are having a huge Solstice bonfire, will roast marshmallows and make smores.

I’ll let one marshmallow incinerate on the stick and chose something in my life that I need to get rid of. I will gaze at the fireflies twinkling around me and their tiny lights remind me of new beginnings yet to unfold in my life.

I suggest you do the same – find a way to incorporate the Solstice into your day. If you can’t light a bonfire – light tons of candles. Whip up something spicy or tropical to eat!

Treat yourself to this Tarot Spread. Let the magic and warmth of this day sooth, inspire and ignite you.

Carry this light of this Solstice with you all year long.

Solstice Spread:

Place card 1 in the center of the spread and fan out all other cards around the center – like rays emanating from the sun.

  1. You, at this moment – vibrant and alive. The Sun center.
  2. Something that needs to come to light.
  3. A quality you radiate.
  4. How you nurture those around you.
  5. Something that is growing in your life.
  6. Something you are wildly passionate about you should focus in this summer.
  7. Something that is beginning right now that will grow throughout the year.
  8. A pleasant surprise coming to you this summer.

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – Four of Cups

Four of Cups


The Four of Cups, like any tarot card in the deck, has an endless supply of meanings, understandings and stories behind it. Still, the Four of Cups is one of those cards that packs a huge instinctual punch for me. When I flip it, it means I must open my eyes and take a good look around me. There is so much good – so much beauty in life – I’d better notice it fast.

A Four of Cups moment happened for me a few weeks ago. I practice yoga the most magical studio in NYC. Its walls are painted a brilliant and intense red and orange, crystal chandelier’s hang from the ceiling, the Yoga Sutra’s written in Sanskrit adorn the southern walls. The teachers – all inspirational and amazing. It is my church.

Then, something horrible happened. As, it became my normal routine to go there, I found myself going to the studio without really seeing the studio. I sat on my mat – complaining about something in my head – I had forgotten where I was – what was so beautiful.

Sometimes it takes a big scare, health problem, a funeral, and life altering experience to bring things back into perspective. I would rather be reminded by a Tarot card than by the death of a loved one – not to take things for granted.

If you find yourself feeling a bit lack luster – here’s an activity you can do that is sure to bring you back around. Do this for the next four mornings.

Each morning, carve out five minutes for yourself  – take more if you can. Start writing down what you are grateful for. Don’t sensor yourself, write stream of conscious, messy as you like. The key is to authentically feel grateful.  When you start to feel really grateful, start writing about the things you would like to have in your life as if you already have them. Express thanks for them!

Do this exercise and you’ll go from the Four of Cups to the Nine of Cups in one week!


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog

Feeling Blue and Don’t Know Why Spread

Every now and again, you’ll wander into a lush, purple patch of melancholy. You’re down in the dumps for no particular reason. Logically, there is nothing to be bummed about. You have your looks, your health, material stuff – still – you are blue.

There are a few options available – pout around the house, mope into your coffee, crawl back into bed, collapse into a shame spiral, seek solace at the bottom of a pan of dark chocolate anything, glare at the happy people around you. That’s all fun for about five minutes.

While whining to my sis on the phone about the way I felt – she, as always – offered gentle clarity. She told me there is no reason to feel guilty on top of feeling grumpy. Emotions exist for a reason. Figure out why you are sad and learn from it. Then, you come out the other side with renewed clarity.

She inspired me to create the Feeling Blue and Don’t Know Why Spread




1.            2.                        5.




Cards Positions

  1. Why you are blue.
  2. Something important you forgot.
  3. It will all be okay because. . .
  4. Your secret weapon is. . .
  5. Action you can take right now to feel better.

When you have finished this spread, you must do the thing suggested by the fifth card.

Now, don’t you feel better? I do.

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – Page of Cups

The Page of Cups


One simple way to interpret the Tarot court cards is to understand them energetically. The Tarot court can represent energies of different life phases. Pages as young children – exhaustive, energetic energy, Knights as teenage – hormonal overdrive energy, Queens – the mature female energy and Kings – adult male energy.

Pages, in this case, would represent endless childlike fascination, play and enthusiasm. Children have laser like focus when absorbed by something. Once we have a grasp on Page energy, we add the suit – Cups. Cups represent feelings and emotions.

The Page of Cups is an aspect of you enamored with depth of feeling. You completely captivated by feeling.

Do you remember the first time you experienced beauty as a child?

Have you ever been absorbed in a trance like state while watching a film or play?

Lost in a piece of music?

Laughed or cried so hysterically you could pee yourself?

The emotions contained within Cups aren’t always good ones. Melancholia, anger, jealousy, sadness are also included in the spectrum of the Cup.

If the Page of Cups appears in a reading or as a card of the day, allow yourself to fully experience your emotions without censoring them. If you are feeling a little weepy, let the tears roll.  If you are feeling a little weird, go with it – feel weird. Feeling great? By all means, experience your happiness.

The Page of Cups gives you permission not to ignore, stuff away or tell yourself you should be feeling anything other than what you are.

Emotions are just that – emotions. They can’t hurt you. It is how you respond to emotion that can sometimes cause damage. Often, drug or alcohol addiction will ensue when a person decides their emotions are too painful to endure – they cut off.

When you find yourself with The Page of Cups, allow yourself to ride with your inner state. It can be a cathartic experience. See the little fish popping out of the Page’s cup? Like our Page, you might learn a little something about yourself when you allow yourself room to feel.


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Empress

The Empress


Every now and then, a tarot card will act as a lifeline. The cards provide an answer that is sheer perfection and crystal clear.

Today, the Empress leaped out of the deck, threw her perfumed arms around me and told me exactly what I needed to hear. “Darling,” she whispered, “the way out of your little funk is to start doing. . .”

The enchanting, heavenly Empress of the Tarot deck represents creativity and regeneration. The Empress can’t stop herself from inventing, making, producing. She fashions things beautifully, she decorates, and she cooks, she writes, reads, paints. She is the end all, be all in the act of creation.

I feel like a hot mess. My yoga classes flew out the window last week. My husband and I partied like teenagers at a weekend wedding in the Berkshires. I’m not eating healthy. I’ve skimped on sleep. My forward progress has halted. My daughter’s school is about to end. I’m not prepared for summer. Aughhhhhh!

I glance at the Empress card again. “Take a look at me honey,” says the Empress. “See how gorgeous and calm I am. I AM YOU. Now, relax. Where’s your to-do list? Let’s get to work. If you only do one thing today – do it gorgeously!”

With the Empress by my side, I feel renewed. I have a lovely list of things to attend to, an afternoon full of potential and the magic of the Empress surrounding my every gesture.

In the midst of your busy life, let the Empress remind you of the beauty of creation. Beauty that springs from the act of doing. Infinitely more attractive than sitting around complaining about what we aren’t doing.

Pick one thing – it could be something tiny. Perhaps, a flower arrangement, your dinner or an email to a friend. See just how stunning you can make it. Beautiful things aren’t always complicated. The magazine Real Simple revolves around the attractiveness of simplicity. Let your act be a metaphor for the gorgeousness you are capable of when caught in your own act of creation.

You are beautiful.