Sasha Graham’s Card a Day Tarot Blog – The Five of Wands

The Five of Wands


Intensity, commotion, heat! The fives in the Minor Arcana of Tarot tend to be tough cards and the Five of Wands is no exception.

Wands represent the element of fire that contains intention, exhilaration and incendiary energy. Fives can be problematic the same way the middle act of a play, novel or film gets tough before things resolve themselves. Oh – the drama!

Today, my sister called to alert me that an earthquake had just struck LA – where she lives. An earthquake is an excellent example of Five of Wands energy – ruckus underground shaking the earth’s surface!

An ever so sexy soap opera star brings his children to the same swimming lessons I take my daughter to. I call him “man candy”. I can’t even look in his direction because I get all Five of Wands over his tan, sculpted muscles. I pray he never attempts conversation with me.

There are certain political topics that get me worked up so fast – I can barely debate them. Namely a woman’s right to choose!

Are there buttons your family presses that get you from zero to sixty in a heartbeat? There are issues between my husband and myself that signal instant argument.

The thing to remember when your cheeks start to flush, your ears start to burn and you are in the midst of a Five of Wands moment – is to calm down. Unless this energy is benefiting you – shift your focus ever so slightly.

A dear friend of mine is a commercial and print model. She often gets worked up, excited and nervous when auditioning for TV. On her last audition, rather than staying flustered, she asked for peace and calmness in the moment. By focusing on the present – not the projected outcome – she clicked with the director and guess what? She booked the job!

Tap into your Five of Wand energy so it serves you!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The World

The World


The World Tarot card. Success, completion, euphoria and travel.

The World Tarot card represents the moment when you have stopped asking, craving, questioning, longing and hoping. The World appears and you are fulfilled, perfectly content, have achieved what you want and are at peace within yourself.

I was taking my road test. I nervously sat in the car with the tester – whose face, like the face of the man boy I lost my virginity to – will be etched in my memory forever. I had picked a Tarot card earlier – it was the World card. I chose again, from another deck, just to be sure. Why did I need to double-check my good news while bad news is always received at face value? I received the World card a second time and knew I would pass.

I did.

I celebrated by driving my husband and daughter around all day. Even hopped on the highway for a few exits! As the sun fell behind the mountains, we ate brick oven pizza overlooking a sparkling Catskill lake.

I thought about how the World card represents travel. I thought of other instances I had gazed at heavenly bodies of water. Whispering with my sister over the moody San Francisco Bay. Feeling like a doofis, getting a third degree sunburn on my ass in the aqua marine waters of Mexico. Sneaking onboard a Venetian ferry in the choppy Adriatic. Watching a rainbow appear over the North Sea off the misty Scottish Coast while trolling around a crumbling castle with my best friend.

Each of these moments contained a sense of wholeness. The beauty that surrounded me was enough to give me total satisfaction in where I was. In who I was at that moment.

This is the exact energy the World card emanates.

I looked at my daughter, tomato sauce speared across her grinning face. I looked at my husband, delighted and relaxed he hadn’t been behind the wheel of the car all day. I watched the sunlight twinkle across the lake. I love my world, I thought. I love it. If I wanted to – I could hop in the car and drive to the southern tip of South America. Perhaps, someday . . .

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card A Day Blog – The Chariot

The Chariot


The Chariot Tarot card represents being in the drivers seat. When the Chariot pops up, it means you will experience keen movement forward. Sort of like a roller coaster about to accelerate. You’ve waited in the hot, sweaty line, you’re strapped in, safety harness secure – so decide what direction you’d like to head in. You’re moving onward and upward – like it or not.

I’m taking my driver’s license road test this Friday morning! And no, I’m not a teenager. Just been living in New York City for the past twenty years, using my feet and Metrocard as my primary source of transportation. The Chariot Tarot card appeared with sublime timing. Wish me luck!

While practicing my newfound skills as a driver, I was surprised to realize the attention used to drive a car is not unlike the attention required when reading Tarot cards.

The first skill a driver (or Charioteer) is taught is to expand their line of vision. You don’t just look at the car ahead of you – you look hundreds of feet around. You expand your awareness in a circular way. You become conscious of what is happening in front, behind and next to you. As a driver, you peek into the future as you anticipate what moves other cars might make.

The moment you flip a Tarot card, you engage in the act of expanding your vision. Beginners and long time Tarot pros alike, shift their level of concentration as they interpret the meaning of a card. As you search amidst the symbols of Tarot for answers, seek wisdom and ask questions, you open your mind in a visionary, circular, forward thinking way.

Tarot offers answers. It is not the card’s advice you follow – it is your own. Your voice is unique and exclusive to you. It is where the truth of your entire life can be found.

Behind the wheel of a car, you put faith in the fact that you won’t go careening off the road. You set your intention of destination and dangers withstanding – a turn of the ignition key and off you go. You can and should have that same faith in yourself off the road.

If you are clever enough to work with Tarot, (I’m guessing you are or you wouldn’t be reading this) you can use your gift of intuition – the gift we each are born with – to guide you into the most fulfilling and wildly amazing life possible.

When you “ignite your intuition” with Tarot you may just drive right into your own happiness!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Hermit

The Hermit


The Obi-Wan Kenobi of the Tarot Deck!

The Hermit Tarot card is about the fellow who removes himself from society in order to gain deeper spiritual wisdom. Once this wisdom is achieved, the Hermit displays his light. In doing so, he becomes a beacon for all below.

The Hermit Tarot card will often appear in a reading as a reminder that you need to take some time out for yourself. When we recharge, reevaluate and spend time getting to know ourselves a bit better, we emerge rejuvenated. We glow from within – like the Hermit’s lantern.

You could do something small. Set aside one hour tonight to treat yourself to a candle lit bath with your favorite sea salts. Dedicate your soak to peace of mind. Soothing bathtub playlist and frosty drink are entirely optional.

Perhaps, you sign up for a meditation class, take a walk in the woods, spend an afternoon at the beach or book a weekend retreat at a holistic spa.

For many of us who are spiritually inclined, we can use the Hermit as our guide. We can invite him into our meditations to quietly light the path we are meant to follow.

Some of us love our “alone” time” while others struggle with it. Age often plays a factor. As a child I can recall spending hours playing on my own – caught in a world of imagination and wonder. In my teens, I never wanted to be alone. If I was by myself, I was scribbling angst-ridden poetry or sneaking cigarettes out the window. It is only in my adulthood that I have fostered a keen appreciation and craving for time to myself.

I agree with the writer Peter Hoeg who claims, “I feel the same way about solitude as some people feel about the blessings of the church. It’s the light of grace for me. I never close my door behind me without the awareness that I am carrying out an act of mercy toward myself.”

Make your time a priority. Be good to yourself. Enjoy the silence.

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Moon

The Moon


The Moon Tarot card contains many meanings in its nocturnal glow. The Moon card represents dreams, intuition, strangeness, intensity, confusion, illusion and cycles. I am always drawn to the cyclical nature of the Moon.

Whenever the Moon Tarot card appears, it is a reminder that whatever the issue at hand, it will ebb and flow – just like the moon itself.

We can easily understand how cyclical nature can be, the change of seasons, even the cycle within a day – but what about cycles within us?

What cycle are you experiencing at this very moment?

Do you sometimes find yourself in a creative period? Bursting with ideas, inspiration and massive productivity. Other times, are you hot under the collar for sex? On your mind for days on end? Some weeks do you feel withdrawn and quiet while at other times want to get out and socialize?

Perhaps, you are a freelancer. Do you notice days where work comes like gangbusters? Job attracts job until you are so busy you are turning people away. Then – you’ll enter a dry spell where you are begging for clients.

Do you ever have intense, crazy dreams for consecutive nights in a row and then – nothing?

These cycles are all indicative of the Moon Tarot card.

Once you become aware of your cyclical nature, you can use these cycles to your advantage. Sort of a Jamba Juice Boost to your internal psychological state. Only this time – YOU decide what cycle you are in rather than it randomly happening.

Take out your Moon Tarot Card and take note of the cycle of the actual moon. Then decide what sort of power boost you’d like.

If the Moon is waxing (growing bigger) decide what you want more of. Vibrant beauty, astonishing creativity, superb sex, mountains of money, satisfying work – whatever you want. If the moon is waning (getting smaller) decide what you’d like a deeper understanding of or less of. Ask for profound introspection, deeper internal peace and meditation, release of negativity or bonus weight loss.

If you find yourself in a dreaming cycle – ask for answers, visions in your dreams. When you find yourself in a “blue” period you can rest assured an end is in sight. It won’t last forever.

With Tarot in hand and conviction in heart – you have the power to create whatever you want in life!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man


The Hanged Man ~ one of the most mysterious and evocative cards in the Tarot deck. Sometimes, he indicates sacrifice. Often, he hangs like on ominous signpost in the road – strange and new happenstances around the next corner. However, the Hanged Man usually shows up to inform you that you will be seeing and understanding things in an entirely new way.

Ever think you’ve really got a good handle on something and it turns out you don’t? Its sort of like thinking you’re about to complete a video game and then you find out there are ton of hidden levels. You think driving a car is the easiest thing in the world and then you get behind the wheel and find it isn’t. You can’t figure out why that person at work is always under your skin and super annoying. Then it dawns on you – you are in love with them!

The Hangman’s perception has changed – he is literally upside down. Everything looks different when you are inverted. When you walk on the ceiling and fall into the sky your parameters have shifted.

Wonderful teachers provide Hangman moments for you by provoking, inspiring and altering the way you approach your subject matter. Friends, romantic and otherwise, have a tendency to change your perception when you look at life through there eyes. A good book or film has the ability to shift your ideas.

In my daily life, I strive for “Hangmanness”. I want to broaden my views and deepen my understandings. Let’s face it; the world is bigger than we could ever conceive of. There are lessons to be learning, intricacies to be understood, and worlds to unravel.

If you want to strive for “Hangmanness” too, take The Hangman out of the deck and put him somewhere you can see him. The Hangman is a great reminder card. Do a headstand or hang you head upside down off your bed. Notice what looks different. Then repeat, “Like the Hangman, I experience my reality in a completely new way. Like the Hangman, I experience my reality in a completely new way.”

Try this a few times a week and see if anything shifts for you.


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Eight of Pentacles

The Eight of Pentacles


The Eight of Pentacles Tarot card is about, diligence and hard work. If you draw the Eight of Pentacles it means literally “to hammer away at something”.

I pulled the Eight of Pentacles and had no idea how it may apply to me that day. Later, I was potting some pretty flowers in a galvanized bucket. I grabbed a mallet and nail to make water holes in the bottom. I started pounding away – then laughed when I realized I had just embodied the Eight of Pentacles!

On a more substantial level, the Eight of Pentacles offers a valuable reminder about the value of work and effort.

I’m curious. Do you think happiness is something that happens by chance or is it something that could or should to be worked at?

What would happen if you, like the fellow on the Eight of Pentacles, diligently worked on your own state of inner happiness for five minutes – ten minutes a day? Perhaps, you already do. Do you think you might notice a change in your experience of the world?

How do you work at happiness? Do you meditate, write or recite affirmations, list what you are thankful for (my personal favorite), listen to music?

Can you do it when you are grumpy? When you are busy? Can you do it on a plane? Can you do it on a train? Can you work on happiness here or there? Can you keep up the work when you are delirious with glee, joy and contentment? Can you keep working on happiness when you find that you are really happy?

The Eight of Pentacles proudly displays each Pentacle as he finishes it. He then promptly forgets it – and moves on to the next. When you work on living a life that feels good, inspired and awesome, it shines on your face and through your actions. It reflects in ways you never dreamed possible.

I don’t know about you but I think my happiness is worth ten minutes a day!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Emperor

The Emperor – The Emperor Cleans House!

The Emperor brings order to the Tarot deck. He commands from his throne and the stable, sturdy number Four. The Emperor is the epitome of raw male energy and power.

The Emperor Tarot card can represent an aspect of you, a situation or an authoritative male figure. The Emperor is stubborn and rock solid.

The Emperor creates systems and expects them to be followed! Cleaning, organizing and arranging are very Emperor type things to do.

Are you like the Emperor? Do you love a clean house, organized drawers, everything in its place? Me too. Here’s the hitch – I don’t like actual cleaning. Since my maid staff has yet to materialize, how do I solve the problem????

Here’s a little trick I use when I’ve got a cleaning/organizing day on my hands. I do magical metaphor cleaning and so can you!

When I’m washing the dishes, I’m also washing negativity down the drain. If I hang laundry on the line – I’m airing out old ghosts so they can’t scare me any more! When I Windex windows and mirrors, I imagine fuzzy and confusing issues becoming clear. While making noise vacuuming, I let noise alert the universe – I’m here and looking for abundance!

The whole house can become a metaphor for you. In the basement – I consider deep, shadowy, subconscious issues. The first floor is about material concerns occurring in daily life. The second floor brings me to higher spiritual contemplations. The attic? I suppose a few bats and maybe even God dwells up there. Still working my way towards that. . .

Point is, with your favorite tunes blasting, you can create any fun magical metaphor you like and zip through once annoying chores!

You could also just hire a cleaning person and awesome if you can! The Emperor would approve of that too! The Emperor just wants it done – he doesn’t care how.

So, go ahead. Clear up your house, mind, body and soul in one shot!


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords


Have you ever found yourself wide-awake at night when you should be sleeping? Your mind running in circles over a problem or person who is bothering you? Caught in a mind spiral –you can’t get away from yourself. The last thing you can do is sink into a comfortable sleep – even though you are wishing, praying, begging for it.

This sleepless situation is the essence of the Nine of Swords!

Swords in Tarot represent the mind, thoughts and intellectuality. The number Nine means the end of a cycle is near. Good news – but position Nine on the Tree of Life is Foundation – the place where everything gets funneled. The Nine of Swords is a very hardcore place to be in.

I have an interesting exercise for you if the Nine of Swords plagues you one sleepless night.

My family moves to a spooky old farmhouse every summer. My husband was away last week. Around midnight, every noise, thump, bug at the window was a ghost, a murderer – a crazed hillbilly ready to make me his mountain bride. It was humid, I was sweating buckets, couldn’t sleep to save my life. I became the woman pictured on the Nine of Swords.

A thought occurred to me. What if I tried to live in the moment while I was falling asleep? I’m trying to be present in my waking life, release my ego, centering myself through a yoga practice. I’d never tried doing any of that stuff while falling asleep.

How would I do this? I began to focus my mind’s eye on my body from the inside out. I focused on my breath. If you focus on your breathing – it takes attention away from your thoughts. I started to feel space open up inside me. I began to think about what I was grateful for. The next thing I knew – it was morning!

The next time you find yourself pulling out your hair at 2am, try these steps.

1. Focus on the present.

2. Focus on your breathing

3. Make a mental list of all the things you are grateful for

4. Use your minds eye to examine your body – like a scientist.

See what happens.

You may find yourself in dreamland before you know it!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Two of Swords

The Two of Swords


The Two of Swords in Tarot is understood as peace, serenity, and a deep internal state. A meditation card. Sometimes, it means you are keeping thoughts to yourself. Not letting others in, as a conscious choice – not because you are fearful. Often, when attempting a big change in your life you’ll retreat inward.

The Two of Swords can also be a first spiritual step. The point where you are intellectualizing the behavior you want to induce. The number Two represents beginnings and the suit of Swords carries the mind, thoughts and intellectuality.

Message in the Dustpan:

I received the Two of Swords as my card of the day and was sweeping out a guest room. Something clicked into my dustpan and I looked to see what it was. It was a Scrabble tile – the letter “I”. Laughing, I knew immediately the message was!

Lots of philosophers, notably Eckhart Tolle, have been talking a lot lately about releasing your ego. Kick your ego to the curb – you’ll sense your emotions honestly, experience massive beauty in life and live in the moment.

I got my dustpan message loud and clear – “Release the “I”. Sweep that bad boy right out the door!”

Well, I’m working at releasing the “I” and it ain’t easy. I have to constantly remind myself or get caught up in my daily drama. The Two of Swords reminds me to retreat to that inner state – hit my inner reset button. I know what the rewards are. How joyous life can be when you release the “I”.

Can you spend an afternoon as an independent observer of your life without the “I” interfering? Try it for an hour at a time – preferably on a weekend. Start where it is easy. Then, see if you can bring it into your busy weekdays.

Begin in little increments – see what happens!

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