Sasha’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Emperor

The Emperor

Here’s the Emperor and me grappling with our control issues!

The Emperor creates rule, order and stability. He is the structure that holds the entirety of the Tarot deck together. The Emperor Tarot card is the epitome of masculine, forceful energy.

It is the beginning of a Labor Day Weekend. We have a ton of guests on the way. I’m sipping my morning coffee, making my lists. I become very Emperor like when entertaining. I like to have everything planned out, perfectly organized, so I can put myself on autopilot while cooking and enjoy the company of my friends and family!

One potential danger of the Emperor card is the tendency to become a control freak. I find, if I am in the beginning stages of planning anything, the Emperor comes in handy. Use him to create a solid foundation. Then, avoid the control freakiness and let go and have fun! Have faith that your initial planning was enough to see you through.

Yesterday, I teamed up with my cleaning lady and really pulled the house together. See by blog about cleaning and the Emperor at

I’m about to hit the market and I’ll spend this rainy afternoon making coffee cake, toffee cookies and baking herbed bread with herbs from my herb garden. Baking is a very Emperor like activity too – with baking you must stick with the recipe! Not much room for improvisation like in regular cooking. Baking is more of an exact science!

Tonight, when guests arrive hungry, we’ll fire up the grill for southwestern flank steak. I’m pairing it with stuffed poblanos from my garden and grilled avocados! Tomorrow night, we’re doing a southern theme with pulled pork, smashed potatoes and farm fresh corn. Yum!

The weather looks iffy so we’ve rearranged the boating for Sunday’s sunny weather. Tomorrow, we’ll take the kids to a renewable energy eco – farm to milk some goats and ride some ponies.

I think my Emperor like work is done. My plans are laid. Now, I’m off to the store and will embody the Empress as I pull everything together!

Happy Holiday Weekend!!!!!!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – Bathtub Tarot Meditation

Tarot Meditation


I’d like to share my favorite technique for Tarot meditation with you. One of the best ways to get inside, understand and explore a Tarot card is to meditate into it. Meditating into a card is also a fantastic way to speak to the archetypes in the card, and ask for guidance or messages.

Just like you, I’d spend every day of my life at a spa, if I could. Since daily spa treatments are out of the question, I’ve turned my bathroom into a spa-like retreat. See my bathroom in the picture above. There’s my daughter hovering near the tub.

The color is soothing, towels soft and fluffy and plenty of yummy bath products on hand. This environment lends itself perfectly to Tarot Meditation. I often prepare the bathroom in the same fashion for guests, offering them a restorative soak sans Tarot.

  1. Fill you bathroom with candles, scented if you like.
  2. Add a ton of Sea Salt to your bath water as Salt is purifying.
  3. Create a soothing music mix on your ipod (sometimes my hubby will spin records for me!)
  4. Have a cold glass of water close by.
  5. Hop in the tub and spend a good five minutes relaxing. If you like, use your mind’s eye to explore each section of your body as you relax it.
  6. Open your eyes and look at the wall ahead of you (I use the window at the foot of my tub – same shape as a Tarot card!).
  7. Imagine a Tarot card taking shape in front of you. It can be as large or small as you like. You can decide ahead of time who will appear or just wait and see which card pops up.
  8. Continue watching what happens to the card. Perhaps, it speaks to you. Perhaps, you converse with it.
  9. Is music playing within the card? What does the voice of the card sound like? Feminine, masculine, raspy, sing songy?
  10. Explore the outer boundaries, beyond the border of the card. What does the landscape look like?

The rest is pretty much up to you. Explore, play and have a great time.

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – Fresh Start Spread

Fresh Start Spread


I don’t know about you but I love a fresh start. I’m addicted to renewal, new beginnings and a clean slate. Right now, I’m adjusting to the end of summer by getting inspired by the onslaught of exciting things that will happen this fall.

I’ll be leaving my gentle mountain countryside and diving back into the hustle and bustle of New York City! Oh, to savor New York in the fall is to be assaulted on all sides by sensory overload. Gorgeous young things grace the sidewalks in buttery leather and creamy cashmere. Central Park becomes ablaze with color. The nights become crisp, sharp and tinged with unexpected possibility!

So, if you are starting school, embarking on a new business, beginning a relationship, rethinking your wardrobe, or just looking at today as exactly what it is – an opportunity to make a fresh start. Try your hand at this Tarot spread! Enjoy the possibility.

Fresh Start Spread

1. The energy that surrounds you.

2. The lesson you have learned.

3. The lesson you will impart to others.

4. What you’re holding on to that you can release now.

5. What you’re holding on to that serves you.

6. Why you are better than ever!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day – The Eight of Wands

The Eight of Wands


The Eight of Wands is a journey card. Traditionally, the Eight of Wands suggests speed, intention and safe travel. Seems like a good omen, as we are about to embark on a trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

Looking at the speedy Wands on this card, it recalls the journeys I’ve taken and lessons learned. The more glamorous the destination, the more exciting the trip! In terms growth, however, the more amazing trips may be in your own backyard!

One of the greatest journeys – one that would linger with me into adulthood – was a weekly trip my sister and I would make with our grandmother, Mimi. We were sent to Mimi every summer. Mimi’s home was tucked away amid the manicured estates of New Canaan, Ct – the same town Ang Lee’s film; “The Ice Storm” was set in. Mimi had a huge pool. My sister and I were delighted to splash away each summer while the windows of Mimi’s spooky old house peered down at us from above.

Once a week, Mimi would exclaim it was time to go marketing! She would announce it as if we were hopping aboard the QE2 for the next two weeks. Marketing was nothing more that going to the grocery store. But Mimi made the whole process seem like a very big event.

For Mimi, marketing was sensual foreplay to the main act of eating. She understood, like Martha Stewart (who lived two towns over), that food shopping could be elevated to an art form. It could be pure pleasure. One could linger in the grocery aisle with the same joy induced by the art hanging in the Louvre.

First, we’d hit the produce section, Mimi would gasp over the plump red tomatoes, smelling them, inspecting for imperfections. Thrilled with her tomatoes, she’d move onto the corn, exuberantly ripping open the husks making sure they were fresh. Moving to the berries, she’d excitedly choose the ripest for our breakfast table. A sweet companion to our crisp, salty sourdough toast.

On to the butcher, where I learned how to flirt my way to the best cut of prime rib. Butcher banter is a delicate balance. It is a boys club behind the meat counter. One should retain their feminine wiles, while letting the butcher know you know a good marbled steak when you see it. A butcher’s main concern is knowing the meats they’ve slaved over will be prepared to their fullest potential. Always let a butcher know what a marvelous chef you are!

Then, off to dry staples – a box of Trisket crackers, big jar of Hellmans. To the dairy – tons of butter, a large chunk of blue cheese – to be served at 5:00 with the Triskets and the first of many cocktails. Finally, to the check out – where Mimi’d charm the cashier and trade sexual innuendo with the bag boy, while my sister and I begged, pleaded and schemed our way to a Snickers bar.

Later in life, I moved to NYC. There, I bantered with Spanish butchers on 9th Avenue, gasped at fresh produce in Union Square Farmer’s Market and reveled in the Whole Foods revolution. I occurred to me my shopping style stemmed back to Mimi.

Mimi understood beauty was to be found in the perfectly summer ripe tomato, a creamy hunk of blue cheese, paired with the perfect wine. More importantly, she taught us as children to appreciate that beauty as well. It is this same appreciation that modern day gratitude journals spring from. The same attention Van Gogh used while painting Starry Night. It is an attitude of appreciation that can be fostered within all of us!

So, there you have a prime example of a transformative Eight of Wands journey. What small journeys of your childhood have impacted you? Have you ever taken a trip that changed your? Are you planning a trip at the moment? Do you have little ones in your life? How do your attitudes and journeys affect them? 

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords


The poor Queen of Swords is often explained away in Tarot books as a cold widower. For the record – I am taking that definition and throwing it right out the window! Talk about putting a woman down because she is strong and intimidating!

This is Swords we are taking about. Swords represent the intellect, reason and cutting through the bullshit. The Queen of Swords is an intellectual giant and a woman unafraid to wield her power.

The suit of Swords is a tough one and you can’t journey through them without coming through the other side massively stronger! The Queen of Swords is a woman with a past! She has taken everything she’s ever endured, been challenged with and uses it to her advantage.

Let’s open a few closets shall we?

Do you have any ghosts thumping around, eager to get out? Do you think we are all haunted my something from our past?

I happen to be a massive optimist. Best case scenario in life is that every problem you’ve faced is a lesson learned. Each challenge is a stepping stone to the fabulous person who is reading these words right now.

When the Queen of Swords appears in a reading for you – think of the greatest lessons you’ve learned. She may have popped up to remind you of your strengths. You have reserves of greatness inside you that are aching to get out. The Queen of Swords is very direct and to the point. Don’t be afraid to access this same power for yourself!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Page of Cups

The Page of Cups – The Open Page


All Pages in Tarot remind me of the inexhaustible energy of youth. My four year old’s legs never stop moving. She is a combustible ball of energy, motoring on and on. She even fights her sleep to the bitter end as if it was a sign of defeat.

The Page of Cups carries with it endless emotional energy because Cups represent feelings. The Page is delighted by what bubbles up for her. This same principle applies to psychic energy. The Page of Cups finds synchronicities, coincidences and connections all over the place. The Page of Cups “shines” like Stephen King’s character Danny in “The Shining”.

I don’t know about you but I get totally freaked out by children in horror movies. Think of those tiny charmers in “Children of the Corn”, darling Reagan in “The Exorcist” and the mac daddy of all kiddy freakers – Damian in “The Omen”.

As kids, my sister and I slept in bunk beds. I on top, would often poke my head over the side and watch her sleeping face with dread. I was sure her eyes would slowly open, be glowing red and that would be the end of me.

Yes, I’ll admit it. Sometimes, I get a little frightened when checking on my daughter late at night. What if she is levitating, chatting with a ghost or speaking in tongues when I peek in on her?

In my teens, I was a live-in nanny. Early one morning, around 2am, I heard a whimpering from the bathroom. Terrified, I crept in and what do you think I saw? Standing in the sink, moaning, eyes open yet fast asleep and staring blankly into the mirror was my three year old charge. The sink was higher than her head and there was NO way she could have gotten in there herself!

I have a very sensible acquaintance that swears she used to float up to the corner of her bedroom, above her radiator, when she was small. My sis will tell you straight faced, she flew down the stairs at age four. She recalls her fear of hitting the wall cause she didn’t know how she’d get down.

For a child, the line between imagination and reality, fantasy and truth, real and unreal is a very fuzzy one. A little kid, in their innocence, is emotionally open and fairly susceptible to the influences that surround them. This is why kids in horror movies are so scary and why so many of us have had bizarre, otherworldly experiences when we were young.

The Page of Cups represents perfect propensity for access to those intuitions, emotions and abilities! The trick is not to get scared and freak yourself out – insert my mother’s weary voice here “Sasha, why do you turn everything into a horror movie?”

Other primary functions of the Pages are joy and play. The key is to have fun being at being an open page. Pay attention to what is bubbling up for you. Perhaps, it is an opportunity to recall the emotional openness of your own youth.

Should the Page of Cups appear for you, think back to the strange or psychic experiences you may have had as a kid. Share them here if you like. Bring this topic up with friends and see what they have to add. Plan a spooky sleepover party with your girlfriends – even if you are 37 years old. Pop some popcorn and play a little “Bloody Mary”. What’s the worst that could happen? Insert creepy music here!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups


The Queen of Cups might just be the quintessential Tarot card reader of the entire Tarot deck. She contains the utmost depth of feeling and empathy. As a Queen she is a ruler. Her realm, Cups, contains laughter, tears, joy, art, love, moods, sentiments, psychicness and emotion. When the Queen of Cups appears for you it means you are accessing deeper, more meaningful parts of yourself.

Last night I treated myself to a large Tarot spread. I say treat because I’ve been entertaining for weeks – also the reason for pause in my blogging. With the flurry of friends, family, food and fun, I had taken a Tarot break. Yesterday, my last guest hopped on a plane, albeit a delayed plane, back to the West Coast. I headed straight for the wispy sanctuary of my pale white and cream-colored bedroom and pulled out my Tarot deck.

I always write down a huge list of questions when reading for myself. I pull a Tarot card to answer each one. My questions go from the silly – does my high school hottie boyfriend still think about me, to the indulgent – what image should I keep in mind while fall fashion shopping, goth, bohemian or classic with a twist – to the serious, how can I be the best mother to my daughter?

My final question last night and the one I highly recommend you ask yourself was:

What lesson have I learned this summer?

The Queen of Cups flew out of the deck and into my hands.

This summer I’ve been given the greatest gift. The gift of space. I’ve had opportunity to write and wax philosophical in gentle morning sunlight. I’ve eaten lettuce out of my first veggie garden. I’ve worked hard on a delicious Tarot book. I’ve watched my daughter learned how to swim like a fish. Been comforted by having almost everyone I love sleep under the roof of this hundred-year-old house. Mastered the fine art of driving a car!

In taking time and having above all – space, I’ve felt an opening in myself. The Queen of Cups invites this expansiveness of feeling and creates something very real out of it. Going deeper gets complicated, it shakes you up a bit. But this is how you grow. And I want so much to evolve make the most out of this life!

So, as I savor these last precious weeks of August, I’m thankful. If any card in the deck can experience gratitude, it is the ever so empathetic Queen of Cups. I’m thankful for the space. Thankful I’ve grown the balls to really test myself. Thankful I’m being good to myself and good to others. The lesson learned this summer is that doing all these things it has lead to a little something called happiness.

I hope your summer has been an extraordinary one too.

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands


I always find it easiest to gain entrance the court cards of Tarot by assigning actual people to them. There are a slew of fabulous ladies who carry Queen of Wand qualities we can examine.

The Queen of Wands graces the contractive side of The Tree of Life –  the side where things take shape. The Queen of Wands is the utmost expression of the feminine. Wands represent the element of Fire and carries passion, intention and energy.

Our sexual heat springs from the element of fire. You can look at The Queen of Wands’ posture; back straight, legs apart – yet firmly planted on the ground. Sensually, The Queen of Wands knows what she wants and gets it. Very Samantha a la “Sex in the City”.

We can understand Wands in terms of creative expression. When you are inspired and carry your vision through, you change the world. Just look at Freida Kahlo, Diane Arbus or Virginia Woolf! Three Queens of Wands if I’ve ever seen them.

Another aspect of the Queen of Wands is controversy. Fire heats things up. When powerful women combine sexuality and creativity, passion and ambition, the world takes notice. We now enter the realm of Madonna, Hillary Clinton, Anne Boleyn and Oprah.

You may identify right away with the Queen of Wands or need to search a bit. Rest assured she’s somewhere under your skin.

When was the last time you knew exactly what you needed and got it? Do you ever feel like a visionary? What gets you really excited?

The Queen of Wands wants you to experience, fire, passion, will and intention! Let the Queen of Wands stand for the part of yourself with utmost confidence, fierce ambition and alarming animal magnetism!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles


The Nine of Pentacles shows a gorgeous woman, blissfully alone in her garden. At closer inspection, we see she stands in a vineyard. A chateau looms in the background of the Tarot card. There are vineyards that have remained within European families for hundreds and hundreds of years.

On a practical level, Pentacles represent earth and signifies our bodies, flesh, money, and objects – our stuff. The number nine rests on the place of Foundation in the Tree of Life. It bears the weight of the entire tree on its shoulders. What family weight do you carry?

I have recently had communication with a very distant branch of my family. A glamorous group scattered throughout Europe. They are writers, musicians and artists of very impressive stature. As you might imagine – this pleases me to no end. But, I run the risk of the actor who enjoys his good reviews and must also face the bad ones.

If talent, ability and charm are genetic then it stands to reason so are less desirable qualities. In other words, if I credit myself with containing all those marvelous genes than I must be equally susceptible to the genes of the more sinister side of my family. The side that carries with it a pechance for addiction, suicide, and other dark qualities. Trust me, the lines are blurry and overlap.

In other words, we all love to emulate fabulous Auntie Mame but choose to ignore creepy uncle Ed.

At the end of the day – it is the gift of adulthood that we are able to make choices and ultimately, decide who we are. Through our actions – not by the map laid out by our family.

Still, the book of your life begins with the people whom you were born to. The million-dollar question is what sort of story have you decided to write for yourself?

What is you family drama? Do you pay close attention to your family history? What myths about your family endure through the years? What qualities, habits and family traits do you emulate and what do you discard? Do you think the figure on the Nine of Pentacles is content because she has escaped the chateau or feels secure knowing it will always be there for her?