Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The King of Swords

The King of Swords

The King of Swords, traditionally, when understood as a person in your life is a mature, intelligent, art and science aficionado. He’s the handsome professor, the frighteningly smart and intelligent father figure, and a man wielding great power.

The thing that always grabs me about both the King and Queen of Swords is the specificity their Swords contain. In other words, the King of Swords knows exactly what he wants, exactly how to say it, can convey his thoughts clearly and concisely. He’s a very specific man.

Anyone who watches “The Girls Next Door” has seen Hugh Heffner’s eye for specifics and it pertains not only to women. He is so particular; in fact, he’ll bring his own chef with him to a restaurant to prepare exactly what he likes to eat. Now, this may be taking things a bit far but I think there is something to be said for knowing exactly what you want and making sure you get it. It is a very King of Swords quality.

I met my friend Kelly for lunch the other day and we ate at Terrace 5, a café in The Museum of Modern Art. Terrace 5 is one of my favorite places in all of New York. The dishes, flat wear and wineglasses are created by fabulous designers. Waiters dressed head to toe in black run to fetch your drinks and the menu is glorious! Not to mention, sitting on the same floor as over forty million dollars worth of priceless art makes me a little dizzy. Dining in Terrace 5, you become part of its simple, modern perfection. And where else can you dine with Picasso?

Kelly and I are both self-described foodies. Much of our conversation was devoted to the selecting and deconstruction of our meal. We began with a cheese plate and each settled on a Duck, Fig and Prosciutto Quiche for our entrée, paired with a spicy Pinot Noir.

I was tickled me when I realized how King of Swords, my card of the day, we were being. We sat there, “This Stravecchio cheese is salty, with a nutty finish. The quiche could be a little more room temperature, but the richness of the duck is balanced by the mascarpone, etc.”

There was a time in my early twenties where all I cared to eat where cheese burgers. I thought being choosy about wine was for snotty a-holes. It took years for me to become adventurous in my eating and arm myself with culinary knowledge. Being married to a food photographer has certainly helped. Not only in considering the ingredients of my food but also its presentation.

The King of Swords knows what he likes, can defend his position and gets what he wants. One of the greatest gifts of getting older and embracing maturity is cultivating your taste. This is not to say become a snob but get serious about what you like and don’t like. Put your tastes to the test.

The fun thing about cultivating your culinary tastes is that often times it is the simplest food, a ripe tomato, a perfectly poached egg nestled of a pile of wilted greens topped with a few crushed peppercorns that can be a source of pure enjoyment and divine pleasure. The cultivation of taste has lead to a life, in my eyes, that is richer and infinitely more complex. I implore you to cultivate yours!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Lovers

The Lovers


The Lovers Tarot card can be an intricate card to decipher. As with any Tarot card, it carries with it a multitude of meanings. On the surface, it suggests sex, romantic relationships, passion and union. The Lovers also represents choices. The imagery of Adam, Eve and the snake on the tree displays the moment man and woman was formed. Now we have choice because now we have an opposite, an “other”.

The definition I’m always tempted to use for The Lovers is passion! For me, The Lovers card always implies a hint of danger. Groovy, blood pumping, walking on a thin line danger. Danger, because the moment you give yourself over to a passion, whether it is to another person or a thing you are passionate about, there is the chance of losing yourself.

Think about it – when caught in the throws of passion – not another thing exists in the world. In a moment of passion you embody the energy that pulses through The Magician as he ignites the Tarot deck. Rational thinking ceases to exist.

From the little I have read about Tantra, it seems to me it is exactly The Lovers energy Tantrics describe working with. As I understand it, Tantrics say, the life force that leads us to have sex, the instinct to create life, the libido, is the greatest creative force in the universe. Through their practice, they attempt to harness this force.

I pulled The Lovers yesterday. Wouldn’t you know it? Half way through my day I found myself in the midst of a major email flirt with a dear old friend. A flirt, so good, I nearly fell off my chair!

The whole situation is so perfect and indicative of The Lovers card. I have been with my husband for fifteen years and we enjoy a monogamous relationship. Getting married was a choice we made and we both loyally adhere to. I said yes to my husband and no to all others.

But moments of impromptu flirting are priceless in energizing that quality the Tantrics work with. A perfect opportunity for you to experience that thrilling, erotic and exciting Lovers energy, running wild.

I choose to take that energy, excitement and sense of danger and funnel it into my work and my husband. But, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t walking with a little extra spring in my step today!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Three of Swords

The Three of Swords


Ouch, ouch ouch! There’s no way around the Three of Swords. For my money – the scariest card in the Tarot deck.  Watch me put a positive spin on any card – I can turn Death into a teddy bear, The Tower into a fun ride at Disneyland, The Eight of Swords a detoxing body wrap at a glorious spa but don’t give me the Three of Swords.

I had to get some stitches removed from my gums. On my way out the door, I pulled a card and I asked, “Do I need to know anything else before I get there?” Swords scraping and scratching on a blackboard rang into my ears as I looked at the Three of Swords piercing through that soft red heart. Oh no!

An hour later, lying in his Park Avenue office, the procedure was gross and uncomfortable. The kicker? What was so Three of Swords about it? He actually looked at me with a straight face and said, “Now, your teeth may feel a bit loose. That’s normal. They will settle in a month or so.”

Excuse me??? Sure enough, that night I brushed and felt every tooth on the left side of my mouth shifting from side to side. Well, if there is anything to make me feel like a skeleton just in time for Halloween it is a mouth full of loose teeth. Shake, rattle and roll baby!

But we humans are a resilient group and it is amazing what you can get used to. And I suppose when the Three of Swords is finished having its way with you and find yourself at the Four of Swords – you are in for a very well deserved rest. Sleep tight.

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Page of Swords Reversed

The Page of Swords (reversed)


I always call the Page of Swords the Nancy Drew of the Tarot deck. I harbor a deep fondness for this particular page. She is smart, clever, always thirsting for knowledge. She looks deeper, reads between the lines, she knows when others are being less than honest. She never questions her inner voice – always acts on her instincts. Clever, clever girl!

I deal with reversals in a number of ways. Sometimes, they mean the opposite of the traditional textbook definition. Sometimes, a reversal suggests I should look closer at the issue at hand. Sometimes, it means an issue is very deeply rooted. Sometimes a reversal just means “no”.

When I pull the Page of Swords reversed, as I did on this last day of summer, it tells me one simple thing. Stop reading between the lines! Sometimes an apple is just an apple.

It’s in my nature to look deeply into what is going on in life. This is one of the many reasons I read Tarot to begin with. I’m snooping around for extra info in an extraordinary way! I know, like you do, there is so much more in this world than meets my eye.

It is this same instinct that can also get me into trouble. Trouble in the sense I can pick a fight when there is no squabble to be had. I can project an issue when there is none. I’ll think someone is mad at me when nothing could be further from the truth.

The suit of Swords is rocky and tumultuous. I believe if you journey through the entire suit – by the time you get to the court cards, you are looking at four bad ass motha*@#%ers. A reversed Page of Swords pops up from time to time to say chill for a while. Not everything is a mystery to be solved.  

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles

The Two of Pentacles represents a delicate balance. Pentacles represent our material stuff – our shoes, cars, even the dust bunnies under your bed qualify as pentacles. Pentacles are things we can touch, feel and taste. Your pet, favorite comforter, and the sandwich you had for lunch – all pentacles. Pentacles represent our bodies, our muscles, flab, bones and blood. Pentacles also represent the green stuff – our money!

The Two of Pentacles could represent the balance of home and work. Juggling two lovers. Balancing your finances in tumultuous times. The Two of Pentacles is about the managing of your stuff.

The Two of Pentacles holds a very special meaning for me.

The book and film “The Secret” talk about how you can have every material thing you could possibly want just by thinking about it. Earlier this year, I was doing a ton of work on attraction and bringing abundance into my life. You name it – I was doing it! Affirmations, spells, journaling, grattituding – is that even a word?

Then one day I looked up at my messy house. How could I be so busy looking for more, more, more when I wasn’t taking care of what I already had? I bet if you look around you you’ll see how much stuff you’ve got too! Keeping on top of it all is a balancing act. It is very Two of Pentacles!

So, I got to thinking – let me take really good care of the stuff I’ve already got and then I’ll worry about abundance. Trust me, if you start looking around and paying attention to what you already have in life, you’ll be busy, busy, busy!

For example, if I want cleaner, clearer skin, I could go out and purchase $100 skin cream or I could drink 8 glasses of water a day and eat more leafy greens to improve my skin with minimal cost. If I really want a villa in Tuscany and a beach house in southern California, I’d better make sure I’m keeping track of the homes I already have. Because the more stuff I acquire – the bigger the balancing act!

So, I try and really clean out my closet as each season changes. I’m getting so much better at cleaning my house and making is super cozy to be it. When you really clean something well – it looks brand new!

So, I focus on what I do have, try to do the best with that and know in my heart that the other stuff – the icing on the cake – is on its way!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – Death Tarot Card

The Death Card


The Death Tarot card’s meanings are easily graspable and intuitive. An old-fashioned understanding of the Death card meant physical death. A modern interpretation is that the Death card is about transformation. The Death card marks a boundary where your life is altered. The Death card also means something is finished for good.

But there is a subtle understanding of the Death card too – if you have the stomach for it, hold my hand and we’ll gaze at it a while.

Have you ever experienced the Death of a loved on? Think of the emotional state it puts you in. I’m not talking about the grief you feel. I’m talking about the strange quality your life then takes on when in the company of “Death”.

Discovering someone who knew has died puts you in a strange, murky place – I know, understatement of the year!

The moment you are informed a person you love has passed away – normal time ceases. Your 12:30pm lunch appointment looses all importance. Suddenly, colors, people, life – everything looks different. You move through the grieving process and hours, days, weeks, or months later you return to your normal state of being.

It is that odd – stepping out of time quality that interests me in regard to the Death card. The Death card in a reading can explain the ending of something so major that it throws everything off kilter for a while before balance is resumed.

I was disconcerted when the Death card appeared for me yesterday. Death was also the card we studied last night at The Tarot School.

The full moon mocked me while walking home last night. “What moon? What do you want?” I kept asking. Today at 1:00pm, I found out what that moon and the Death card were portending. Due to random economic factors – my husband and I lost what was responsible for 70% of our income.

Hello Death.

Howdy Change.

How are you Transformation?  My name’s Sasha and the pleasure’s all mine.

I know everything will be okay. Money comes and goes. We’ll bounce back – we always do. I’m writing about our finances because at the moment – I’m in that sweaty, itchy, uncomfortable place where my life looks vastly different than it did this morning when I woke up.

In the days, weeks and months to come, my life will regain its even keel. But when balance resumes – I get the feeling I’ll be sitting in a vastly different place.

And Death has a habit of doing that doesn’t it?

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Chariot

The Chariot

The Chariot is an easy Tarot card to interpret literally. You can understand it as being in the drivers seat, having clear direction, speed, action, movement and clarity of vision. The Chariot Tarot card is also a reminder to enjoy the ride you are on, knowing where you want to go and getting there in an efficient manner.

A deeper meaning to the Chariot Tarot card was discussed one night at The Tarot School’s Monday night class. Wald and Ruth Ann had connected The Chariot to its path on the Cabalistic Tree of Life. They said the Chariot is the card that carries you from a high point on the tree downward and back up again. So, in effect, the Chariot carries you to higher places. That sounded great on an esoteric level but how does this affect me in a regular way?

Well, I was about to go get oral surgery. The Chariot appeared as my card of the day. Great, I thought. The Chariot means I’m zipping off to the doctor’s office. Duh – I knew that. It was only after the surgery that I understood exactly how the Chariot card was operating that morning.

During my two-hour procedure, I was heavily novicaned and laughing gassed but still wide-awake. I could hear the drilling, taste the harsh chemicals and feel the scraping. I sensed the string on my lips as the doctor sewed my gums back together. I had been reduced to a human craft project. Ugh.

I had two saving graces through those terrible hours, the music playing on my ipod (Madonna) and the fact that I had attached a piece of magical significance to the procedure. I mean, if you have to endure something disgusting, uncomfortable and gross, turn it around and make it work for you, right?

What the doctor was doing, in addition to healing my mouth, was reaching in and pulling out my ability to communicate. He was removing obstacles that had long stood in my way. He was clearing the way for better, more effective words to come out of my mouth and onto the pages that I write. By removing a wisdom tooth – he is uncovering my hidden inner wisdom. As he scraped away at my teeth, I am getting to the core of things that are important.

When I wasn’t imagining the surgery was helping my communication skills, I let the music take me away. I love entering a space where only music and rhythm exists. I can usually access this on the dance floor but was able to enter the same space that morning just by focusing in the music. I’m sure the laughing gas helped too.

From time to time I would float back to the chair I was splayed out in like a character held hostage in a horror flick. It occurred to me it was the function of the Chariot Tarot card that allowed me to rise up out of that dentist chair and focus in something greater.

Now, I understood how the Chariot could really be a connection to higher realms or to your higher self. I understood why the Chariot had appeared as my card of the day.

Any time you actively and intentionally do higher spiritual work you are engaging the Chariot card. When you try to affect your dreams, do visualizations, enhance your psychic ability you have put yourself in the driver’s seat. Astral travel, active day dreaming, affirmations and spell work all engage the Chariot card. So, the question is, where do you want to travel today?

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day – The Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords in Tarot has always been a tricky card for me to decipher. Swords represent the intellect, reasoning and thought. This is why Swords can be a tough suit. When we place our experiences through our mental filter, we often times make things much harder than they need to be. Sevens on the Tree of Life represent Victory so this can be construed as a winning card. Something, someone, perhaps you, has triumphed.

If you look at the picture on the Seven of Swords the fellow in the cap appears to be creeping away with something. For the longest time, I interpreted the Seven of Swords with being sneaky; cutting corners and a plan that may not work due to indecisive planning.

The Seven of Swords came up for me in a reading once and the person reading said something very interesting. “The Seven of Swords”, he said, “indicates you have taken away from the situation exactly what you needed.”

I fall in love with new Tarot interpretations like I fall in love with members of boy bands. Hard and fast! I was hooked on this new meaning of the Seven of Swords. The Swords the fellow is slipping away with are the new ideas he is taking. The two Swords he has left behind are concepts that no longer serve him. The group of people in the background indicates that you are changing right under the noses of the people you know best – and they haven’t noticed it yet.

I pulled the Seven of Swords while in the midst of adjusting to life back in Manhattan after spending two blissful summertime months in the country. Couple that with my little girl heading of to kindergarten and I was a wreck this week. In the midst of my emotional carnage (yes – I’m being dramatic) I turned to my Tarot deck for comfort as I often do.

Having been gone for so long, I strutted back into New York an entirely different person. My outlook had changed, the apartment looked different, it was as if I’d landed on Mars. Like many of you, I’m a creature of habit so I began to carefully set in place my new routines. I noticed a marked difference this time and it felt itchy and uncomfortable. Yikes, I’ve seen these guys before – growing pains!

The Seven of Swords confirmed for me that I was returning with valuable lessons learned. Many of us talk about all the things we want in life. How happy this or that material thing or lifestyle will make us. We often ignore the fuzzy, in between stages where we adapt and evolve. In the midst of change, we say goodbye to our old selves and this creates a sort of grieving process.

So, I’m waving to the Swords I’ve left behind, to the old ideas that no longer serve me. I’m ready to embrace the new and exciting things I’ve discovered, taking with me just what I need! I’m excited because I’m receiving a lot of the things I’ve asked for. Scared because change is always a bit disconcerting. But more than anything, I’m grateful. And I’ll cling to my gratitude like a life raft in a dark stormy ocean because it is the one thing I know will always carry me home in one piece. And I’m home at last!