Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Five Senses Tarot Spread

The Five Senses Tarot Spread

Tis the Halloween season!

There is no better time than right now to start honing your tarot reading skills. I’ve developed a spread to help you do just that.

I discovered a fabulous exercise in a book once (I believe it was in “How to Be a Wicked Witch” by Patricia Telesco). She explains that a great way to become more perceptive in the world is to practice sharpening your five senses. Take one week to work on each sense. Start withyour sense of sight – see further, see things sharply, examine the scope of what your eyes take in. Use the next week to work on your sense of smell – notice the scents around you, focus on how food smells before you dig in etc.

Using Tarot, we search for extra information and it is through our senses that we make our way through this world. Use this spread in a nurturing way and make sure to answer the questions. 

You may lay the cards out any way you like. One Tarot card for each sense. And yes – I’ve included the 6th sense at the end!

1. Smell

Associated with the Root (1st) Chakra – self-preservation, heredity, vitality and identification with the physical body. Smell is a very distinct quality and can evoke intense emotion. How you bring the world inside of yourself and physicalize things. What you have inherited, your strengths.

How can you take better care of yourself?

 2. Taste

 Associated with the Sacral (2nd) Chakra – self-gratification, sexual fulfillment and nurturing. Your tastes are what intrigues you, your likes and dislikes. Your tastes can be refined and made more discriminating. This card will provide information on how you take care of yourself and how you identify with your emotional body.

How can you nurture yourself better?

3. Sight

Associated with the Solar Plexus(3rd) Chakra – Self-definition, ego identity, thoughts and will power. Your capacity to actually look at what is ahead for yourself and others, how excellent you are at interpreting what is right in front of you, and how to clear your vision so that you see what you need to.

How can you see yourself in a fresh, new light?

4. Touch

Associated with the Heart (4th) Chakra – Self-acceptance, social identity, love and peace. How you literally feel the universe, the world around you. Your emotional outlook, your general emotional state. Also, how you touch others. Touch infiltrates every inch of our body inside and out.

How can you make the world a better place?

5. Hearing

Associated with Throat (5th) Chakra – Communication and creativity. How well you listen, to yourself and to those around you. If you sit with a friend or client do you really take their needs inward or do you launch into your interpretation straight away. How can you better open up to hear that which is around you.

How can you better express yourself?

6. ****Your Sixth Sense****

How psychic you are. Your capacity to be an open channel. How much you trust your inner voice.

What can you do to hone your psychic abilities?



Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Tower

The Tower.


The Tower Tarot card. Embrace it or fear it – if you are a Tarot devotee, there are moments where you must face this card head on. The Tower is understood as shock, massive disruption, illumination or an eye opening moment.

When I drew the Tower as my card a day, my instinct was to pull back. Resisting this urge, I looked closer, challenging myself to look at little deeper.

If you ever struggle with the meaning of a card, you can do as I did – I literally asked the card out loud, “What is your message for me?” Then wait and let it come.

My eyes were drawn to the lightening bolt. My message was – I was to have a flash of brilliance today!

I live a stone’s throw, literally in the shadow of the Empire State Building. It was designed to serve as a lightening rod and protect the surrounding area. Lightening strikes my neighborhood over a hundred times a year via that landmark. There’s a good reminder I should stay open and available to a higher power that brings insights and moments of brilliance.

Later that afternoon – the flash of illumination struck me! As I curled up for a cat nap, a genius idea for my daughter’s fifth birthday occurred. I followed up with my plan, made it happen and am parlaying my concept into an article for a local New York Kids magazine.

Lightening will always follow the path of least resistance. I let the idea carry me and I followed through.  In “The Secret” they say the universe likes a quick reaction. In other words, if inspiration strikes, don’t hesitate. I didn’t.

Did the Tower card predict this? Did it come to me because I insisted to myself I’d have a brilliant thought? Was I so hell bent on ignoring the negative aspect of the Tower that I made something positive happen? I don’t know.

What I do know, is I’m busy at work and inspired. When the Tower crumbles, it leaves enlightenment in its wake. I’m feeling psyched and excited. Thanks Tower. Guess you are not so scary after all.

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The King of Wands

The King of Wands


The King of Wands is someone who stirs up passions, the master of fire. His scepter symbolizes the Magician’s rod of power and lions and salamanders surround him. The King of Wands invokes passion, is confident and self-reliant. The King of Wands is hasty, fast, mature – an entrepreneur.

The King of Wands, such a perfect card of the day. I’m going to see the woman who embodies the King of Wands tonight in concert. Madonna! Talk about an entrepreneur who insights passions, stirs up a crowd and sits on the top of her game in a royal way!

My first puberty hormone popped simultaneously as Madonna’s Lucky Star video came out. I can define moments of my life by what incarnation Madonna embodied, what song she was singing, what controversy she cooked up.

Sophomore Hop, pressed dangerously close to my date – Vision Quest, Crazy for You Madonna. Lost summer selling t-shirts at the Jersey shore – the working class Papa Don’t Preach Madonna. My early twenties, I’m young, excited, living in NYC and actually meet her – pointy bra Truth or Dare Madonna. It’s my first trip to Europe and Italian MTV is playing cowgirl Madonna’s Don’t Stop every five minutes. Just name any Madonna song and I can tell you where I was in my life when that song came out. I’d be willing to bet lots of us can.

Oh yeah, and did I mention I love to dance? My love affair with the Material Mom was practically written in the stars. Unfortunately, I’m hearing lots of not so nice things about Madonna’s personality. Be it the tell book all written by her pissed off brother or rumors from people who know her. Looks like the iconoclast who’s fascinated me for over twenty years is not such a nice person.

Expressing my concerns to my husband, he looks incredulous and asks why in the world I’m surprised?

But what do you do with the fact the person who’s inspired you for two decades doesn’t pay the bills for her elderly grandmother? That she might *gasp* not be a nice lady?!?!

Easy! Separate the person from the image.

Whether she’s a bully or a saint matters not in the least. Tonight, I’ll stand alongside 20,000 other people, amidst a throbbing base line, massive stage show and dance my ass off! I’ll leave provoked as I always do. She’ll inspire me to be more creative, fabulous and driven in my own life. And that’s what idols and role models are there for!

Now, call me a follower if you like – I’m off to yoga class . . .