Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Fool

The Fool and a Little Poached Egg Divination


The Fool is popping, literally flying out of my deck like the madman he is. Chinese New Year and a deliciously dark moon weaves mysterious energy left, right and center. The last 48 hours feel quite primordial!

Last night, I was hired to read Tarot at a party. Tarot reading offers me the excuse to dress up and slip into velvet evening like a vampire. Were it not for this job I have, I would hardly don smoky eyes, dramatic clothes and saunter into downtown clubs at midnight. Tarot offers me the excuse to look into the eyes of handsome bartenders and comment on the state of their love lives. In case I’ve never mentioned it before – I love my job!!!!!

Every single client I read for last night was in the midst of a new beginning. The Fool emerged time and again confirming this. My husband pulled out the Fool for his week ahead and I drew The Fool this morning.

Traces of pink splashed skyward and lengthening days – a reminder spring is creeping closer. The Barack Obama Administration confirms an optimistic start. Regeneration and new beginnings surround us.

So, in lieu of all this fresh Fool energy, I tried something new this morning. A little Egg Divination as I set about making my favorite breakfast: Poached Eggs nestled atop Herbed Field Greens, Serrano Ham and English Cheddar on Whole Grain English Muffins.

Poached Egg Divination:

To poach an egg, bring a pot of water to a boil. Crack egg into a cup and gently add to pot of water, letting it cook for 60 seconds. While the egg cooks, bits of egg white fly around the bubbling, boiling water, like a swirling, twirling mass of mini ghosts. Close your eyes for a moment or two and clear your mind. Open and gaze into the churning water with a soft focus and see what images rise to the surface! You can even ask a question beforehand. I got a lovely message!

Finish off by preparing your favorite poached egg dish. To make mine, blanch your ham (use any type ham you like) in the boiling water before cooking your eggs. Then assemble, toasted muffin first, top with slice of cheese, ham, pile of field greens and finish it off with your egg. Don’t forget crushed pepper and sprinkling of course sea salt!

Now, if you want to nurture the people your life, you must first begin by nurturing yourself! Confirming a new beginning and preparing yourself beautiful meal is a wonderful way to honor yourself.

Do I wish I were sleeping at The Four Seasons while room service knocked on the door with this breakfast? Absolutely! But until I’m lounging in Four Season’s linen bed, I’ll go ahead and prepare a marvelous breakfast for myself!

Honor your fresh start and treat yourself to something fantastic today!



Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The King of Cups


Oh, how I love the King of Cups. He’s so deliciously my type . . .

Have you ever dated a King of Cups? Perhaps, you married one or maybe you’ve sworn off King of Cups characters for good.

If you are just learning Tarot, think of the court cards as types of people. It makes them terribly easy to grasp.

The King of Cups is strong, handsome and wildly imaginative. The King of Cups is the writer – think DH Lawrence, the poet -think TS Elliot, the musician – think Sting, the painter – think Henri Matisse, a comedian – think Ben Stiller, the director -think Steven Spielberg, the actor – think Johnny Depp.

The King of Cups is not the starving artist – he’s the wildly successful and acclaimed artist! This is a King we are talking about here . . .

The King of Cups paints you lounging in his garret in Paris, pens a script for you in the Hollywood Hills, dedicates books in your name from his cabin in New England. He fictionalizes your personality in a novel from his laptop in Soho and thinks of kissing you while lip locking a young starlet in a love scene at a studio in LA. He writes a heartbreaking song to you at 3:00am in Prague, cries out on stage in front of roaring crowds in Berlin – all for you!

The King of Cups ponders grand issues, universal themes and reaches for greatness. Holding your face in his hands, he decides universal beauty resides on your cheekbones, salvation dwells in your eyes and perfection of moment is attained with the stroke of your lip with his fingertips.

The King of Cups will find you the perfect gift because he can climb into a woman’s psyche and know what she wants. A man who understands what a woman wants will never, ever know loneliness.

The King of Cups sheds tears freely in your arms and laughs maniacally while tickling you. You see, the suit of Cups represents emotions, art, feelings and The King of Cups is full of nothing but emotion. He wields his emotion in an ultimately masculine, powerful way.

You will see King of Cups qualities in others but how often can you find them in yourself? When you have with a brilliant idea, are you able to execute it? If something strikes you in a particular way are you able to express your emotion through a work of art? Are you open with emotions? Is it easy or tough for you to jump into another’s psyche? If you were an artist, what type of artist would you be? What would be your medium?