Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Haunted Castle Spread

Breaking Into Haunted Castle Spread

This past weekend, during the height of summer, I planned a Tarot Slumber Party Weekend for some Tarot friends. The highlight of our gathering was a visit an abandoned old castle, pictured above. The stone mansion, built around the turn of the century, is nestled into the Catskill Mountains and is currently owned by a group of rogue Freemasons.

Our trip was a success! It was exciting, a bit scary and fascinating. The only ghosts we encountered were spirits of teenagers past who’d used the castle as a party spot. Exploring the turrets, peeling rooms with great ornate fireplaces and old hallways we made a pact to stick together. After all, the first rule of a horror movie – don’t split up.

We ended the day by venturing to an old Catskill resort that was abandoned about 11 years ago. There it stood, room keys scattered, hotel rooms left in tact, swimming pools full of old lounge chairs. To stand amidst the shattered glass one could faintly hear the echo of summers past, the clinking of champagne flutes, laughter, dancing . . .

What haunted all of us was the fact that the castle and the resort, once so beautiful, were now abandoned. Left for nature, left for vandals and left for dead. It was no accident when I pulled a Tarot card at the castle, I pulled the Death card. Then again, Tarot cards are never accidental.

It stands as a greater metaphor for our lives. We can look at ourselves to see what we have abandoned. Say, we loved writing poetry as a teenager and can’t find the time to write as an adult. Perhaps, we got angry at a friend and decided to abandon the relationship. A quick survey of our lives shows there are many things we’ve let slip by the wayside. The structures are still lingering, still waiting. Will we put our attention to them again? What is worth resurrecting?

I created this Tarot spread, so we could use our excursion as a metaphor for something greater. You can play around with this spread any time. Don’t feel the need to plan a madcap adventure to do this spread. Then again, maybe it’s time you created a little devilish fun for yourself . . .

Haunted Castle Spread

Pull one card to answer each question below:

1.    What sort of adventures should I embrace?

2.    What authority issues do I struggle against?

3.    What ghosts am I haunted by?

4.    What is to be discovered in my darkness?

5.    What lessons lie within my castle?

6.    What is worth dusting off and resurrecting in my life?

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Star Card


The Star card offers us renewal, inspiration and above all hope. The Star card offers the feeling or desire for something with the confidence in the possibility of its fulfillment. Look at the tumultuous cards that come before The Star -The Tower, The Devil, Death. You’ve plodded through tough experiences only to emerge on the other side, stronger, different, somewhat changed. And change . . . deep, lingering internal change is what Tarot and our life’s journey is all about.

Van Gogh understood, as he painted Starry Night, that stars are distant, burning, reverberating suns. In the run of the majors in Tarot we have not reached The Sun card yet. The Star reminds us The Sun and the growth and manifestation we yearn for is rapidly approaching.

When we turn our gaze upward to the night sky, it is a shocking reminder that this vast darkness is the actual state of the universe. Our cheery daytime blue skies only a product of the tiny bubble of atmosphere that blankets our world. We spin and whirl on our own axis the same way the earth barrels through a vacuum of darkness.

Stars beckon us in the evening sky, the way a flickering fire or lights in the distance of a darkened wood does. Stars offer hope that something good awaits us. Stars pierce the darkness and tell us something like us; something known and understood lies out there. This is why The Star card offers hope and inspiration.

What will you make of the moments that inspire you? Will you be brave? Will you paint? Will you write? Will you mend a broken relationship? Will you declare your love? Will you allow yourself to believe in infinite possibility?

The ball is in your court. When you open yourself to inspiration (and sometimes opening up is the hardest part) and move this forth into something tangible, you embody The Star. You become the beautiful creature on the card channeling water, hope and inspiration to others.

If you’ve an eye for fancy glittery stars – and I’d bet you do, this week in August marks the biggest meteor shower of the year, the Perseid Shower. On Tuesday, August 12th, set your alarm to wake up between 4 – 5 am (EST). Watch the sky blaze with as many as 200 shooting stars per hour!

If you can’t drag yourself out of bed, set The Star card on your night table or slip it under your pillow as a reminder that hundreds of shooting stars will be raining down over your snuggly, sleeping head.

Make a wish and expect it will come true.