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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Shamrock Spread and the Three’s of Tarot

three-of-cups  three-of-swords1  three-of-wands  three-of-pentacles

Green people are stumbling around New York City with beers hidden in brown paper bags. St. Patrick’s Day must be upon us . . . A million questions race through my mind. I wonder what this booze fest is all about anyway? What are the roots of St. Paddy’s? Will I accidentally step in pile of puke?

I called up my sensible Irish friend, Jillian Dougherty. Jillian grew up in Ireland. I listened to her soft Irish lilt as she said, “I’ll give ya the short version Sasha. Saint Patrick was a sheepherder. Whilst out with the sheep, he got to be very religious and spiritual. Probably all that time in nature.  Becoming a devout Catholic in England, Patrick went back to Ireland and converted all the Pagans (who were living like the American Indians) to Christianity. Then, for good measure, banned all snakes in Ireland.” I suppose killing off all the snakes was meant to banish evil?

I asked Jillian what was behind the symbolism of the Shamrock, “Oh, the Shamrock is a three leaf clover – not a four leaf like many people think. It is an allegory for the Cross. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”

Wow! She mentioned the Shamrock as the Cross and I thought about the power of a triad and the number Three and how it all relates to Tarot. Father, Son Holy Ghost/Mother, Maiden, Crone/Mind, Body, Spirit/Three Pillars of the Tree of Life.

I teach my Tarot students that all Threes in Tarot suggest creativity. Three is the result, the offspring, of the Twos that have come before. The Empress, who represents complete and utter creativity, is numbered Three.

Think about a creative project you are or will be embarking on. The Shamrock Spread will tap into and examine your inner creative process.




1         2     




1. Your conception of creative work (passive).

2. The actions you take (active).

3. The result of your creative efforts (the child, offspring).

4. A negative aspect you can expel, like St Patty did with the snakes. What hinders your creative process? What can you get rid of?


Take out all the Threes in your Tarot deck. What do they have in common? How are they different?

Notice the difference between the Three of Cups and the Three of Swords?  Why do you think this is?

Notice the difference between the Three of Wands and the Three of Pentacles?

Why do you think these are so different?

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day – Friday the 13th Tarot Spread

Sasha Graham’s Friday the 13th Tarot Spread


Friday brings us our second Friday the 13th in a row (remember we just had one in February). A full moon shines mysterious energy upon us Wednesday, March 11th so be on the lookout for some weird, wild power rolling and roaming throughout your week.

In the spirit of Friday the 13th, I’ve created a little Tarot Spread you can do by the light of a candle or two . . .

Let’s take a peek at some superstition surrounding the number Thirteen and Friday:

– Phrase “Baker’s Dozen” created to avoid saying number Thirteen out loud.

– 80% of high-rise buildings have no floor numbered Thirteen – they skip it.

– Most airports skip the 13th gate.

– In ancient Rome, witches reportedly gathered in groups of 12 while the 13th was believed to be the Devil.

– The Tarot Deck’s 13th card is Death.

– Fear of Friday the Thirteenth is called paraskavedekatriaphobia.

– Fear of the number Thirteen is called friggatriskaidekaphobia. Are you friggin kiddin a phobia!

– According to numerology, the number twelve considered completeness while number Thirteen is a restless, squirmy number.

– Friday considered unlucky for some because Jesus crucified on Friday.

– Since reference in “The Canterbury Tales”, Friday considered unlucky day to begin new ventures.

Using this lore, we’ll turn it into a helpful spread and examine some odd and interesting things about you. The four questions come from reducing the number Thirteen to four. 1 + 3 = 4.

Good luck my intuitive lovlies . . .

Sasha Graham’s Friday the Thirteenth Spread

Pull one Tarot card for each question below:

1. What, like the number 13, is restless and squirmy inside yourself?

2. What can be done to sooth your restlessness?

3. Many people avoid what they don’t understand. What do I have the power to face right now, at this moment? What can no longer be avoided?

4. What can I focus on to change my luck for the better?

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The World and a Little Unsolicited New Year’s Advice


The World Tarot card represents success, completion, euphoria and travel. The World is the end of the Major Arcana. If tens in Tarot represent the end of a cycle, The World evokes the grand finale. When you reach the World, you are completely transformed.

My daughter poked me awake this morning, “Mom, is the earth moving? Is it floating? Cause, I don’t feel it.” Sometimes, the World spirals, shakes and shudders. We feel we’ve lost our footing, may slip into gaping chasms, open to swallow us whole. Other times, tectonic plates shift and move beneath us, we don’t feel the slightest tremor. After the fact, we look up and notice something has changed. Startled, we wonder who that is looking at us in the mirror.

The most obvious symbol on The World card is the circle, representing the flow of cycles. I’ve been making circular foods without even realizing it! Last night, round little Meatballs, garlicky Stuffed Mushrooms and Toffee Oatmeal Cookies.  Chock full of circles.

Circles have made their way in to our New Years supper too! Our wish for 2009 is a trip to France. I have a sudden, unexplained urge to truffle hunt and wander the forests of southern Europe. In honor of our wish, our meal is completely French inspired. Onions (circles within circles) and thyme will fill the farmhouse with their sweet aroma as I prepare French Onion Soup, salty Gruyere oozing down the side of round crocks. Perfectly round filets for peppery Steak Au Poivre will pair with little potato disks for the Pommes De Terre Gourmandes.

A gorgeous morning snowstorm sets the scene as the curtain comes down, as the lights dim on 2008. I’m feeling wildly optimistic as I ponder my New Years advice to you . . .

Screw the New Year’s resolutions!

Make yourself a list of New Years wishes instead!

Then set about making your fantasies come true! Your desires, your aspirations are the spark, the ignition of your existence. So much magic lives inside of you! The faster you follow your instincts, the truer you are to yourself, the more delightful your life becomes. When you blaze your own unique path, you shine like The World dancer and become a beacon to all. The world responds in turn, revolving around you in perfect balance!

In 2009, ignite your intuition, nurture yourself and dazzle the world!!!!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Visconti Spread



The marvelous thing about New York City is that hidden gems await you if you know where to look . . .

One of my favorite under the radar spots in New York is The Pierpont Morgan Library, the home and private library of financier J.P. Morgan.

I adore tracing the footsteps of the robber barons of the 19th Century, imagining that I am one! You’ll find me strolling through Central Park pretending it my private family grounds. You may spot me looking approvingly at the celestial works above Grand Central Station, as if to tell the artists they’ve carried out my plans to perfection!

Delusions of grandeur yes – but that is why living in the city is so marvelous. I can venture into The Frick and pretend that the Rembrandt’s painting, teasing me with light and shadow, has been in my family for generations . . .

On Friday, December 12th, I arranged for a group of Tarot lovers to visit The Pierpont Morgan Library for a private viewing of the oldest Tarot deck in existence, The Visconti-Sforza Tarot. An intimate and extraordinary afternoon! The curator of Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts, William Voelkle, guided us through the Hogwart like museum  (see pic above) for a tour, showed us a secret passage, into a private room, wowed us with an Egyptian Book of the Dead and proceeded pull out seven cards from the deck including: The Magician, The Chariot, The Hermit, The Queen of Swords, and The Hanged Man!

I created the following Tarot spread in honor of our very special afternoon.

Try it at home and see if the ghosts of Tarot past might inform the ghosts of your very own future!

The Visconti Tarot Spread

December 12th, 2008

The Visconti deck is the oldest known Tarot deck on record. The surviving originals are spread between The Pierpont Morgan Library (35 cards), the Carrara Academy of Bergamo (26 cards) and Colleioni family of Bergamo (13 cards).

Among the originals, four cards remain missing . . .

The Devil

The Tower

3 of Swords

Knight of Pentacles

Today we peeked into Tarot’s past. Now is an opportunity to peek into your psyche.

Let the mysterious missing Visconti cards give us inspiration for this spread. We will take the issues suggested by the missing Visconti cards and let those issues create our questions.

Pull a random Tarot card to answer each question. Enjoy!

1.    Devil issues – How you can invite more daring, delicious, devilish fun into your life?


2.      Tower issues – What inside you can be released in order to reach your authentic, fabulous self?


3.       Three of Swords issues – What you can cut out of your life in 2009 that no longer aids you?


4.  Knight of Pentacles issues – A plan you should think about putting into action in 2009 . . .


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Star

The Star

New Hope. Clarity. Inspiration.

Yesterday, I attended a matinee of The Little Mermaid on Broadway with my daughter. When I pulled The Star card, it reminded me of stars appearing on Broadway. Now, I am certain The Star tarot card was not created with stars of stage, film or music in mind. Yet, while gazing at the Star card, I thought of the role certain stars play in my life. The cathartic experience watching an inspired film, play or concert can give you.

I boogie out of a Madonna show with renewed energy and determination for life. I wander out of Nicole Kidman films imagining I’m as beautiful and delicate as she is. Watching Oprah reminds me I can make a difference in the lives of those around me. Reading Jeanette Winterson’s prose refreshes me with of the splendor and beauty of her language. Gazing at Lucian Freud in MOMA inspires me with the haunting stroke of his paintbrush.

The Star Tarot card reminds you that art is not a luxury. Art rejuvenates. Art inspires. Art is essential.

What stars in your pantheon offer you a fresh start, fresh hope? Are they actors, authors, musicians, painters? Think of the ways you act as the Star card for people in your life. I bet you inspire lots of people in ways you don’t even know about. Your life is a work of art too!

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog

Queen of Wands


Passion. Ability. Sensuality.

The best place to begin to understand the Queen of Wands is, perhaps, in relation to the King of Wands. The King of Wands is an explosion of fire, passion and creativity. Students of Qabalah will remember he sits on the expansive side of the Tree of Life. If the King is an explosion, than his Queen of Wands is the one who shapes to his great outpouring. She gives form to his wild, untamed energy. In this way, she is the sculptor, the novelist, the architect, the vehicle, through which your passion is channeled and turned into something concrete.

Many will point out she is the most sensual card in tarot because wands represent passion. The wand, itself, is phallic and we see her open knees. Look at how she is seated, and note she is wide open and relaxed. I also have a tendency to also see her as the actress, the Julia Roberts of the deck. This may have something to do with the flower in her hand; it seems like a gift bestowed after a performance. We see the flower is a sunflower, representative of the dog days of summer, and the fertility her passion is capable of creating. There is a huge amount of fiery charisma emanating from the Queen of Wands.

I drew the Queen of Wands yesterday and pondered what she meant to me as my card of the day. Certainly, I considered how I express what I am passionate about. I considered what the maturity of a queen means for me as I mature as a woman. In my youth, I had fears about myself as a creative being. Rather than immersing in the creative process, I did a lot of thinking about it. Sort of a stuck King of Wands. The passion was there but I didn’t channel it well. Now I am older and trust in who I am, I feel free to express myself creatively, be it a painting class, writing, yoga. We can also learn, as I have, to live our lives in a creative way. Every act, even making breakfast, can be an expression of passion. Well, maybe not on the mornings when you are groggy but on an inspired Sunday, you could make a brunch Martha Stewart would die for. Table manners aside, just think of the world, your life, as your canvas. You can fill it with anything you want. The Queen of Wands lives her life in a constant expression of passion.

Do you experience your sexual energy fully or are you holding back? What do you do with your creative energy and inspiration? When an exciting idea strikes you, do you act on it or do you spend a lot of time thinking about doing it? Is there a project you’d like to get off the ground? Do you think you live your life creatively? If you were to make something right now, what would it be?

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Tower

The Tower


Destruction. Shattered Illusions. Breakdown.

This is the “Oh my God!!!” card. The Tower is at once shocking. Were this card to have a sound effect, it would be a great crash of thunder and it displays the blinding flash of a lightening bolt. In short, the Tower is a wake up call. A moment of truth.

What would it mean if you were to pull this the Tower for your card of the day? Well, it starts me off thinking about the last time I was hit with sudden understanding. A revelation. In a religious sense it could be the true feeling of knowing god. Tower moments also arise when something you’ve refused to acknowledge bursts to the surface in an unavoidable way. Often, it is the most frightening moments in life, which change you profoundly. We’ve all heard stories about people who had near death experiences. It often changes the entire way they comprehend their lives. Often, the Tower can indicate the need for an enormous shift.

I don’t think Tower moments come up often in one’s life. Perhaps, this is why the Tower doesn’t appear in spreads very often. When it does, you should pay particular attention to it! Think about the Tower moments in your life. Some of mine include knowing the exact moment I was going to spend the rest of my life with my husband (my late twenties, our apartment, it was bedtime). The moment I was sent to the hospital to have my daughter (late afternoon, upper east side cafe, 2003). The moment I realized being famous was not going to make me happy (Dallas Film Festival, q and a after the screening of my independent film). Sometimes, it is not about you but a realization about people you love. Like the time I realized a beloved family member was an alcoholic. It can be a revelation about your calling in life. I will never forget the moment it occurred to me, out of the blue, I could make a career out of Tarot. It made such perfect sense, was so obvious, I could not believe I had not thought of it before.

So, think about these great moments of illumination in your life. I bet if you recall your teen years you will find a lot of Tower moments. It is worth reflecting on these times. Whether they are frightening or illuminating, they become defining moments in your life.

Can you recall a moment where you life changed in an instant? Have you ever been the source of a Tower moment for someone else? If your life were stripped down to the bare essentials, what would those essentials be? What area of your life needs a shakeup?

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog

Three of Cups


Happiness. Celebration. Friendship.

The Three of Cups is one of those tarot cards that require little explanation. One needs only to glance quickly at the card to get the sense of pleasure and companionship. It resides in the realm of cups, which means it contains all cup qualities: love, feelings, art, beauty and truth. The figures appear youthful, accompanied by the number three; this can imply a happy beginning. I find, however, the greatest quality of the Three of Cups is the celebratory quality of friendship and being around people who make you feel good.

I pulled this card yesterday and knew right away what it would apply to. We often focus on the things we want in the future. That is a great thing to do but I find it just as useful to focus on being grateful for the things, the people we already have. I looked at the Three of Cups and knew it represented my daughter, my husband and myself. We are so fortunate to be healthy and happy. I carried the image of the Three of Cups with me all day and each time I thought of the three of us, I was grateful. I also extended it in thinking about the wonderful friendships I have in my life and felt so grateful for those people.

You could focus on this card and imagine if you were inside the card, who would the other two revelers be? Would they be members of your family? Old friends? Coworkers? Do you recall the feelings you experienced the last time you made a good friend? Were you to make a toast at dinner tonight, what would you toast to? Who would you gather around your table? Even five minutes of thinking about the people you love can turn your entire day around! Try it.

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog

The Knight of Swords


Speed. Haste. Rushing.

I used an approach called Voice in a Card yesterday, when I pulled the Knight of Swords. Voice in a Card was taught to me by my teachers, Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone, at The Tarot School. Using Voice in a Card, you disregard the traditional meaning and see what aspect of the card captures your attention. What you choose to focus on contains a message for you.

As I gazed at this anxious knight, it was the clouds in the backround that drew my attention. They seemed to be speeding by and I noticed the solid nature of his helmet and armor. I decided the weather would play a big part in my day and I would be protected from it.

Wow, I had no idea how true this would be. It was an INSANE weather day. I’d woken up to a beautiful snow storm. The sun was shining when we left the country house. The wind gusted so strong it nearly knocked our car off the road and we drove though a snow squall half way to the city. In Central Park, later that afternoon, we walked into another snow squall. A wall of snow literally came barreling toward us! That blew through. Later, in Times Square, it looked like a ticker tape parade with another snow burst. I fell asleep listening to wind gusts blasting against our windows.

In retrospect, the crazy weather perfectly demonstrates the energy in the Knight of Swords. The speed at which the storms blew though was amazing. They didn’t last long, but when they were happening, you couldn’t ignore them. They were so strong. My aunt told me, while walking her dog, the wind picked her up off her feet!

Weather like this can’t sustain itself and quickly passes. It is exciting while it happens. The Knight of Swords is speedy and fast but also passes quickly. The suit of swords always refers to the intellect and the mind. When the Knight of Swords appears, you may be using your mental abilities to their strongest capacity. You will move forward quickly. My advice, always go with the forward moving energy and enjoy the ride. Make the most out of your momentum. Hopefully, you’ll land in a new place. 

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