Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – Judgement



The Judgement card: A new awakening. A wake up call. Rising up. Rebirth.

You can examine the Judgement card in the context of this past Memorial Day – a holiday to honor those who have fought and or died in American wars. Look at those coffins opening up on the Judgement card as remembering the dead, the Angel’s trumpet as the soldier’s bugle revelry. Why, the red cross on the Angel’s flag even looks like the Red Cross!

I can’t reconcile my feelings about war or soldiers. My Vietnam vet stepfather waged a private subversive war on our family. My city crumbled on September 11th and pregnant with my daughter, I watched the invasion of Bagdad from the same couch from which I’d seen the towers fall. None of it made any logical sense. The only thing I knew for sure was that it was all wrong.

I’ve yet to explain to my daughter why we would stand at a parade and cheer for those who kill for us. I am grateful to our armed forces but don’t condone what we ask them to do. I want protection but without bloodshed and violence. Possible?

We celebrated Memorial weekend like many other Americans – ignoring moral dilemmas. We cooked, ate and played. Sunday night was a garden dinner party, fire pit roaring, fireflies flickering and tikki torches illuminating the dreamy nightscape. We are very, very fortunate and I know this.

You can look at the bodies rising up on Judgement card as flowers and summer lushness rising up like gangbusters to usher in the sun. We can also wrangle those coffins open with a crowbar, for ourselves, and peek at what crawls out.

What happens when the coffins open and we’ve awoken something we don’t understand?  What if we don’t recognize ourselves after we’ve been reborn? When the angel sounds his horn with a strange siren song and we can’t rectify our past? Our former self? What if, like a soldier returning home, you can’t express what you’ve seen? What if you can’t bear to tell your mother what you’ve done? There’s no turning back after the Judgement card.

Memorial Day, like many holidays, marks a passage of time. Summer has unofficially arrived and like the Judgement card, something feels different.

The Judgement Tarot card is operating in you right now whether you realize it or not. In the coming summer months, you’ll grow, evolve and adapt. You’ll slather sun block at the beach, eat pickles at a picnic, bask in the sun, blast your favorite music and enjoy extra hours of golden sunlight.

And when those coffins creak open, perhaps, you’ll let a little more light in . . .


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Knight of Wands

Swapping Spit with the Knight of Wands


The Knight of Wands is so ferociously delicious, so wildly elusive. Why do we yearn for what we can’t have? If someone runs, why are we compelled to chase or worse, lie down and let them run/walk/stomp all over us?

It is helpful to look at the Court Cards as people you know – makes them so much easier to grasp . . .

The Knight of Wands is fast – think James Dean on a motorcycle – Wands represent fire, the fastest moving element. The Knight of Wands is sexy – think Brad Pitt a la “Thelma and Louise” – cause Wands represent passion, sex drive and sensual energy. Knights are unpredictable because they embody “teenager” energy.

Think of your teen dream that got away . . .

The Knight of Wands will pin you under the stairwell after school, plant hot wet kisses on your mouth or take you into an empty classroom and slide his hands under your green Catholic uniform while you pray a nun doesn’t walk in to discover you both.

The Knight of Wands brings another girl to his formal, asks you for a slow dance, and presses his body so close to yours that you can feel every jocular muscle under his cheap, rented polyester tuxedo. Meanwhile, his date, pouts across the room, pretending not to notice.

The Knight of Wands plays sports, shows up at every party and laughs from his spot in Prom court because Wands love to be the center of attention.

The Knight of Wands tussles with you in cornfields, sneaks into your sleepover parties and unexpectedly shows up looking drop dead gorgeous. He shares warm beer, cold whiskey and fast rides in his Daddy’s caddy.

The Knight of Wands repays your love and devotion by systematically seducing each and every one of your girlfriends in the same exact way.

The Knight of Wands is a most dangerous aphrodisiac. You see, the Knight of Wands is always moving, never to be depended upon – is the essence of unpredictable Fire. When he has you in locked his sights, or in his arms your mind spins out of control, you lose yourself and become a quivering mass of flesh and blood.

The Knight of Wands can be the worst thing for a person who has an underdeveloped sense of who they are and what they deserve out of a relationship.

Perhaps, the Knight of Wands holds a valuable lesson to all those who date him?

But when I think back to my years in high school, and while I do not condone or advocate such behavior, I think the Knight of Wands can be like a snuck cigarette, shoplifted lip-gloss or stolen kiss.

Sometimes, being bad feels pretty good . . .

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Five of Cups


Fives in Tarot are the roughest numbers to wrestle with. I think of the Five of Cups as the addiction card. The gentleman in the black cloak on the Five of Cups looks so dejected. So sad!

The theory of the Five of Cups as representing addiction is easily viewed in the picture. We can understand the three cups that have spilled as the addiction – be it drugs, cigarettes, sex, negative thought patterns, booze, food – take your pick. Sadly, there are so many to choose from. Human nature is nothing is not short of dark and muddy issues to battle with. Look at the two cups behind him as more of the same vile fluid. This card represents the point at which you make a decision.

Choice time.

If the fellow (you) turns back to drink what is left in the two full cups – the addiction has won. If he chooses to walk away and cross the distant bridge you prevail over the addiction.

You can understand the castle/home in the distance as all of the comforts and happiness you can imagine – the life you wish for, long for, hope for . . .

My sister runs a rehab center in California. The first thing she will tell you about any issue/addiction is that the root is emotion. Cups in Tarot are filled with emotion. Feelings. She’ll tell you emotions can’t hurt you by themselves. They are just emotions. Feel them.

Don a black cloak and place yourself inside of this card . . .

What is your number one addiction?

What non-helpful behavior could you give up?

What stands in the way of having the life you imagine for yourself?
What bridge do you still need to cross?

Is this moment a turning point of your life?

When have you said enough is enough?

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – Why Tarot is Sexy!

Why Tarot is Sexy . . .

Intimacy is sexy.

two-of-cups  Reading Tarot for yourself or another person creates immediate intimacy. Social niceties are thrown aside like clothes and you plunge into a heady level of communication.

Reading Tarot for someone, you see him or her for who they really are.

 Don’t know about you but all I’ve ever wanted (aside from a city home, country home, happy family, two vacations a year, and world peace) was to be understood. To be heard. To be seen.

The Truth is sexy.

ace-of-swordsTarot creates a direct line to the truth. How honest can we day we are with ourselves? With others? A peek into Tarot demands, insists on truth. Especially when we read for ourselves! Constant practice with Tarot sharpens our internal bullshit thermometer.

When you show the world you are a force to be reckoned with, when you call a spade a spade – or in Tarot a Sword a Sword – that is damn sexy.

Secrets are sexy. 

06-the-loversWe all have secrets. What do you hide from the world? When we use Tarot to examination of our deeper selves, we are reminded of the little nuggets we have tucked away.

Dig just a little deeper. What’s behind your knowing smile?

One of the sexiest men is a good-looking man but what makes him extra yummy is his devilish inner life. He looks at you; it appears he’s thinking about what he’d like to do to you in bed. Saying one thing while thinking another is an intoxicating mix.

A juicy secret or two will always add interesting subtext to your life. Don’t have any clandestine ideas? Use the Tarot to help you come up with one! Start with The Lovers card . . .

Whispers in the dark are sexy.

Tarot is always whispering to you. Tarot weaves truths, stories, secrets, tales. All you need to do is slow down and listen. 

Candlelight is sexy.

seven-of-wandsDo you know anyone who doesn’t look better while the soft glow of a flickering candle caresses their face?

Doesn’t the Seven of Wands look like he’s lighting a bunch of torches?

Light a few tapers and flip a few cards and take a closer look at yourself or someone you love.

Reaching for your higher self is sexy.

20-judgement Reading Tarot requires you ask more from your intuition you might ordinarily do in every day life. You reach higher that you normally would.

You start igniting your intuition and you realize there are more parts of your psyche, higher parts or yourself. As your consciousness expands, your understanding of the world expands.

You see more, experience more, and become enraptured by the beauty and the wonder of life.

Caught in the moment, there is no room to judge yourself. When you stop judging yourself that’s sexy!

Your Shadow Self is sexy.

18-the-moon We all possess a deep, wet, emotional, subconscious well – similar to the pool pictured on the Moon Tarot Card. It is out of this well our deepest desires spring. If you keep accessing your shadow well and are brave in facing what you discover – you’ll find depth and shades to your personality you never imagined existed. Self discovery mixed with a tinge of darkness is sexy.

Trusting your Instincts is sexy.

knight-of-cupsEach Tarot card has hundreds of potential meanings. With practice, you learn to trust your first instincts when interpreting a card or spread. You discover, usually, your first instinct you had was correct.

Trusting yourself with Tarot will spill into your everyday life. Your split second decision-making becomes sharper and clearer.

When you trust your gut, you make decisions authentic to your true self. You become confident and confidence is sexy.

Knowing who you are is sexy.

21-the-world_s You knowingly toss your head, you dance through life with ease, you laugh with abandon, you understand your desires, happily reach for them, you enjoy yourself and are a pleasure to be around. When you are satiated, satisfied and happy, you are a pleasure to be around.

Tarot is a mirror always reflecting you back to you.

Use Tarot to gain greater knowledge about who you are and what you want. Cause when you know who you are – that is super sexy!





Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Shamrock Spread and the Three’s of Tarot

three-of-cups  three-of-swords1  three-of-wands  three-of-pentacles

Green people are stumbling around New York City with beers hidden in brown paper bags. St. Patrick’s Day must be upon us . . . A million questions race through my mind. I wonder what this booze fest is all about anyway? What are the roots of St. Paddy’s? Will I accidentally step in pile of puke?

I called up my sensible Irish friend, Jillian Dougherty. Jillian grew up in Ireland. I listened to her soft Irish lilt as she said, “I’ll give ya the short version Sasha. Saint Patrick was a sheepherder. Whilst out with the sheep, he got to be very religious and spiritual. Probably all that time in nature.  Becoming a devout Catholic in England, Patrick went back to Ireland and converted all the Pagans (who were living like the American Indians) to Christianity. Then, for good measure, banned all snakes in Ireland.” I suppose killing off all the snakes was meant to banish evil?

I asked Jillian what was behind the symbolism of the Shamrock, “Oh, the Shamrock is a three leaf clover – not a four leaf like many people think. It is an allegory for the Cross. The Father, Son and Holy Ghost.”

Wow! She mentioned the Shamrock as the Cross and I thought about the power of a triad and the number Three and how it all relates to Tarot. Father, Son Holy Ghost/Mother, Maiden, Crone/Mind, Body, Spirit/Three Pillars of the Tree of Life.

I teach my Tarot students that all Threes in Tarot suggest creativity. Three is the result, the offspring, of the Twos that have come before. The Empress, who represents complete and utter creativity, is numbered Three.

Think about a creative project you are or will be embarking on. The Shamrock Spread will tap into and examine your inner creative process.




1         2     




1. Your conception of creative work (passive).

2. The actions you take (active).

3. The result of your creative efforts (the child, offspring).

4. A negative aspect you can expel, like St Patty did with the snakes. What hinders your creative process? What can you get rid of?


Take out all the Threes in your Tarot deck. What do they have in common? How are they different?

Notice the difference between the Three of Cups and the Three of Swords?  Why do you think this is?

Notice the difference between the Three of Wands and the Three of Pentacles?

Why do you think these are so different?

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day – Friday the 13th Tarot Spread

Sasha Graham’s Friday the 13th Tarot Spread


Friday brings us our second Friday the 13th in a row (remember we just had one in February). A full moon shines mysterious energy upon us Wednesday, March 11th so be on the lookout for some weird, wild power rolling and roaming throughout your week.

In the spirit of Friday the 13th, I’ve created a little Tarot Spread you can do by the light of a candle or two . . .

Let’s take a peek at some superstition surrounding the number Thirteen and Friday:

– Phrase “Baker’s Dozen” created to avoid saying number Thirteen out loud.

– 80% of high-rise buildings have no floor numbered Thirteen – they skip it.

– Most airports skip the 13th gate.

– In ancient Rome, witches reportedly gathered in groups of 12 while the 13th was believed to be the Devil.

– The Tarot Deck’s 13th card is Death.

– Fear of Friday the Thirteenth is called paraskavedekatriaphobia.

– Fear of the number Thirteen is called friggatriskaidekaphobia. Are you friggin kiddin a phobia!

– According to numerology, the number twelve considered completeness while number Thirteen is a restless, squirmy number.

– Friday considered unlucky for some because Jesus crucified on Friday.

– Since reference in “The Canterbury Tales”, Friday considered unlucky day to begin new ventures.

Using this lore, we’ll turn it into a helpful spread and examine some odd and interesting things about you. The four questions come from reducing the number Thirteen to four. 1 + 3 = 4.

Good luck my intuitive lovlies . . .

Sasha Graham’s Friday the Thirteenth Spread

Pull one Tarot card for each question below:

1. What, like the number 13, is restless and squirmy inside yourself?

2. What can be done to sooth your restlessness?

3. Many people avoid what they don’t understand. What do I have the power to face right now, at this moment? What can no longer be avoided?

4. What can I focus on to change my luck for the better?

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Page of Pentacles


Page of Pentacles:

Brilliant spring sunshine, steaming hot coffee and I pull the Page of Pentacles. Perfection. I look at the freshly plowed field behind her (the pages are feminine – no matter how they are pictured on the card) and I look from my deck toward my own garden plot.  Melting snow still covers the ground but streaks of soft earth peek through. The frigid air carries poignant wetness under it’s chill. I’ll be planting soon enough . . .

Notice how the Page of Pentacles gently holds her Pentacle, as if a bubble, fascinated by it. Pages carry a youthful, childlike enthusiasm. The Page of Pentacles is often understood as the student card. Remember being a student, in a class you loved, with a subject you were passionate about?

I always look at the Page’s Pentacle as a seed. No doubt this idea, this seed, will eventually take root and solid, sturdy results will occur. After all, Pentacles are the most concrete, most real, of the four suits in Tarot.

The marvelous aspect of The Page of Pentacles is that it never occurs to her what practical thing she should do with her subject. She never concerns herself with what the results will be. It is her interest alone that keeps her captivated. Are you the eternal student?

Isn’t it amazing, however, when your passion winds up being the same thing you make your living with? This is why we should pay such careful attention to things that bring us joy, mesmerize and enthrall us.

I’ve spent the weekend lost in seed catalogues but I’ve got larger things underway too. I’m in the beginning stages, still sketching, playing, and tossing around ideas that always intrigued me. Sooner or later I’ll plant them in a metaphorical ground. It will take the energy of the Knight of Pentacles to get them there, the nurturing touch of the Queen of Pentacles to see them to fruition. Then, hopefully, like the King of Pentacles, I’ll relax, secure, satisfied and proud.

Let the metaphor of a spring awakening bring your visions forth!

What plans are underway for you this spring?

What idea keeps striking you again and again?

What classes did you live for in school?

Imagine you are The Page of Pentacles. What is inside your Pentacle?

What subjects do you collect?

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Recession Spread and Random Acts of Optimism.


*recession (ri-sesh-uhn) – The act of receding or withdrawing.

A dear client sent an email this morning asking when I might fix the economy. A tongue in cheek question, yet, one not taken lightly. How could I, a Tarot Card Reader, fix the economy?

A reporter phoned recently and inquired, “What impact is the financial crisis having on the questions your clients are asking you as a Tarot Card Reader?” Certainly, the crisis is reflected in client questions. Tarot acts as a mirror first and foremost. And people don’t usually book appointments with Tarot Readers when their lives are looking bright and sunny.

Tarot Card Reading offers solutions, answers and pathways. I always strive to put myself to the Tarot Test. What is the Tarot Test? My Tarot Test is built upon the theory that people come to Tarot Readers in an effort to gain insight, guidance, and knowledge of future events to help themselves. If I use my skills to help others, I’d better damn well use Tarot to help myself. Otherwise, I’d be one big hypocrite. And no one likes a hypocrite. Besides, what good’s an oracle if you don’t listen to it?

Here is how I’m using Tarot to help weather the current crisis.

I’m asking questions!

Reading Tarot, the true power resides in the questions you ask. Ask better questions. Get better results. It’s as simple as that.

What does recession mean?

It means to recede or withdraw.

Who withdraws in the world of Tarot?

The Hermit. The Hermit withdraws and journeys within himself and gains greater wisdom. Once, wisdom is gained, The Hermit emerges and stands on a mountaintop, shining his newfound knowledge for all those below to see. The Hermit is a beacon.

The recession is an opportunity to become a beacon for those around us. That is, if we are willing to take a journey inwards.

A good friend offered a marvelous piece of advice back in November when I got frightened by all the recession talk. Elizabeth Genco Purvis said, “Sasha, if everyone else is shrinking and pulling back don’t you think you can help heal the world by pushing forward?” Hmmm, that sounds like a very good question to me.

How do I expand?

Elizabeth didn’t mean go shopping and spend money, as George Junior urged us all to do a couple years back. She meant take what you do with for a living, what you do with passion and expand it! Extend it. Don’t shrink your biz back. Expand your passion in the face of recession. I took her advice and wouldn’t you know it? I had a season in which I had more clients and booked more parties than ever before!

In taking Elizabeth’s advice I began teaching Tarot classes. Empowering people with the tools to read their own Tarot cards. This is infinitely more helpful to the world than just telling clients what I see in the cards.

How can a recession be helpful?

The true gift of being a poor child is that I know to the core of my bones, as long as I have my health and my family’s health, I will be okay. I’ve had nothing. I’ve eaten the welfare cheese. I was moved from house, to house, to house. I’ve been told “No!” a million times over. I understand that a country house, divine Manhattan lunches and trips abroad are all very, very fortunate icing on the cake. But if you scrape off the icing, what lies beneath is pretty good cake. In my case, vanilla! What flavor is your cake?

I cursed my childhood at the time. I look back as an adult ever so thankfully. You see, recessions hold good, true and valuable lessons.

When will the recession stop?

Common sense dictates, like the Big Bang, everything that recedes will eventually expand again. The solutions you come up during your journey inward will make your expansion that much better.

How can I fix the economy?

We can all fix it.

We can begin by ask ourselves the right questions and then act accordingly. We can arrive at our answers in a way that is healthy, authentic and true. This is how the world will be come a better place. When this financial crisis gets tucked away into the history books, perhaps, we will look back and say, “I learned something.”

Here’s a recession spread to try at home. Lay ten cards in a row and read left to right. One card for each question.

Recession Spread

  1. What do I have that needs protection?
  2. How can I best protect it while expanding forward?
  3. How can I attract more money?
  4. What good will come from the turmoil?
  5. What is the most important thing to remember through the ups and downs?
  6. How can I expand in a time of recession?
  7. What wisdom do I gain when I withdraw?
  8. What is the most unbelievable, exciting change that occurs as a result of the turmoil?
  9. How can I stay balanced and optimistic?
  10. How can I help others around me?


What is a Random Act of Optimism?

An act where you behave in defiance of all the doom, gloom and fear that is running wild. A specific, optimistic act. Example – I’m going with my five-year-old to open a bank account in her name this afternoon. We’ll empty her piggy banks and chore money right into an account, paving the way for more money to replace it!

PS – Thanks to my Tarot students who helped me come up with some of the questions!



Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Fool

The Fool and a Little Poached Egg Divination


The Fool is popping, literally flying out of my deck like the madman he is. Chinese New Year and a deliciously dark moon weaves mysterious energy left, right and center. The last 48 hours feel quite primordial!

Last night, I was hired to read Tarot at a party. Tarot reading offers me the excuse to dress up and slip into velvet evening like a vampire. Were it not for this job I have, I would hardly don smoky eyes, dramatic clothes and saunter into downtown clubs at midnight. Tarot offers me the excuse to look into the eyes of handsome bartenders and comment on the state of their love lives. In case I’ve never mentioned it before – I love my job!!!!!

Every single client I read for last night was in the midst of a new beginning. The Fool emerged time and again confirming this. My husband pulled out the Fool for his week ahead and I drew The Fool this morning.

Traces of pink splashed skyward and lengthening days – a reminder spring is creeping closer. The Barack Obama Administration confirms an optimistic start. Regeneration and new beginnings surround us.

So, in lieu of all this fresh Fool energy, I tried something new this morning. A little Egg Divination as I set about making my favorite breakfast: Poached Eggs nestled atop Herbed Field Greens, Serrano Ham and English Cheddar on Whole Grain English Muffins.

Poached Egg Divination:

To poach an egg, bring a pot of water to a boil. Crack egg into a cup and gently add to pot of water, letting it cook for 60 seconds. While the egg cooks, bits of egg white fly around the bubbling, boiling water, like a swirling, twirling mass of mini ghosts. Close your eyes for a moment or two and clear your mind. Open and gaze into the churning water with a soft focus and see what images rise to the surface! You can even ask a question beforehand. I got a lovely message!

Finish off by preparing your favorite poached egg dish. To make mine, blanch your ham (use any type ham you like) in the boiling water before cooking your eggs. Then assemble, toasted muffin first, top with slice of cheese, ham, pile of field greens and finish it off with your egg. Don’t forget crushed pepper and sprinkling of course sea salt!

Now, if you want to nurture the people your life, you must first begin by nurturing yourself! Confirming a new beginning and preparing yourself beautiful meal is a wonderful way to honor yourself.

Do I wish I were sleeping at The Four Seasons while room service knocked on the door with this breakfast? Absolutely! But until I’m lounging in Four Season’s linen bed, I’ll go ahead and prepare a marvelous breakfast for myself!

Honor your fresh start and treat yourself to something fantastic today!


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The King of Cups


Oh, how I love the King of Cups. He’s so deliciously my type . . .

Have you ever dated a King of Cups? Perhaps, you married one or maybe you’ve sworn off King of Cups characters for good.

If you are just learning Tarot, think of the court cards as types of people. It makes them terribly easy to grasp.

The King of Cups is strong, handsome and wildly imaginative. The King of Cups is the writer – think DH Lawrence, the poet -think TS Elliot, the musician – think Sting, the painter – think Henri Matisse, a comedian – think Ben Stiller, the director -think Steven Spielberg, the actor – think Johnny Depp.

The King of Cups is not the starving artist – he’s the wildly successful and acclaimed artist! This is a King we are talking about here . . .

The King of Cups paints you lounging in his garret in Paris, pens a script for you in the Hollywood Hills, dedicates books in your name from his cabin in New England. He fictionalizes your personality in a novel from his laptop in Soho and thinks of kissing you while lip locking a young starlet in a love scene at a studio in LA. He writes a heartbreaking song to you at 3:00am in Prague, cries out on stage in front of roaring crowds in Berlin – all for you!

The King of Cups ponders grand issues, universal themes and reaches for greatness. Holding your face in his hands, he decides universal beauty resides on your cheekbones, salvation dwells in your eyes and perfection of moment is attained with the stroke of your lip with his fingertips.

The King of Cups will find you the perfect gift because he can climb into a woman’s psyche and know what she wants. A man who understands what a woman wants will never, ever know loneliness.

The King of Cups sheds tears freely in your arms and laughs maniacally while tickling you. You see, the suit of Cups represents emotions, art, feelings and The King of Cups is full of nothing but emotion. He wields his emotion in an ultimately masculine, powerful way.

You will see King of Cups qualities in others but how often can you find them in yourself? When you have with a brilliant idea, are you able to execute it? If something strikes you in a particular way are you able to express your emotion through a work of art? Are you open with emotions? Is it easy or tough for you to jump into another’s psyche? If you were an artist, what type of artist would you be? What would be your medium?

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