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The Queen of Wands


I always find it easiest to gain entrance the court cards of Tarot by assigning actual people to them. There are a slew of fabulous ladies who carry Queen of Wand qualities we can examine.

The Queen of Wands graces the contractive side of The Tree of Life –  the side where things take shape. The Queen of Wands is the utmost expression of the feminine. Wands represent the element of Fire and carries passion, intention and energy.

Our sexual heat springs from the element of fire. You can look at The Queen of Wands’ posture; back straight, legs apart – yet firmly planted on the ground. Sensually, The Queen of Wands knows what she wants and gets it. Very Samantha a la “Sex in the City”.

We can understand Wands in terms of creative expression. When you are inspired and carry your vision through, you change the world. Just look at Freida Kahlo, Diane Arbus or Virginia Woolf! Three Queens of Wands if I’ve ever seen them.

Another aspect of the Queen of Wands is controversy. Fire heats things up. When powerful women combine sexuality and creativity, passion and ambition, the world takes notice. We now enter the realm of Madonna, Hillary Clinton, Anne Boleyn and Oprah.

You may identify right away with the Queen of Wands or need to search a bit. Rest assured she’s somewhere under your skin.

When was the last time you knew exactly what you needed and got it? Do you ever feel like a visionary? What gets you really excited?

The Queen of Wands wants you to experience, fire, passion, will and intention! Let the Queen of Wands stand for the part of yourself with utmost confidence, fierce ambition and alarming animal magnetism!


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog

The Queen of Wands


When one begins to study the tarot and look up the card meanings, the court cards are usually assigned to actual people who share the physical traits on the card. The Queen of Wands is usually assigned to a fair-haired woman with blue or hazel eyes. The Queen of Wands can absolutely stand for a person like that but if you look a bit closer, the court cards offer so much more information.

Imagine what it means to be a Queen. Certainly, a queen is of a certain station in life with a good deal of power. Wands represent fire, passion, excitement and energy. Within the Queen of Wands we see a woman who is respected and revered, who has control over her ability to funnel her passions. Imagine if you were able to direct your energies in such a precise way. That would mean any passion project you worked on would be seen through to its perfect completion. She has total control. The Queen of Wands is also thought of as one of the most sexual females in tarot.

I pulled the Queen of Wands yesterday and I kept her in mind all day. At yoga, I approached my practice confidently (a queen never displays anything less than confidence) even if I did sweat buckets and wobble around on my mat. Later that morning, I passed my driving written test and received a driving permit! I don’t think I’d have survived the seven stages of hell at the DMV if I hadn’t been exuding Queen of Wand energy. The Queen of Wands even stayed with me as I hit the playground, supermarket, as I vacuumed and cooked. Hmmmm, seems the only thing I’m missing is my queen’s court and household staff. Perhaps, someday . . . 

Picking a card a day can be such a pleasure if you assume that card and all of its wonderful qualities with you. I like to think we all carry each of the 78 cards within us. Conjuring up a particular tarot card is a great way of giving yourself an extra power boost on any given day. So, go ahead, get your deck out and pick a card, any card. Let it remind you of the magic and amazing things you are capable of at any given moment. 


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog

Queen of Wands


Passion. Ability. Sensuality.

The best place to begin to understand the Queen of Wands is, perhaps, in relation to the King of Wands. The King of Wands is an explosion of fire, passion and creativity. Students of Qabalah will remember he sits on the expansive side of the Tree of Life. If the King is an explosion, than his Queen of Wands is the one who shapes to his great outpouring. She gives form to his wild, untamed energy. In this way, she is the sculptor, the novelist, the architect, the vehicle, through which your passion is channeled and turned into something concrete.

Many will point out she is the most sensual card in tarot because wands represent passion. The wand, itself, is phallic and we see her open knees. Look at how she is seated, and note she is wide open and relaxed. I also have a tendency to also see her as the actress, the Julia Roberts of the deck. This may have something to do with the flower in her hand; it seems like a gift bestowed after a performance. We see the flower is a sunflower, representative of the dog days of summer, and the fertility her passion is capable of creating. There is a huge amount of fiery charisma emanating from the Queen of Wands.

I drew the Queen of Wands yesterday and pondered what she meant to me as my card of the day. Certainly, I considered how I express what I am passionate about. I considered what the maturity of a queen means for me as I mature as a woman. In my youth, I had fears about myself as a creative being. Rather than immersing in the creative process, I did a lot of thinking about it. Sort of a stuck King of Wands. The passion was there but I didn’t channel it well. Now I am older and trust in who I am, I feel free to express myself creatively, be it a painting class, writing, yoga. We can also learn, as I have, to live our lives in a creative way. Every act, even making breakfast, can be an expression of passion. Well, maybe not on the mornings when you are groggy but on an inspired Sunday, you could make a brunch Martha Stewart would die for. Table manners aside, just think of the world, your life, as your canvas. You can fill it with anything you want. The Queen of Wands lives her life in a constant expression of passion.

Do you experience your sexual energy fully or are you holding back? What do you do with your creative energy and inspiration? When an exciting idea strikes you, do you act on it or do you spend a lot of time thinking about doing it? Is there a project you’d like to get off the ground? Do you think you live your life creatively? If you were to make something right now, what would it be?