Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – Let The Tower Shake You

The Tower is a card often met with trepidation and fear. The unexpected happens and rattles you to your bones. Destruction and upheaval is experienced and then tempered by the serenity of The Star. Never fear The Tower card. Its beauty resides in the fact that The Tower card wakes you up!

The genius of working with Tarot and a Card a Day practice on a consistent basis is, at times, you know exactly what the card foretells . . . I wanted a ticket to see a rare Sting concert last night. I drew The Tower. I knew I would get my ticket. A few hours later, I did.

Give yourself the gift of waking up this holiday season. There are moments of heightened reality we can all experience in life. Heightened reality stops you in your tracks and time, as we know ceases. It is your right, in fact, your obligation to seek out these moments . . .

You can experience heightened reality via travel . . . a moment basking in the Italian sunlight on cobble stone streets of a medieval city, a walk down a misty Scottish lane en route to a crumbling castle looming in the distance. You may find these moments via nature . . . the deafening quiet of a fresh fallen snowscape, an electrical storm off the coast of a sandy beach, a valley dappled with the burning colors of autumn. You may experience this via art . . . Rembrandt’s powerful brush strokes gleaning at you from a canvas hung in a robber baron’s mansion, dancers leaping and spinning before you, operas with heroines gasping their last breath or seeking out your favorite musician in an extraordinary venu

Moments of heightened reality shake you out of your humdrum, day-to-day life we attach ourselves to. You walk amidst the intricate tapestry of the material world for a very short time. I implore you to experience as much of it as you can. Plan a trip abroad, visit a museum, take a walk, and listen to your favorite music. Wake up to the beauty that surrounds you. Let it fill you, flow through you. Because when you emerge from the dream state, humbled, the world looks different. And that, after all, is what the Tower card is all about.

Court the unexpected and let the Tower shake you to your core. The Tower helped me I wake up last night. If you’d like to hear about my experience, keep on reading . . .

Sting is only performing four concerts to promote his If on a Winter’s Night album. The shows are all set in Cathedrals, two in NYC, one in Paris and one in Durham, England.

Grasping my ticket and I made my way through the twinkling holiday streets of Manhattan. St John the Divine, the largest Gothic style Cathedral in the world and the fourth largest Christian church ever built loomed before me as I approached. I entered the Cathedral and gasped at how small the gathering was. A few hundred well-dressed New Yorkers were taking their seats. Impossibly skinny, terrifically blond women sat and nuzzling their husbands. A smart man knows Sting is a wonderful aphrodisiac for women of a certain age.

I took my seat, shockingly close to the stage. Hardly believing my luck, my eyes scanned the crowd and happened upon Sting’s wife, Trudie. Trudie, another impossibly skinny blond woman, looked amazing in a black dress with a dazzling diamond necklace strewn around her neck. A gift from her husband perhaps? I watched her for a few moments, wondering how it felt to walk in her stilettos. The mother of four, owner of multiple homes around the world and married to a musical genius. I’d met her twice years ago. We once had a conversation about yoga before yoga studios popped up on every other block. She proved to be lovely then and last night, she looked more beautiful than ever.

Alan Rickman, the actor from Harry Potter, Sense and Sensibility, Love Actually and countless other films walked passed me to take his seat. I struggled to remain composed while giggling madly in my head.

Sting took the stage. Handsome and charming, his voice was stunning as was each wintery, haunting song. He sang every song from If on a Winter’s Night. A thirty five-piece orchestra, the Newark Boys Choir and Chris Botti on trumpet, accompanied him. Sting introduced each song with a story of how each song evolved creating an intimate experience.

Sting’s voice reverberating between the Gothic arches, softened by the tapestries adorning the walls was pure perfection. It was a sacred experience and one that I’ll never, ever forget. They say that gratitude is one of the greatest feelings you experience. Sting . . . thank you, thank you, and thank you!

I left the cathedral humbled, happy and moved. I didn’t need to find Sting as he exited the back door or weasel my way into any after party. The night had been pure perfection. I was reminded of my Tower card. My world looked different. I was shaken to my core with the intoxication of music and architecture that was mine for the taking. And it is yours too . . . now go out and find it!


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Tower

The Tower


Destruction. Shattered Illusions. Breakdown.

This is the “Oh my God!!!” card. The Tower is at once shocking. Were this card to have a sound effect, it would be a great crash of thunder and it displays the blinding flash of a lightening bolt. In short, the Tower is a wake up call. A moment of truth.

What would it mean if you were to pull this the Tower for your card of the day? Well, it starts me off thinking about the last time I was hit with sudden understanding. A revelation. In a religious sense it could be the true feeling of knowing god. Tower moments also arise when something you’ve refused to acknowledge bursts to the surface in an unavoidable way. Often, it is the most frightening moments in life, which change you profoundly. We’ve all heard stories about people who had near death experiences. It often changes the entire way they comprehend their lives. Often, the Tower can indicate the need for an enormous shift.

I don’t think Tower moments come up often in one’s life. Perhaps, this is why the Tower doesn’t appear in spreads very often. When it does, you should pay particular attention to it! Think about the Tower moments in your life. Some of mine include knowing the exact moment I was going to spend the rest of my life with my husband (my late twenties, our apartment, it was bedtime). The moment I was sent to the hospital to have my daughter (late afternoon, upper east side cafe, 2003). The moment I realized being famous was not going to make me happy (Dallas Film Festival, q and a after the screening of my independent film). Sometimes, it is not about you but a realization about people you love. Like the time I realized a beloved family member was an alcoholic. It can be a revelation about your calling in life. I will never forget the moment it occurred to me, out of the blue, I could make a career out of Tarot. It made such perfect sense, was so obvious, I could not believe I had not thought of it before.

So, think about these great moments of illumination in your life. I bet if you recall your teen years you will find a lot of Tower moments. It is worth reflecting on these times. Whether they are frightening or illuminating, they become defining moments in your life.

Can you recall a moment where you life changed in an instant? Have you ever been the source of a Tower moment for someone else? If your life were stripped down to the bare essentials, what would those essentials be? What area of your life needs a shakeup?