Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog – The World and a Little Unsolicited New Year’s Advice


The World Tarot card represents success, completion, euphoria and travel. The World is the end of the Major Arcana. If tens in Tarot represent the end of a cycle, The World evokes the grand finale. When you reach the World, you are completely transformed.

My daughter poked me awake this morning, “Mom, is the earth moving? Is it floating? Cause, I don’t feel it.” Sometimes, the World spirals, shakes and shudders. We feel we’ve lost our footing, may slip into gaping chasms, open to swallow us whole. Other times, tectonic plates shift and move beneath us, we don’t feel the slightest tremor. After the fact, we look up and notice something has changed. Startled, we wonder who that is looking at us in the mirror.

The most obvious symbol on The World card is the circle, representing the flow of cycles. I’ve been making circular foods without even realizing it! Last night, round little Meatballs, garlicky Stuffed Mushrooms and Toffee Oatmeal Cookies.  Chock full of circles.

Circles have made their way in to our New Years supper too! Our wish for 2009 is a trip to France. I have a sudden, unexplained urge to truffle hunt and wander the forests of southern Europe. In honor of our wish, our meal is completely French inspired. Onions (circles within circles) and thyme will fill the farmhouse with their sweet aroma as I prepare French Onion Soup, salty Gruyere oozing down the side of round crocks. Perfectly round filets for peppery Steak Au Poivre will pair with little potato disks for the Pommes De Terre Gourmandes.

A gorgeous morning snowstorm sets the scene as the curtain comes down, as the lights dim on 2008. I’m feeling wildly optimistic as I ponder my New Years advice to you . . .

Screw the New Year’s resolutions!

Make yourself a list of New Years wishes instead!

Then set about making your fantasies come true! Your desires, your aspirations are the spark, the ignition of your existence. So much magic lives inside of you! The faster you follow your instincts, the truer you are to yourself, the more delightful your life becomes. When you blaze your own unique path, you shine like The World dancer and become a beacon to all. The world responds in turn, revolving around you in perfect balance!

In 2009, ignite your intuition, nurture yourself and dazzle the world!!!!


Sasha Graham’s Tarot Card a Day Blog

The World


Success. Completion. Euphoria. Integration.

Hee, he he! There is no card I enjoy as much as The World. For me, it always implies success. Perhaps, my understanding of The World this is clear-cut and simple because it was first card I was easily able to memorize when I learned Tarot. Imagine yourself holding the world in your hands and I think you get the gist of this card. Most tarot readers will also make the point that the World represents the end of a cycle. I purpose a different interpretation.

What if you could maintain your entire existence is the vein of the world card? This would first mean balance. We look at the corners of the card and see representations of earth, air, fire and water, seamlessly integrating with the human figure in the middle. Second, this would mean joy. The figure in card is dancing. What if you were always able to perfectly access the limitless bounty that the universe provides? You would recognize and then be thankful. You could operate out of a place of exuberance within yourself.

I think that many cultures and many religions have aimed for this sublime state. Be it a Buddhist in the mountains of Tibet or some chick in NYC trying her best to make The Secret work for herself. The first step lies in knowing this state of contentment exists and is yours for the asking. Now you know this is possible. The next step is how you choose to get there. I know I’m on my way. Are you?

Think about what it would mean to live in perfect harmony with the world around you. Can you think of a day or a moment of perfect synchronicity, complete contentment? Can you look at your life at this moment and think of five things you are incredibly grateful for? Maybe you want to write those things down somewhere. Do you consider yourself a person who can live in the moment or do you continually plan ahead. Perhaps on your next day off, you can resign yourself to not thinking of the future but engage only in activities that make you happy. You immerse yourself in a fun project, take a road trip with no particular destination in mind, sleep late and take a luxurious morning bubble bath. The world is your playground. You should enjoy it!